Azaleas Blooming All Over Town

Last week we noted the great tree blooms, this week the azaleas are awesome. This is one of my favorites from Harvard St, NW between Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant.

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  • DC should consider having an azalea festival someday, what a great plant and flower color for this area.

  • I heard once that that house belongs to Judith Martin, aka Ms. Manners. I used to live in Harvard Hall and always worried I’d offend her somehow.

    • My neighbor confirmed that Ms. Manners DOES own that joint. I live ten doors down, so i’m constantly on my toes when it comes to etiquette. Sucky way to live life on the homefront.

  • talula

    I live across the street from this house! Didn’t know this was Miss Manner’s house. I’ve been admiring these azaleas from my kitchen window. I love that fluorescent purple color, never seen any other flower quite that bright.

  • The National Arboretum has a ton of azaleas. Take a nice drive over!

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