President Lincoln’s Cottage Gets Some Love

New Plantings on the South Lawn.

From the folks at Lincoln’s Cottage:

“On March 31st, President Lincoln’s Cottage, on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home, held a preservation day event made possible by Penn Mutual. 70 Penn Mutual volunteers came out to perform an array of projects including laying sod, painting, waxing, paving, mulching, and the planting of long blooming native plants. Veterans from the Home were invited to watch the work and enjoy refreshments and snacks on the South Lawn of the Cottage. Additionally, volunteers prepared and dispersed 250 gift bags to the veterans throughout the Armed Forces Retirement Home.”


President Lincoln’s Cottage Director Erin Carlson mast thanks volunteers.

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  • If you haven’t visited Lincoln’s Cottage yet, do it now. This is one of the best DC secrets that nobody knows about. Glad to see the volunteers (and the veterans) getting the recognition they deserve!

  • Lincoln’s cottage is definitely an often missed highlight of DC!

  • So happy to see something positive for a change. Thank you all for Volunteering and supporting our Veterans. Makes one so happy when you see others who volunteer their time to help others. Just by viewing the photo above can see everyone had a great time.

  • It’s awesome when people can come together like this to preserve history. I can’t wait to visit President Lincoln’s Cottage!

  • Such an awesome project and a good way to get people together and stay positive 🙂

  • This is one of DC’s hidden gems. A true piece of history, away from the usual crowds. I’ve learned quite a bit from my visits there.

  • Thank you for all of your hard work! So nice to see everyone coming together to help preserve one of America’s hidden gems, Lincoln’s Cottage. It was so nice to read that the Veterans were also able to be a part of this preservation day. We should be honoring them more often!

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