From the Files of False Alarms – Best Buy Not Closing in Columbia Heights

Last week I shared some scuttlebutt from a reader saying that Columbia Heights’ Best Buy was on the list of 50 Best Buys that will close. False alarm, false alarm. Thanks to everyone who sent in links from Best Buy’s PR department. One reader summed it up best:

“Looks like our local Best Buy is in the clear, whether that’s good or bad is up for debate of course.”

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  • No surprise here. The original was obviously the counsin of a friends of an in-law, etc. speculation.

  • Glad to have this resolved. DCist were hurling not so subliminal barbs toward the frequenters of this site for being “presumptuous”.

  • The good thing about reporting scuttlebutt — even if you admit it’s scuttlebutt — is you look like you’re a genius when you’re right, and if it’s wrong, you can just say ‘hey, I told you it was only a rumor.’

    • Well lets just hope that Best buy took notes on how this location can be improved… Hopefully they add a musical instrument section to the Col. Hts. store as well.

    • Replace “scuttlebutt” with “on a blog” and you’d be dead on.

  • Look at all these rumors surroundin’ me every day…

    The thought occurred to me yesterday as I was walking past the GA & New Hampsire (dilapidated church) that we could really use a PETCO in Columbia Hts (with grooming services)…

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