Dear PoPville – Jerry’s Subs and Pizza Closed in Van Ness?

4201 Connecticut Ave NW

“Dear PoPville,

Jerry’s Pizza on Van Ness and Connecticut Ave, NW has been closed since last Monday. Word in the street is that it’s going for good. It’s not fancy gourmet, but the vacancy is always a bummer.”

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  • That sucks. I haven’t eaten at a Jerry’s in years, but they had decent pizza and pretty good subs, too.

  • Oh no, the finest restaurant in Van Ness…

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so! If this is true, it would be a huge tragedy.

    This place is everything I loved about America: fast, tasty food (maybe not the best for your waist) served by an honest, hardworking immigrant family. The Mom and Pop who own(ed) this place always had a smile and their sons would work sometimes as students.

  • Bring back Passport!

    • Why? Are you really that desperate to relive being 16 with a crappy fake ID from the crooked Blockbuster?

  • We need one of those in Columbia Heights Stat

  • maybe i should just stop dumping on van ness and ignore it, but someone should do something about that shit neighborhood. indian ocean was my last reason to go there. people who live there, demand better! form a neighborhood association and do something about it, daaamn! (how are the buns at charlie chiangs or whatever it became? good?)

    • That location of Chalin’s (formerly Charlie Chiang’s) doesn’t serve buns, despite them being on the takeout menu. That’s for the K street location only. We called for delivery one night, excited to get delivery char siu bao and no luck. The guy taking calls said he’s asked them to change the menus so people don’t get confused/disappointed.

  • I love their commercials with Bubba in them!

  • Just walked by it yesterday, they’re remodeling, not shutting down for good.

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