Update on 14th and Belmont/Chapin St, NW (Old Nehemiah Strip Mall)

14th and Belmont St, NW looking north

So wild to watch the changing landscape. You can watch the progression of the Old Nehemiah Strip Mall to demo to construction here. It will:

“consist of 255 residential homes, ground floor retail, two-level underground parking structure, and associated amenities.”

14th and Chapin St, NW looking south

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  • Any scuttlebutt on the retail that’s going in here? Live on Belmont and we are eager to find out – the Trader Joe’s rumors seem to be focused on Louis at 14th and U, but it would be awesome if they picked this development instead!

  • I’m considering buying a condo in a smaller building nearby soon. I’m wondering if once this opens and adds so many living spaces to the area, will it push down the value of other condos nearby?

  • usually not a big fan of giant glass boxes but anuthing would be better than the depressing mini-mall that was there before.

    • I think it will take more than 255 units to outpace the demand in the area. I own nearby, in a small-ish condo building. Each time a unit has become vacant, there have been plenty of renters lined up to take it. Also, the unit next door to me sold in just over a month in late 2011, and two other units in the building have sold in less than 90 days.

  • What I don’t get is how this building can be so tall. Is it right up to the restriction, or are they getting a waiver? I’m also glad the Nehemiah strip is gone, but this is kind of a monstrosity in itself.

  • Thanks for the info, JS, though you probably won’t see this. I don’t really care what goes for too tall in other cities. I love DC’s low height restrictions. What does a developer do to get a variance?

  • will these be condos or rentals ?

  • they are all rental units

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