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  • Is the old building part of the new NPR HQ project as well?

    • Yes, the old building is part of their HQ. They tore off a newer addition in the back, and built the new structure with the floors lined up with the old warehouse. Even the addition’s columns are the same diameter and round shape.

      No retail for this, but they will have public exhibits and large theaters to have live studio audiences for some of their shows. Overall, a great addition to NoMa!

      Also, the tower cranes visible in the backgrounds of pictures #2 & #3 are actually for different projects… the first is for 2 M Street NE, and the second is for Camden NoMa. Each is a ~350 unit apartment building.

  • It looks like the mini-pop-up version of the FBI building, and it doesn’t go at all with the old warehouse it’s leeching off of. I’m not a fan.

  • I’ve walked by it and I think it looks pretty great.

  • this looks AMAZING in person. It’s going to be awesome when complete.

  • It’s really starting to look much better.

  • Holy smokes that’s a horrific looking building. Hopefully the finished product somehow looks much, much better.

  • This just reminds me how much I want to work for NPR. (So much it hurts a little!)

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