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  • Please, for the love of god, a good organic grocer or a good local neighborhood restaurant (like Cork) or a good diner should go in that spot. Also the spot next to the Bestworld is also for lease. I love the neighborhood with its ethnic eateries, etc. but it would be nice to have some upscale amenities too!

  • Amen. A place for date night, an organic grocer where I can pick up some good produce/meat/cheese, a bike store, a pet store. There is plenty of demand in the neighborhood for these businesses and many others. I’m hopeful that this kind of outreach will help bring some more diversity to the commerce on the strip.

  • Coming soon: another identical bodega/dry cleaner/dollar store…

    Seriously though, we need a Sweetgreen.

  • Ditto the above comments a million times over. Although a great little grocery store is much more preferable to me.

  • So many options could work. I mean, Flying Fish is always packed, so something to take some pressure off that would be great (although this particular space may be too big).

    A grocery would be great. It doesn’t have to be organic (in fact, I’d prefer that it be more diverse). Something like Best DC Supermarket on U St. would be perfect. A place you can go grab things you need for a meal.

    Of course, a good restaurant or bar would be great, but I’m not holding my breath. We don’t need another dry cleaner, or dollar store.

    The positive about this place is that no neighborhood business is being displaced. It’s a great opportunity to improve the neighborhood without pushing out a local business.

  • organic grocer. give me a break. i’m sick of the granola eating, subaru driving, croc/birkenstock wearing, only by local organic people in this town.

    not only is organic farming bad for the environment, it’s also too costly and time consuming for many farmers to make a profitable living. not to mention the fact that they don’t use preservatives or pesticides. as much as i’d love to bite into a rotting, insect filled piece of fruit… no thanks.

  • Please tell me this means the library is finally moving into it’s awesome space on 16th street again?

  • I see how many people are on Grindr and Scruff in Mt Pleasant. I think a gay bar would be fabulous!

  • I’d be happy to open a full service specialty butcher shop with prepared foods, dairy, raw & cooked charcuterie, dry goods and quality produce if someone has the money or knows where to get it.


  • Doesn’t Barton Seaver live in Mt P? I bet he could come up with something amazing.

  • I want a Great Clips or Hair Cuttery…ie a place for a decent but not fancy haircut for women that costs under $20. It would be better closer to the CH metro, but that would still be great.

    • I’m guessing this is a joke, right? There already are at least 3 inexpensive salons on Mt Pleasant. Some have decent reviews.

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