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  • In the back, huh? Classy!

  • So proud of our nation’s capital! So filled with such loving spirits.

  • DC’s still has 16% lower homicide rate as of this time last year though, so as long as summer is a tad bit below average we may escape 2012 with fewer than 100 homicides, a feat we haven’t achieved since the early ’60’s.

  • Anymore info? Gang-related? Altercation? Somebody wanted somebody else’s shoes? Someone just felt like stabbing someone?

    • No additional info that I’ve seen, but it’s worth noting that the stabbing may well have taken place somewhere else and the person either walked into or was dumped at the Howard ER [which caries an address of 2000-something GA Ave]. If the victim is unable or unwilling to communicate anything about the location of the crime they just use the ER address.

  • Why does “Sunday Afternoon Stabbing” look too much like “Sunday Afternoon Stroll” to me.

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