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A reader requested I post a reminder about road closures for this Saturday’s Marathon.

I’d also like to wish everyone a very happy, fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget about your free taxi option from SoberRide.

For those looking for a proper St. Patrick’s day concert – the great O’Tasty is releasing a new album and playing IOTA Club & Cafe at 2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA on Sat. at 8:30 PM (tickets $12.)

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  • O’Tasty forever!

  • The number of runs, marathons, and related events is getting ridiculous. Closing off and isolating half of DC for several hours on a saturday morning so a few thousand people can run around for a while in the rock and roll marathon is ridiculous. If you want to run, we should have maybe 1 or 2 marathons a year. The fun runs and all the walks that close down half the city need to end. If you want to run long distances other times besides the marathon, go ahead and do it – but dont ask the city to close down for your sake.

  • Exactly! This sort of thing just never happens in Wichita!

  • OMG, get over it. As another poster mentioned; there are 2 marathons in the district per year which shut down a lot of major roads. Almost all other runs are shorter (5-10K) and take place mostly around the mall which causes minimal major road closures. Metro is always still running during these times! Not to mention, sidewalks are still open and you can cross the race course on foot in between runners. You should be proud to live in a city that has fun athletic activities open to the general public!

  • I have no problem with marathons, but the communication and logistics planning was pretty terrible. The closed off more roads that they said they were going to, and leaving only one road open to get to my house on the hill. Furthermore the cops had absolutely no idea which roads were actually closed or open. I think that in the future when they do these events they should also print a map (with times) of street closures, not just a map of the event.

    • more roads than listed here?

      a map would have been better, but looks like they tried to list them.

      • I was driving around yesterday morning, and I can tell you that that the list (which I did in fact read) was not comprehensive or completely accurate.

        • This was a disaster this year (and I’m a runner who participates in my share of road races). I had done my advance planning and had copies of the road closures and race course printed out. Around the NE neighborhood of the Hiill it was OK to use 3rd St NE to get off the Hill via the Hopscotch Bridge, however there was absolutely no way to get back in to the neighborhood. Roads were blocked off on all 4 sides of neighborhood. And, they closed off traffic on 14th Street NE heading southbound from Florida Ave contrary to all prior notice. Luckily, I was able to abandon my car about 5 blocks from my house and walk back with everything I needed to my house. I know other neighbors who weren’t so fortunate and had to wait 3 hours til roads were opened at 12.30pm to return. It’s wrong that the race course is approved that doesn’t provide at least ONE way for people to return to their homes…even it’s it’s a slow drive due to increased volume through the open road.

  • I agree — this marathon was a pain in the arse. It basically messed up people’s ability to get from one side of the district to another, since it closed off Columbia, Harvard, parts of Connecticut………………

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