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  • Problem or savings for next year?

  • As Rukasa said: Look on the bright side. Is this a problem, or are some people now totally prepared for next year, with firewood already chopped and stacked?
    I’m lucky it was a mild winter, because I was too lazy to get my wood pile together this year!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Many people say that large piles of wood attract termites and/or rats over the summer months.

      • People say a lot of things. You can minimize both of those problems by stacking the wood properly. I’m not saying this is some kind of Utopian scenario of extra wood, I’m just saying, “Look on the bright side.”
        What about backyard firepit parties?

  • My wood from 2 years ago is still unburned, starting to rot too. 🙁

    Some of the good stuff, though, I can still use for smoking meat…

  • storing your wood that close to the house is asking for termite problems.

    • ah

      Given that it’s stacked on concrete, and the walls are brick or stucco, and the wood is in a dry place, the risk should be pretty low.

  • i burn wood pellets, and so far have used only 75 or so of the 100 bags i got delivered last fall. the stove is on today though, in anticipation of the “freeze event” i have been getting weather warnings about…

  • I see fuel for our Summertime S’mores Nights in our fire pit.

  • As Charles Barkley might say: White People Problems.

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