Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains

This rental is located at 771 Harvard St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Renovated home with a one car driveway at rear. Very rare to have a car parking space in this area. New granite counter tops, updated windows, updated kitchen cabinets, new washer/dryer, new carpet, newer central HVAC/AC system, basement rear with walk out entrance, freshly painted in this open floorplan. THIS ONE WONT LAST LONG!”

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $2,400/Mo.

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  • Not a bad rental. It sold for $338k less than a week ago:

    If they put 10% down they’re looking to grab about $600 per month in profit assuming the renter is responsible for utilities.

  • This home was on our house hunting radar like, a month ago. Funny that it’s a rental now.

  • If it’s an investment/rental property – the new owner would have to put down 20%.

    • only if you “claimed” it that way.

      People do it all the time and banks never check. They ask you when underwriting the loan if you are going to live there or not. You simply tell them yes. They don’t ask what you are going to do with your current place, etc.

      The will have to pay additional property tax. That rate assumes it is owner occupied and gets the homestead deduction. Not getting the deduction increases your property taxes ~50% and DC has gotten scary good at identifying which houses are owner occupied the past 4-5 years.

      • The homestead exemption only means they reduce the appraised value of your home by $60k if owner occupied.
        60000/100*0.85=$510 a year in savings. Not that big of a deal.

        • The deduction is actually $67,500 and translates to a savings of $573.75 from your property taxes. Agree it’s not a big deal – just means 11 months of rental profit rather than 12.

  • Lot of shootings in that area as of late, no?

    • Don’t think there were any shootings in that neck of the woods lately. There might have been one down on Barry Pl near Howard, but I could be remembering wrong.

      I wouldn’t really want to live on Harvard though, as it’s a cross-town thoroughfare used by lots of vehicles to get to the hospital center and NE.

  • i live in that area and there have not been any shootings in this area in a long long time. most activity is over by 14th

    • I live here too. There have been 3 homicides in the past year or so. A man was shot and killed in the alley behind the 600 block of Harvard just across Georgia. Another man was shot in the alley behind the 700 block of Columbia. And that young girl was killed at Sherman and Harvard.

      That said, I love the neighborhood here, and don’t generally feel unsafe.

  • I saw this home when it was for sale. Really strange choices–the crazy granite remnant uneven patio at the front was just the weirdest, weirdest thing. Tiny third bedroom, it’s more of a 2 bedroom plus office. I like that block, it’s close to the metro…I don’t doubt they’ll be able to rent it quickly.

  • I did a walk through of this place a month ago…

    The roof in the basement is REALLY low, as in 6 feet and above will feel like giants, its actually 1.5 baths, and the third bedroom is more office/den size. However, for a rental this would be great.

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