Congrats to Team ‘Bocced Decisions’ – Bocce Champs of PoPville

Big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to play some Bocce. And huge thanks to the DC Bocce League for setting the tournament up.

Hope everyone had fun.

And big props to team ‘Bocced Decisions’. 99 people entered, 16 teams were formed and ‘Bocced Decisions’ prevailed. Congrats to the 2012 Bocce champs of PoPville.

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  • Nice rooftop, where is this?

  • So much for the “green” roof.

  • Yeah, what’s up with the grass? Either they’ve totally neglected to water it, or residents’ dogs are peeing on it a lot.

  • Other than a bit of sunburn, it was a great day to be on the roof! And I finally got to meet PoP in person!! Totally thinking about joining/forming a team for the summer bocce season. Thanks to everyone for being so friendly!

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