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  • I can’t wait until those condo buildings go up here; there are so many sketchy characters hanging around this intersection all the time. It’s a shame because the buses that go through here are very useful in connecting Capitol Hill to H Street to U Street to Adams Morgan, but I usually don’t feel safe waiting for a bus here.

    • Condos are not going to prevent those sketchy characters from showing up. Most of them aren’t sketchy, but there are a few. While those buses connect places like Cap Hill, Adams Morgan, U St, Gallery Place, they also connect Anacostia and Ward 7. But then again 8th and E Capitol offers a similar connection and is fairly quiet, but that might be due to the fact that there is nothing worth loitering near there.

      • I know it won’t prevent them from showing up, but they will be diluted by the people living and patronizing retail in the new mixed-use buildings. Right now this area doesn’t get much foot traffic so it’s mostly just loiterers out on the street (most of whom do not appear to be catching a bus but just hanging out yelling things at me). I feel more comfortable walking a couple blocks south to catch the bus.

        • BTW I live on 8th Street SE and you’re right that the sketchy characters typically aren’t hanging out at the bus stop in front of my house. I think it has more to do with the strip mall and that the middle part of H Street is where these guys go to hang out.

  • I wish they’d tear down that shopping center. This area is like a desert between the development closer to Union Station and the stuff that starts around 11th.

    • The H Street Connection is being replaced with a mixed use residential and retail building. I’m not sure when that’s supposed to happen but it’s been in the works for a while.

    • Exactly. I live at 3rd and H NE and I rarely walk to the bars on the other end of H because of this “Dead Zone”, as I call it. It’s really eerie area to traverse at night alone.

  • While I agree that the H Street Connection is not the most attractive of developments….it does serve the residents who live in this community. We need to remember that the overwhelming majority of residents in the H Street area are low-moderate income and they need/patronize these establishments.

    If the current market demanded newer/fancier services…the developers would be tripping over themselves to provide them. Hence, their current focus on new residential development to create a higher end market. The area is experiencing growing pains right now…let’s hope there is room for all of us when they dust settles.

    As for the sketchy characters…everyone on H Street looks sketchy to me…but that’s the charm of the neighborhood…lol!

    • I’d agree with your comment if I ever saw indication that a significant number of people were patronizing those businesses. They just look deserted and depressing right now. And deserted, despressing areas attract loiterers who might decide to stab each other.

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