Former AM PM Carryout Building Gutted at 14 and V St, NW

Back in Dec. 2011 a reader noted that work had begun on the former AM PM Carryout roof at 14th and V St, NW. Permits still list Dupont Italian Kitchen as the owner though it’s still not clear if they plan on opening a Tex-Mex place called La Fonda in the space. What is clear, is that this project is huge. They have gutted the entire building:

And it runs along the entire building:

You can go to the alley and look in the back and see all the way through to 14th Street:

I can’t wait to see how this turns out. And who moves in…

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  • Can Dupont Italian Kitchen change the name to Columbia Oaxacan Kitchen?
    You know – keep with the acronym theme?

  • An affordable, sit-down restaurant would be a nice option for this corner.

    Unfortunately, unless the upstairs methadone clinic is relocated, the junkies who hang out there will scare away all of the customers. I don’t even really like turning onto that part of V Street from 14th, given all the folks staggering in the street, day and night.

    • The clinic closed almost a year ago, upstairs has also been gutted

      • Well then maybe a commercial presence in that building will chase off the riff-raff that seems not to have realized it’s time to move along.

        Pretty much any time I go past there, day or night, people hanging out, drunk, stoned, or acting the fool. Is this an open-air drug market?

        • Seems to me that kind of stuff has tapered off. Mostly I just see guys playing chess.

          • Glad someone else understands the difference between “riff-raff” and old dudes playing chess. I agree, harmless now. Huge difference over the last year.

          • Well, if you live on V Street and observe it’s better, I’m glad.

            Two weeks ago, I was walking east on V around 630pm on a weeknight and got called a racial slur by the “chess players.” Those dudes def weren’t old and they didn’t have a chess board I could see. This past Sunday around 1130am when I turned the corner onto V from 14th, two seemingly drunk/high people stumbled into the street.

            Maybe I just have bad luck at that spot.

  • It’s gonna be great. That’s an area ripe for redevelopment, that has for some reason lagged behind U Street proper.

  • I’m soo excited! I’m sooo excited! I’m so….

  • I wonder what happened to the original sign that said “Breakfast, Lunch, and Chicken” That was my favorite neighborhood landmark.

    • By the way, I remember seeing the new owners of this space at an ANC meeting. I think they will be doing a restaurant and moving quickly to (wait for it) a tavern license. Expect loud music in 3, 2, 1… (not that I have a problem with that. It’s U Street after all).

  • brookland_rez

    Gonna miss am/pm carry-out. They had the best fried chicken and chinese food around.

  • The white sign on the front of the door that faces 14th and U St says something about this being a “DC Market.” You can just barely see it in the first picture, but it was stuck to the front of the door when the really began gutting the place about a month ago.

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