Update on Cyclist Hit at 11th and U St, NW Tuesday Morning

Dear PoPville,

I am a friend of Shawn Streiff, the person who was involved in the bicycle accident at 11th and U St, NW Tuesday. I wanted to provide you with an update on his situation and provide a link to the donation fund we have started for him.

Shawn is current in the ICU with a number of bad injuries — but luckily he is alive. He is still in a lot of pain though and has a long road ahead, so many of his friends have stepped up to try and help him out.

Shawn was a member of the Delta Chi fraternity when he was at American University, where he served as chapter president and also alumni adviser after graduation. He really believed in the brotherhood of the organization so we are trying to show him what it can do when he really needs it. We’ve started a donation fund for Shawn so his friends and family can help him out. We’ve been donating inside our groups but are also hoping there may be others out there who would want to help out after such a tragic incident.

Wishing Shawn a very speedy recovery. If you are able you can donate to Shawn’s fund here.

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  • Thanks for posting this, PoP. Shawn is a really great guy and the more get-well-wishes we can send his way, the better!

  • I do not mean this as a judgment or snark as this was a horrific accident, but was fault ever established on either side?

    • Well, Shawn got a ticket so it appears the police have blamed him.

      Of course, the website set up to collect money for him says differently…

      ” While riding down 11th street, a flatbed truck took a hard right turn and hit him”

      • Prince Of Petworth

        We are not going to have this debate here. I understand somebody asked the question. I don’t think it’s appropriate here. You can continue this debate on the original thread – just not here. Thank you.

  • Ugh, this sounds horrible. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you to everyone who donates and shares! Shawn is in surgery today and hopefully that will be his last — so I know any support he gets will be really helpful to him.

  • I just donated, and I hope many others do too. I don’t know what his health insurance situation is, but he will certainly be out of work for a long time with lots of rehab. Here’s hoping for a full recovery.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been thinking about this incident a lot over the past few days. Best wishes for a quick recovery, Shawn!

  • I don’t know him but heard about the incident from POP, so I just donated. Thanks for posting this. I commute by bike often and have had some very close calls. Reminder that cyclist have to practice EXTRA caution, I’m not saying this as placing blame on anyone for what happened. I hope Shawn all the best!!

  • I hope he had health insurance!

  • By the sounds of it no head injuries? Hopefully that is the case. Best wishes to Shawn!

  • Biking in DC is very dangerous indeed. The first person I met when I moved to DC in 1990 had just lost her brother to a bike accident with a metro bus. My wife broke 9 teeth in an accident on 15th St avoiding a van and hitting the curb. My close friend shattered his ankle at 16th and T when he collided with a Mercedes. Sometimes I wonder if biking in this city is worth the risk. Hope Shawn heals fast and finds peace with this. Thanks PoP for getting the word out about donations to help him out. You are a great community resource.

  • Sending many positive thoughts your way, Shawn! You sound like a survivor in many senses of the word, and by the sounds of it, your friends/family will help see you receive only the best support. Best wishes.

  • Unfortunately, bad people take advantage of tragedies all the time. The statement above is not signed. There is no point of contact at the fraternity given. The fraternity website makes no mention of the donation fund, that I could tell.

    Would it be possible to get verification of who is behind this and where the money will be going?

  • Shawn, I hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better soon. Hoping for many good things to come your way.

  • I don’t care who was cited and who was to blame or anything else. I also don’t know Shawn but…

    As a human being I really hope the best for you Shawn. I hope for your full and speedy recovery and I hope you get all the help and support you need from your family and friends. Good luck and there are a lot of us out here hoping you the best.

  • Thanks for posting this. I was a Delta Chi at American…I’ll be sure to let other brothers know.

  • Best wishes for a full and quick recovery.

  • Thanks for posting this – I don’t know Shawn but donated, since this story has been haunting me since you first posted it. I hope he has a full recovery.

  • wait, what’s the fund for? I feel awful for this guy and I am totally on his side, but if he’s insured, he should really be okay even if he has to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, right? I dunno, I’ll donate once I see his hospital bills. I know people want to do SOMETHING when something as awful as this happens, but I’m not going to throw money into some fund his friend set up.

    • If you don’t want to contribute, then don’t, but keep your callous and classless commentary to yourself. Next time you see a jar on a counter at a family shop and it says “Donate to help our neighbor Amy” or whatever, here’s hoping you don’t whip out your pen and scribble a sour doubting thomas note over the face.

      • SLDC, you were either 1) born yesterday, or 2) are a scammer that wants to set up your own fund. you sound like one of those “dissent is unamerican” a**holes.

      • Instead of just dismissing people who have questions about what the money is actually going to you may be able to gain the support of those people by sharing a little information.
        A lot of people may be more likely to give if they knew a little more about Shawn and the situation he is in. Just because someone is in an accident doesn’t mean the automatically need some sort of financial support. A quick search for Strieff brings up a sporting good store and the former CEO of Airbus. it is highly unlikely he is related to either of these, but its possible that he is not in need of the donations of strangers. There are many people and groups that need support, so knowing if he has insurance or needs help covering medical expense, if the accident will make it difficult to pay rent and the money will help in that capacity or if he is living off a trust fund would make a huge difference in the level of financial support.

    • Health insurance isn’t that comprehensive. You still have to come up with something, and if Shawn is like a lot of 20-somethings in this city, he probably doesn’t have the savings to account for such a massive medical bill. If it bothers you to contribute, then don’t. Wishing him well is kind enough of a stranger.

  • Unless he’s got some crazy extensive coverage, he’s going to have deductibles and a myriad of other non-covered medical expenses. Moreover, he’s not working right now and will need to cover his regular bills. Barring significant personal/familial wealth, I think it’s pretty safe bet this guy will have a lot bills to deal with.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Exactly, medical bills, co-pays, and living expenses. Not all workplaces give a lot of PTO. Even short term disability can take a while to kick in.

      I hope Shawn has a speedy and full recovery.

  • Actually I had my neck broken in a accident, in the hospital for over a month on full life support with just basic Atnea coverage and didn’t pay more then $250 when I left. Most insurances pay a 100% for accidents once you get admitted.

  • Here’s hoping for a successful recovery!

  • Distracted driving and road-raged drivers are out of control in DC. I’ve personally seen two pedestrians get hit by cars in the last six months (one killed on the spot). I often see drivers passing in the bike lanes, running stop signs/lights and going 40-50 mph in 25 mile zones. Outside of a few traffic cameras, I don’t see any enforcement of traffic laws. I wish Shawn a full recovery as well as the thousands of other pedestrian/bikers hit by distracted drivers.

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