Food Truck Thursday Kicks off Thurs. April 26th in Mt. Pleasant

Photo by PoPville flickr user ewilfong

From their Facebook page:

Thursday, April 26, 2012
5:30pm until 8:30pm
Lamont Park (Lamont and Mt. Pleasant St, NW)

Join your Mount Pleasant neighbors for an evening of food and fun! Porc, Fojol, Pleasant Pops and DC Empanadas will be in Mount Pleasant for our first ever Food Truck Thursday. Help make it a success for the neighborhood and the food trucks so that we can make this a regular event.

There has also been talk of having board game night out in the Park to make it a fun evening, and get to know some of your neighbors!

Come for some food and outdoor fun, stay in the neighborhood and have a drink with some friends at some of the neighborhood establishments afterwards.

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  • Great idea, but where are they going to park? It’s hard enough for a regular car to find a spot anywhere on Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • I think the Paint Store with the parking lot on MTP street is always closed on the weekends. It would be cool if they subleased the lot to a group of trucks that could set up every weekend and put out lights and tables. In other cities food trucks will lease a spot and set up more permanent digs. In DC they just swarm K street for lunch and disappear.

    • I assume you mean more permanent digs on the weekend only? Since most of their business is during the work week? (Otherwise that defeat the purpose of the truck 🙂 ) If that’s the case then I like that idea.

    • Excellent idea. That parking lot is way underused.

  • Board game night in the park? Why not just bring them into the Raven? I hear it’s a public space…

  • Jeez, Franklin Square is apparently having Food Truck Monday, Tuesday, Thursday etc. right around lunch hour.
    Porc has some good eats though.

  • Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m organizing this event. (Thanks, Dan, for posting this!)

    I hope a lot of people come out to make this night a success. MtP gets a bad rap for a lot of things, but I believe folks want to change that and this is one way to celebrate our little neck of the woods.

    To answer the question about parking, we have two ways to go: officially reserved parking via emergency placards, or I will round up everyone I know with a car and we will squat, plain & simple. All’s fair in urban parking, I say.

    For the former, it’d be nice if the guy would email me back. But frankly, I’m willing (and planning) to do the latter.

    So come on out that night!

  • I’ll definitely be there. I think this is a great idea to bring in some good food options and create a lively atmosphere on a Thursday.

  • Haydees Restaurant ( has so generously provided 20% off cards that I will have at the food truck event, and they will be having Rock Creek Jazz playing that evening from 7 til 11 just down the street. Their food and margaritas are amazing, and I promise that you will love them. A great neighborhood restaurant if you’ve never been there.

    Don Juan’s just off of the park will be having karaoke that evening, and I’m waiting to hear back on any specials they may have for the food truck event. They have wonderful food and drinks, and an amazing outdoor patio whenever the weather is nice!

    Enjoy the great establishments and people of our wonderful neighborhood

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