(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “acid washed cement floors” edition

This house is located at 1125 D St, NE:

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The listing says:

“The Historic Kerns Pie Factory, built in the 1860’s, is now a stunning 3100 square foot loft. Featuring exposed original steel beams, acid washed cement floors, a floating concrete staircase, 20′ ceilings, 35 foot roof deck, and sliding barn doors. An incredibly large and truly unique space. 4 huge bedrooms and 4 full baths. This is your chance to own a piece of history!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

Well this one went under contract fast but it’s too cool not to look at. This 4 bed/4 bath was going for $983,500. Did someone get a good deal?

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  • I’m going to say yes, it’s a good deal! This is such a unique place, and it looks pretty big. Your standard rennovated Victorian would go for around the same price, but this is so much better (and I say that as someone who owns a standard Victorian nearby). It’s not right on top of a metro but the location is pretty sweet as it’s close to the park and convenient to both Barracks Row/Eastern Market and H Street.

  • Wow that was fast! I live right around the corner…and I had assumed the inside was awesome…but that is way nicer than I expected. Love the details…983k! come on Megamillions!

  • hmmm…the structure is great, but the interior design/staging is really boring and rather out of character for the house and they couldn’t do more with the kitchen?

    • margarete : it has maple cabinets and granite counters and a island with bar stools. You dont like those features ?

  • I actually know the owners. There was a ton of interest the first weekend, and their first open house brought in 100 people! It was a sure fire bet to sell quickly, and it did!

  • Kitchen cabinets are blah.
    Love the floors!

  • Wow – quite the place and no surprise that it went quickly. Might I interject some controversy and suggest that it might appeal more to men than women? Discuss….

    • I’m a woman and I actually really dislike the interior. It’s obviously a great location and that roof deck is pretty sweet, but I don’t understand where the bedrooms are and I don’t like that there’s nothing when you enter the house except a staircase.

      I’m kind of crabby today, though, so maybe I’m just being a hater.

      • i’m a man and my jaw hit the floor. my only complaint is i would make the tv bigger. what a great house.

    • brookland_rez

      I’m a guy and I’m blown away by the inside.

    • I love everything about this property. The contractor spent a lot of time on this place and you can definitely tell. I love the kitchen’s granite counter tops, ample cabinet space, and modern stainless steel appliances. The staircase is unique and really a centerpiece. I love the deck and (maybe the wrong word) canopy. Awesome place! Someone is very lucky.

  • I think the place looks charming from the outside. I know that the bricks are washed-out but I still love it = extra charming. Anway, the inside is interesting and modern (in a good way) on the inside. I like the loft-like feel of this place. The interior design is a little off for me; I’ve seen worse but I think it belies the minimalism that I prefer for a loft-like interior. However, I wouldn’t be buying a place for the decor. The bedrooms and bathrooms are somewhat plain but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because they are appealing because they are simple and streamlined. It’s got an amazing outdoor space and some interesting interior details. Overall, the kitchen is fine. I wish they had different cabinetry and appliances to make it utterly charming but it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker. I also like the yellowish-gold wall on the right (standing behind the bar stools behind the island) for the area. I know it’s textured but I like the way it ties the area together and with the recessed lighting, they bring warmth to the kitchen that is inviting to me.

    The price is high, almost a million, so it’s like Dupont and Logan. I know some places on the Hill are in that price range, but it can vary street-to-street. You do get a lot and it’s not your average DC renovation. The property tax seems a tad high, yes, even for that price range. Finally, what’s not to love about living in what-used-to-be a pie factory. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

    • The kitchen has maple cabinets, granite counters, and an island with 6 chairs. You think that is a bad kitchen?

      • I think it’s a bad kitchen. Especially for such a unique space. Cabinets only on one wall, no practical work triangle; frig on far left end, range on far right end, only real work area is the bar. May only be a 2-person kitchen work-wise.

        Maybe I can’t count, looks like there’s 3, not 6 chairs at the bar, unless someone is suggesting 3 more stools are needed on the other side in the work area? Let’s hope not.

        Given how supremely cool the rest of the space is, someone lacked for inspiration, or funds, to finish the kitchen well. But looks like there is enough room to correct that when the new owners figure it out. Great place. Bad kitchen.

  • claire

    Awesome, would love to have that deck (or the $1M to buy the place).

  • Ah-mazing. I love this place! It’s gigantic, has a cool history, modern feel, and it’s in a killer location. The person who got it will be super happy with it, I’m sure. I found this youtube video on the house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AISanX6mCN8

  • I don’t understand why the appliances are so sub-par for what otherwise looks like a great house.

    • I was wondering the same, some of the finish items like lighting fixtures, appliances and cabinetry look decidedly cheap and out of place with the rest of it. Who knows…that stuff comes last so maybe they were running out of money and decided to make an Ikea and Home Depot run.

      I generally like the house, think it is neat that they turned an old pie factory into a modern home but I would have definitely thought twice about paying that much for a brand new place with such noticiably substandard finishes.

      • joker: Tthe house has maple cabinets, granite counters, and a granite island with 6 bar chairs. How is that cheap? do you want a double oven? warming oven/ convectin oven?

  • I live 2 blocks from this house and have always wondered what it looked like! Am I mistaken or is that single story on the left an attached apartment that was up for rent several months ago?

    • I see two mailboxes and two meters, so I’d say you’re right.

      • Actually you raise a point about the fact that the residence is actually two (2 mailboxes and 2 electrical meters). There are also 2 ReMax (I think) for sale sign posts outside the yard, even though the yard is defined as one within the fenced-in area. Is this entire building being sold, even though 1 of the units might be already occupied? Or, is this listing/pending sale based only on the 2-story part of the building (right side)? The photos don’t help me to figure out what the 984K is buying.

  • I usually don’t like lofts but love this. The kitchen and bathroom are boring but that could be udpated with all the money I don’t have since I can’t afford this anyway!

    • It might be because this is well done; it’s not like one of those PN Hoffman rehabs that are done in NY-style lofts, which are unsuccessful in my opinion. While I imagine that PN Hoffman has its fans, it just doesn’t hit the sweet spot for me is all.

  • This is my favorite house in DC! I bike past on the way home every night. Sort of devastated that it was on the market and I didn’t get a chance to see it.

  • You could totally do crossfit in there too

  • An opportunity squandered. So much potential with that space to hit it out of the ballpark and yet the formers owners only got to first base. I hope the new owners have the taste to re-do some of the previous owners’ misguided efforts. Habitat Restore Fireplace marble (why?), Blah Granite (use concrete), bathroom marble (horrible color) , kitchen cabinetry (speaks poorly for itself)….all should have gone in a different directions. Next time ask someone with taste.

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