Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

This rental is located at 201 I Street SW:

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The listing says:

“Studio 1 bath / 480 sq ft

Capitol Park Plaza offers residents in-city living at its best. Its grounds are designed around towering shade trees, a swimming pool and a courtyard. Capitol Park Plaza offers extraordinary convenience because it is located within the most vibrant area of the Nation’s Capital… Washington’s Southwest waterfront area.”

This studio is going for $1,129/Mo.

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  • I think that’s a pretty good deal, although I think calling southwest “the most vibrant area of the Nation’s Capital” is a bit of a stretch.

  • “…located within the most vibrant area of the Nation’s Capital…”


  • yikes. $1129/mo for 489 sq ft?! frankly that’s probably a fair price given the amenities. call me an old lady but i just don’t think i’ll ever stop being surprised by rental/real estate prices in this area.

    +1 on slc’s ‘most vibrant…’ comment.

  • I’ve often wondered what poor souls lived there as I’ve driven by on the SW freeway because of how blah the outside looks. Now, that I see the pics, I’m surprised to see it’s not so bad.

  • How close or far-removed is this building from all the violent crime and drive-bys that we’ve all heard about in SW over the past few years? Just curious about how safe it would be walking to and from the nearby Metro stops or the stadium.

    • I live down the street from here. I did a lot of checking the dc crime map and reading the police listserv before I chose a neighborhood. SW has a ton less crime than places like Shaw or Columbia Heights (where I work and spend a lot of my free time, respectively). Of course, it also has fewer people walking by, shops to rob, etc. I feel safe walking home from the metro any time, though there are parts of SW that I wouldn’t feel as comfortable in alone at night since they are more desolate. There are occasional muggings, shoplifting, and thefts from cars/homes. Every few months there are gunshots (usually no one is hit but that doesn’t make me feel better!). It seems that there is more violent crime in the south and east parts of SW.

      So it’s not Chevy Chase. But it’s by no mean a war zone.

  • One of my best friends lives down the street. It’s mostly quiet, but there are still some pockets of danger the closer you get to S Captiol and M Street. Plus, nightlife is pretty much non-existant at the moment. That one restaurant that opened next to Safeway was a huge disappointment, attempting to cater more towards the theater crowd and not the neighborhood, and while Cantina Marina is OK every now and then, it’s still overpriced.

    The positives of the area are the proximity to both L’Enfant Plaza and SW Waterfront Metro, plus the bus that goes up 7th Street towards Chinatown, so it’s SUPER quick commute to jobs and actual nightlife. Oh, and being within walking distance to Nationals Park, though it can be a sketchy walk home.

    • I liked living in this area. It was an easy walk to my job at the Navy Yard, and to the National Mall. Barracks Row/Eastern Market and Chinatown were not too far away either. I have absolutely no interest in baseball, but I liked strolling along the water and going to the fish market. This was before the Yards Park was built, but that’s another great place to spend time. I had a car so it was really convenient for me to hop on the highway if I needed to leave the city.

      The neighborhood is quiet, sure, but I’ve never been the type of person who needs to live next door to a bar. I’d rather pay less and live in a less vibrant area (and yes I do agree that the realtor’s choice of superlative is completely absurd). When I lived here crime was still an issue (which is why I left) but it keeps improving.

  • It sounds like a pretty good deal, but the things I’ve heard about this place (unsavory people loitering around, bedbugs, etc) would make me hesitant to pursue.

  • I think someone really would have to pay me to live in SW.

    • Fortunately there are a lot of people who are willing to pay to live here, so it will never come to that.

  • I say bad deal. I know someone who just moved into Waterside Towers (907 6th Street) which is a MUCH nicer complex. One bedroom (~750 sq/ft) for $1400 with all utilities included in a unit that was just renovated in the past couple years. They say their underground parking is $120 a month, but when my buddy visited their underground garage was half empty so he offered them $80 a month and they took it.

    • There is a HUGE difference between $1100 and $1400. DC has plenty of studios and 1 bedrooms in the area that are in the $1400 range, but anything below $1300–even tiny studios–is really rare. Trust me, $1200 is the most I can pay for housing…and there is a reason I’m still living with roommates. Virtually no decently-located single-occupancy apartments rent for below $1200 anymore. For that alone, I say this place is an OK deal.

      • Well, to each their own… A 24% higher price to get an actual 1 bedroom that is 50% larger (and is a nicer complex, in a nicer area) doesn’t seem like a bad deal but your budget is yoru own.

        But the place is pretty sketchy and I suggest you go visit the place before getting your hopes up and read some reviews.

        • I agree– something about the immediate area aroud Capitol Park Plaza seems sketchy. I think there are some projects very close to it.

        • Eh, I’ve seen million dollar homes in DC that I think are a “good deal” for the price. But that doesn’t mean I can afford them.

          I was trying to say that there are TONS of $1400 apts in DC, but very few $1100 apts. That is why this is a good deal. 🙂

  • Bad deal. I pay around $1,300 for a larger studio in Mt Pleasant — an area I might actually call the “most vibrant”…

    • To each their own. I’d rather live here than in Mount Pleasant– closer to work, closer to the water, closer to the National Mall, etc.

  • My friend lived here and referred to it as Moscow towers and had to sign lead and asbestos waivers prior to moving in. Also pretty sure the walls were concrete so hanging things was nearly impossible but if you work on Capitol Hill I guess the location is decent.

    • Lead and asbestos waivers are pretty standard in old buildings, aren’t they? As long as you’re not tearing down walls it’s not a health threat.

  • I used to live in SW and went in the building briefly while looking for a place….just visiting the office alone made me want to run.

    On a side note, I loved living in SW…it was quiet and had everything I needed in under a block radius. Sure, nightlife IS non-existant, but if I was looking for a night out, I could walk to Penn Quarter or just take a two-stop ride on the metro.

  • This neighborhood is for people who want the quiet of the suburbs, but still want a walkable community. And, yeah, not everyone wants to live in the most vibrantly stabby area where everyone pees off their porch.

  • Other features of Capitol Park Plaza and its sister buildings on G Street SW:

    Freeway views (of the Md.-Va. traffic you won’t have to participate in).

    Rooftop parties that run way past midnight, with speakers blasting rap music so loud that neighbors can hear from a mile away, no exaggeration.

    Regular evictions, which makes trash-picking easy and fun, just outside your front door.

    Rude staff.

    Laughable “security.”

    Cars and loud motorcycles in the garage there can be registered in any state you want – no need to mess with with regulations of the city where you live.

    Kids (under age 60) in the projects next door, setting off illegal fireworks from May to August.

    As with Waterside Towers, if you go onto Craigslist looking for apartments SW, you’ll find dozens of ads posted every day for the same units in those buildings – each with a slightly different font and photographs, in order to get around the rule about not posting more than once a day.

    All that said, there are some great housing options in Southwest, where you can find quiet, pay reasonable rents, and easily live car-free (walk/bike to much of the city, and have three Metro stations in a few blocks’ radius). Safeway, CVS, a couple of restaurants, the Waterfront, the National Mall, Hains Point and the seafood market are all nearby.

  • As far as Capital Park Plaza.. I would steer clear. I looked at an apartment here about a year ago and it was incredibly sketchy. Halls reeked of cigarette smoke, staff was unprofessional, unsavory types around, guard at the door that wanted your ID before you even got to the office, etc.

    As far as Southwest goes, I’ve lived here for a little over a year and never had any problems. I pretty much stay in the area between L’Enfant Plaza and Waterfront metro stops, but I’ve never felt unsafe. It’s a great location – you’re near the waterfront, the National Mall and all the monuments, Chinatown, and obviously anywhere you can get via metro. From what I’ve heard, this area used to be not so great but has gotten a lot better in the past few years – I have really enjoyed living here and would definitely recommend it!

  • Great price, just not familiar that much of area and safety. I know not as much to offer of restaurants and night life from what I remember. Do your research and see if right I guess for you.

  • “I’ve often wondered what poor souls lived there as I’ve driven by on the SW freeway because of how blah the outside looks. Now, that I see the pics, I’m surprised to see it’s not so bad.”

    That pretty much describes all of Southwest.

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