Sweetgreen Coming to 1901 L St, NW

1901 L Street, NW

Washington Business Journal shares the healthy news that Sweetgreen and another spot called Energy Kitchen have signed leases at 1901 L St, NW:

“Sweetgreen is known for its salads and use of local produce, while Energy Kitchen is a healthy eating franchise relatively new to the D.C. market. Both should open by year’s end.”

I stopped by last week and a former tenant, Fresh Meal, has closed but the Asian Bistro next door was still open. I asked them if they were closing too and they said they hadn’t heard anything. I’ll update when Sweetgreen and Energy Kitchen get closer to opening.

Healthy eating the new cupcakes…?

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  • i ate at an energy kitchen in NJ. I thought it was pretty tasty. i like this addition to the neighborhood!

  • Asia Bistro better not close! If we lose the only decent bowl of pho in the downtown office nexus for yet another selection of bland, overpriced salads I’m going to be pissed.

  • As late 20s dude who’s trying to eat healthy, save $$ on groceries, and never has time to cook, I wish SweetGreen or Chopt or Mixt Greens would offer some sort of unlimited food per month membership thingy. I’d eat there constantly and actually not throw away groceries I never have time to make. And I’d eat better stuff, too.

    It seems like there’s either healthy fast casual places or diety things like Jenny Craig. I wish there were a blend of the two concepts for those who are just trying to eat heathily while being insanely busy.

    • That’s an interesting idea, but I’m willing to bet the owners are just fine with the pay as you go model. They get a premium AND people eat there repeatedly.

      And it’s SO easy to eat that way on your own dude. Seriously. If you’re eating SALAD, what are they providing that you can’t assemble on your own? Whole grains — 10-15 minutes on a stovetop and they keep for a week (or more). Legumes — easy to cook, but canned work well too. Precooked chicken or fish? Trader Joes has good quality stuff. Prewashed greens, packaged hard boiled eggs, pre cut and peeled veggies. . . I’m sorry, but I find these places a total racket. It’s bad enough people are so impressed by a lot of prepared mediocre food (I take the opposite of Michael Pollan’s approach — I never want to bother frying anything and I’m happy to let someone else deal with the mess on the rare occasion I want fries), but salad is really where i draw the line.

      If I’m out and about, I understand the appeal, but I’d never plan on eating this way on my own if I have access to my kitchen. People who aren’t too busy to post to PoP can carve out 30 minutes/week to prep enough salad for the rest of the week.


      • Yeeeah but if they set the price high enough, they could count on folks not being able to use the service. It’d be like Netflix’s 2 DVD’s a month deal … sometimes folks just get busy and forget to use it.

        And about all those ingredients you mentioned — I’d totally be willing to pay 150ish bucks a month that I’d be otherwise spending on groceries to force myself to eat healthy. It’s more about the forced-healthiness of it, less about the time saved preparing food. I have access to my kitchen, it’s just that I make pizza 99% of the time due to lack of discipline … which is also the point of diet services.

  • talula

    I’ve been to Energy Kitchen in NY and it is quite tasty! Very awesome lunch option to have around here (and good breakfast wraps too).

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