Former Italiano Cafe to Become a Taqueria?

There is so much scuttlebutt to share this week. Yesterday when we spoke about the closing of Italiano Cafe at 1113 V St, NW a reader says that word on the street is that a taqueria will be taking over the Italiano Cafe space. He also shares that Izakaya Seki coming next door should be open in late May or early June.

So, do you like the idea of taqueria at this location?

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  • It’s my death row meal…

  • This is not a positive development for the neighborhood. Restaurants should not be allowed to just set up shop in the middle of a residential block. It is one thing for a barber shop (the former business) to be on the block, but restaurants bring additional problems (noise, trash, rodents, parking, etc). If people want to open restaurants, they should stick to the commercial corridors.

    • Check your zoning map before you move somewhere. This is a mixed use commercial corridor (from Florida to 12th). Do your due diligence.

      • You moved to an urban neighborhood. This IS a positive development and why many of us bought here. If I want a quiet, residential and tree-lined street then I wouldn’t have moved to U Street.

    • The barbershop space is actually next door. Italiano Cafe was previously an Ethiopian restaurant.

  • Between the Japanese bar and the soon-to-be restaurant by American Ice (@ 964 V, I think), this part of V Street has hope of turning into an interesting subpart of the U street area.

    “Taquería” is pretty broad: it could be upscale Mexican-inspired cuisine or it could be two-for-a-dollar questionable content. They may be two blocks from the metro, but they’re never going to get the foot traffic that U street has, so I hope they don’t make the mistake of trying to be a Mexican Jumbo Slice (La Ribanda Gigante!). Some place interesting where natives can say “I know some place special where we can dodge the tourists” has real hope of staying in business.

  • Yes! I would love to have some tacos in the neighborhood (notwithstanding the eventual opening of the shipping container taco stand on U St). If the potential owner is reading, please do this.

  • Can a brotha get a taqueria in Bloomingdale please? I mean come on!!

  • I love it! And, I live a few steps away.

  • I like little places like this tucked into a residential neighborhood. Gives a fresh blend to street fabric. As long as they are just a few of them, I def welcome these little pockets next door!

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