Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont Circle

This rental is located at 17th and Q St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Furnished studio apartment 2 blocks from Dupont Circle Metro. It has exposed brick, a curved front, and two windows facing the sunny side of the building. It has a separate kitchen with a portable cutting table, charming bathroom, central AC/heating, washer and dryer, and a beautiful front patio garden. The size is 13.5 feet by 23 feet. The apartment is furnished, or renters can bring some of their own furniture. The building has cable and wireless high speed internet. All utilities are included in the rent. No smoking. Minimum 1 year lease. Available immediately.”

This studio is going for $1450.

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  • Am I crazy to think this might be a good deal? I wish I could see pics of the kitchen and bathroom, though. That could seriously change my mind. Yes, it does sound tiny, extermely small. The photos included make it seem as if it could be a cozy place.

  • Seems high to me. You can get a real 1-bedroom in the neighborhood for $100 more per month. And any listing that does not include a picture of the kitchen is hiding something.

    • Really? Now? Do you have leads?

    • $1550 in dupont for a respectable 1 bedroom? really?

        • Meh, it’s on the low end of the spectrum of respectable. I’m a spoiled snob when it comes to living conditions though.

        • The thing with that listing (and probably this one also) is that there’s a 1% chance you’d be the lucky person who actually gets the place.

      • It’s what I pay for a full 1-bedroom (750 sq ft) on an upper floor 3 blocks in the other direction, with heat and water included. No washer and dryer in the unit, but if I only had 300 square feet I am not sure I would want 3 square feet going to that! I don’t know exactly what new rentals in the building are going for, but I’ve only been there 2 years so they have to be similar.

        • It sounds like you probably have a good deal but it also doesn’t sound as if utilities are included (other than water and gas). Water, by the way, is a legal obligation so saying that is included is really like saying nothing. Anyway, 3 blocks could make a difference (not asking you to name exactly where, nor suggesting you need to defend where you are b/c I’m sure it’s a nice area). You also say you got your place 2 years ago, so it’s not exactly like comparing apples to apples. Of course, 17th street might just be too liberal.

          • True, I pay my own $15 electric bill and like most rentals (though not this listing) internet and cable are not included. Did not realize all rentals in DC include water, since other cities I’ve lived that’s not the case. Also on Q St, but other direction from metro. Not sure what you mean about 17 St being too liberal so can’t respond to that. And I don’t have exposed brick walls and don’t know what makes a bathroom “charming”, so agree it is hard to compare directly.

          • I thought you might be serious until you quoted your electric bill. There’s no way it could be that low, unless you are never, ever there.

          • Compact fluorescents and vampires on timers.

          • To the dude who can’t believe the $15 electricity bill: I’ve had them that low. I don’t recall ever paying over $20/month (both here in DC and my previous locale in CA), but I don’t have a/c or a TV. And yes, I’m around, plus I have people staying at my place about half the time.

          • To Anonymous 4:15

            I was being cheeky when I said 17th street might just be too liberal. I was referring to a PoP thread – entitled, “Warning! Dog Crap – you are a SHELFISH, IGNORANT LOSER” [sic]

          • to classic_six, is water really a legal obligation for all dc rentals? or is it apartment rentals? i rented a row house for a number of years and paid the water bill.

          • To Anonymous,

            I’m sorry for the confusion – it is a legal obligation for landlord’s to provide hot/cold water to an apartment/home for a tenant. This does not state, however, who is to pay for that utility. Often times in apartment building situations, water is included as one of the utilities included in the monthly rental payment, even if no other utility is included in the monthly rent (or it is factored in to the monthly rent). It would seem a likely arrangement if a person is renting an entire rowhouse, that the tenant pays for the water in that situation but the “landlord” must provide the conditions for the water to be able to be accessd in the home, if that makes sense.

    • If you find a 1-bedroom apt in Dupont for $1,550, including utilities, please let every person in the greater DC area know.

  • 310 square feet is very, very small.

  • “The building has cable and wireless high speed internet. All utilities are included in the rent.”

    So internet and cable included? Place to sleep, watch TV, work online, do laundry and sit outside in a nice neighborhood. Can’t get much for under $1500 these days.

  • Allison

    I say good deal for someone who is looking for something along those lines (i.e. a young professional coming in from out of town with nothing but the clothes on their back.) Good location, furnished, and included utilities = good deal.

    • Yes! I would totally take this place if I saw pictures of the kitchen and bathroom and owned no furniture!

  • Second what others say – DEAL.
    With utilities, cable/internet and in-unit laundry – plus outdoor space for $1450 is a good deal.

  • What is a “portable cutting table”? Does that mean there is not enough counter space in the kitchen to cut something, so a table is needed?

  • it doesn’t say that it’s the “patio level” but from the pictures i think it’s the basement unit which makes it less desirable…

  • If this is the unit I think it is, I used to live in the building and have been in this apartment. The building is nice (it’s a large rowhouse), the washer and dryer are right around the corner from this unit, which is better than in-unit, given how small it is. The kitchen is very very small. I don’t recall being in the bathroom, but it would also have to be pretty small. The outdoor space is the shared front yard/garden of the rowhouse, which is nice, but certainly not your private space where you could grill have dinner or something.

    Also, some commenters seem to be confused, this is a studio, not a one bedroom.

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