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  • I looked at living here. It’s a group house with 9 bedrooms, each of which has a separate lease with the landlord. Basically a young professional dorm 😉

  • Somehow I was thinking that this house was a brighter shade of purple, and that it had been converted into condos.

    Am I thinking of a different corner building on Florida Avenue NW? I was trying to find the PoP thread(s) that discussed the condo conversion, building being painted purple, etc., but my google-fu is failing me.

  • Love love love the building (the wall with the round windows is a smart way to deal with the Florida Ave exposure) but hate the paint job. I generally don’t like painted brick to begin with, but if you’re going to do it, why this blackish purplish color? It was a bold choice when it was fresh (which was not too many years ago) but it just looks worse and worse as it ages.

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