Work Begins on Long Vacant Building at North Cap & P Streets, NW

Dear PoPville,

Yesterday and today, while biking to work, I noticed folks beginning reconstruction/renovation work on the retail building at the SW corner of North Capitol and P Streets. The building was obviously hit by a car many years ago . . . doing significant damage to the corner of the building. It’s been a vacant eyesore for many years and I’m hopeful that the building’s restoration might lead to a new non-bullet-proof-glass retail business on a depressing stretch of North Cap that’s dripping with potential.

Anyone hear any rumors of who may be moving in?

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  • This is great news! I was worried that this building might sit until it got to the point of not being repairable. With Uncle Chips open and seemingly doing well hopefully we will get another great business on N Cap.

  • this was very close to collapsing completely.i’d bet this will have the most minimal work done.

    • Like the building at North Cap and Hanover, where they built out new bay windows only when pieces of the old bay windows were literally falling onto the sidewalk? And then performed no further construction?

  • Good news!

  • can spike or ray or jose just get the trend started on North Capitol and make truxton circle even hipper than bloomingdale for pete’s sake??

  • wow! thanks for making my day! great news indeed! I hope uncle chips has started a trend! If we can just get a few more businesses to get non-drug dealing normal ppl walking on this street which will push the dealers away finally

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