Ted’s BULLETIN Opening Second Location at 14th and Swann Street, NW

14th and S St, NW Looking North

File this under phenomenal news:

The matchbox Food Group is excited to announce their latest expansion plans with a second location of Ted’s BULLETIN. The new Ted’s will be located in The JBG Companies & Grosvenor America’s The District development located on 14th Street NW between S and Swann Streets NW, with an expected opening date of late 2012. The restaurant will be larger than its predecessor on Capitol Hill with around 180 seats as well as an expanded bakery– perfect for producing Ted’s famous homemade Pop-Tarts and a menu of unique gourmet donuts! Rest assured, the new Ted’s BULLETIN will stay true to the 1930’s art deco diner setting that made it such a success.

Ted’s BULLETIN, which first opened on 8th Street SE in July of 2010, quickly became a DC favorite. Serving adult milkshakes and homemade “Pop-Tarts,” put them on the map as a must try restaurant. With a new menu just launched, including a family style pasta night on Mondays, Ted’s is sure to win big with diners, all year long!

Ed. Note: Also the owner of Proof and Estadio will be opening a SE Asian restaurant on the other side of the building at 14th and S St, NW.

14th and Swann St, NW Looking South

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  • The nimbys will be livid when they hear about this!

  • I wonder why they feel compelled to put “BULLETIN” in capital letters.

  • I don’t know why but I’m a little curious about what will happen to Ted’s expanding into this new space? I like Ted’s in Cap Hill; it seems like an institution there in ways but am not sure about the new area…just doesn’t seem quite like the right fit. I hope I am wrong, though. I can’t help but wonder about what happened with, I think it’s called, Tortilla Coast. I don’t go to either but my understanding is that it didn’t translate well at all to the new location on P st/15 st but is an institution for staffers on the Hill. I’m sure some might say there’s no comparison between Ted’s and Tortilla Coast – and that is fair to say. My only reason for bringing them both up is because neighborhoods have character and sometimes a dining place doesn’t quite have the character and will have to change in order to fit in. When a place becomes “branded” sometimes that hurts the original place or the new place seems slated to fail.

    • They opened little over 2 years ago. If the “institution” they are a part of is what did Molly Malones to Finn MacCools, then I’m super happy they are going to have another location somewhere else.

  • Hope they have late-night breakfast. This is a much “later” neighborhood than Barracks Row.

    • I’ll say it first so maybe we don’t have to hear from all the nimbys that are going to comment about you hoping it will stay open late…


      Personally, late night pop tarts would be awesome.

  • Ted’s Bulletin has the most amazing breakfast! So excited to see it outside of Eastern Market.

  • This is great news!

  • I can’t believe how excited I am about this. Ted’s on the hill is amazing! Adult milkshakes!

  • Looks like reasonable use to me. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Tortilla Coast is very full every night…I am astounded at the business they have attracted. Most folks there look young and from the hood. You just never know. I’m beginning to think this neighborhood is becoming very diverse and lots of people fit many different niches.

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