PoP Pizza Patrol: 3 Pizanos Opening Monday Will Stay Open Late Night

1815 M St, NW

Back in Feb. 2012 I mentioned that 3 Pizanos was coming to 1815 M St, NW in south Dupont. They’ve announced on their Facebook page that they’ll be opening Monday:

“3 Pizanos is opening Monday April 23rd!!!!!!!

Remember we are open til 3 am Thursday and til 5 am Friday thru Saturday!!!!”

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  • Wouldn’t be surprised if those ambitious hours get scaled back eventually, as per Black and Orange, Hamilton, etc. Hopefully not.

    • For real-if U St can’t sustain those hours, I don’t see how Dupont will. Besides, there are plenty of places to get crappy pizza after last call in this city already…

      • Does anyone remember when Results was 24 hours. How long does that last the city passes out eventually

  • When ordering be sure to tell them to hold the exclamation points.

  • In the old Maoz space?

  • Thank goodness. We don’t have enough late night pizza joints in this town.

  • Hi I’m one of the owners are 3 Pizanos. We appreciate every comment and thought. We have a huge following for the late
    Night hours becuase we not only serve the patrons of
    the bars and nightclubs but the staff as well. We extremely excited to prove that we aren’t the “crappy pizza” place that people may assume! We def. take pride and want nothing but great food leaving our place! :0)

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