Man Shot at IHOP in Columbia Heights around 6:30am Sun. Morning

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From MPD:

At approximately 0630 this morning, police were called to the IHOP restaurant located at 3100 14th [St, NW, entrance on Irving St.] for a man shot inside. Officers were advised that there was an altercation inside the restaurant which resulted in an adult male being shot. The victim was transported to a local hospital. Anyone with information relating to this is asked to call 202 727 9099.

Thanks to a few good citizens, we have a very good description of 2 people of interest and asking for any additional information you may have relating to them or there whereabouts, the first is a B/M with dreads, approx 6’1, 165 lbs, wearing green pants and walking east bound on Irving street from the IHOP in the company of a B/F light complexion, heavy build… Anything you may have on these 2 may be helpful and you are encouraged to call at 202 727 9099.

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  • Sweet Jesus. That is scary.

    • Is Jim Graham going to shut them down now?

      • They shut down Island Cafe, and that place only got a little stabby. Maybe if they sold waffles and got shootier, they’d still be open? MAYBE!

        • Are you kidding? Jim Graham has a standing “hands down” order with Cathy Lanier and the Columbia Heights police. His orders: “Don’t harass the Section 8 thugs or those occupying apartments or row houses with 5+ people sleeping in each room.

          The sooner the residents of Columbia Heights realize this about Jim Graham, the better off we will be.

  • I hope they removed the police tape. Hankering for some blueberry pancakes.

  • In fairness to the shooter, the shootee DID [look at him the wrong way/wear the wrong color shirt that day/get the last piece of pie].

  • It’s funny how the “information superhighway” metaphor is so apt for reasons nobody anticipated: that the combination of anonymity & transience in a free, common space allow a few wankers to poop on everyone else’s experience.

  • This was only a matter of time.

    • what do you mean by that, exactly?

      • I assume the poster is referring to all of the predictions of violence and general thuggery that accompanied the announcement of that IHOP coming to that space. There were lots of posts predicting that it would become a magnet for the neighborhood neer do wells and a hotbed for all kinds of negative activity. What’s funny is that pretty much none of those predictions has turned out to be true. This is the first negative incident I have heard about related to that IHOP. Maybe there have been others but if so, they’ve been kept under wraps. That’s certainly not to say that this incident isn’t serious or that it should be “expected” if you live in the city. It is just a far cry from the chaos that many people were predicting.

        • so, once i was at the ihop at like four in the am, wasted. and i left my credit card. the following morning there were hundreds of charges, all around columbia heights. unfortunately many of them were at the cvs, where i had shopped earlier in the day, so i had difficulty getting them removed.

          • So your complaint is that you’re not allowed to be irresponsible with your credit card without facing any consequences? Had you decided not to brag about being “wasted,” I probably would’ve had some sympathy.

          • seriously matt? that’s cold and judgmental .

          • I actually feel your pain! I was drunk and left my credit card at an IHOP in Centreville VA, thank God it was Centreville and not Columbia Heights. I returned the next day and it was there…no charges. You are supposed to be drunk at IHOP, its the spot to go after a night of partying. Who goes to IHOP sober?

        • Actually, there have been quite a few issues at the IHOP, drunken fights, tables thrown that then turn into street brawls right outside. I would say that it has had far more issues associated with it than the average CH estamblishment that has been open for only a ~ year. Making that place a 24 hour joint is just asking for trouble. The neighborhood isn’t ready for it.

  • oh columbia heights. You do yourself no favors… and D.C. at large for that matter. Why can’t we hire NYC police to come in and clean up the scum here like they did up there??

  • Law abiding D.C. residents seem to not be able to enjoy themselves eating at IHOP without ‘savages’ pulling out guns and shooting in public. What kind of parent or parents raised such children to turn out to be so bad?

    • Using the word “savages” is not a sign of brightness… Are the kids who shoot up colleges and High schools savages to you? Probably not, just “wayward”. Any idiot can commit a gun crime, the moment you call them a “savage” you’re taking it too far and placing overtones on things. Think about it, Bruce Willis kills several people in Die Hard with a gun, have you ever thought of him as a “Savage” in that movie?

      • If this post was meant to show us “brightness,” it failed. People who shoot other people without justification are savages (if that is even a strong enough epithet). Trying to bring race into the discussion is even sorrier – I doubt anyone on this blog (or anyone who is sane) would take a soft stance on gun crime by white teenagers in schools. And finally, in case you weren’t aware, Die Hard is a movie (make-believe). It has no bearing on this crime, unless Bruce Willis shot up the IHOP over maple syrup.

      • “Are the kids who shoot up colleges and High schools savages to you?”


      • Jack5 is very dumb.

      • From my point of view, you’re the one placing overtones on things and your arguments are poor. Yes, the kids who shoot up high schools are savages, and no I never thought of Bruce Willis in Die Hard as a savage because *it is not real* (I can tell the difference).

        Say what you want, but using a gun on another person to settle an argument or express your anger is savage; the fact that you’re willing to just write it off as “wayward” kind of worries me.

      • arguing with someone that uses the word savages in this context is not a sign of brightness

      • Wait a minute, did the commenter here who brought up Die Hard actually prove that the politically correct can’t tell real life from fiction?

  • It’s spring againnnnnnnnn…

  • who is going to walk again into that ihop?

  • This is scary. Although I never went to ihop, I did visit other businesses in the vicinity quite frequently. I hope ihop has some camera system that captured the culprit.

  • surprise, surprise. not.

  • Rootie Tootie Fresh and Shootie!

  • is the victim okay?
    anyone know the situation?

  • geez not even ihop is safe?

    • Well, I love how even it was specifically stated when they opened (since it would be a 24hr restaurant) that they would have frequent police presence. Whoops!

      • Allison

        Yeah, I mean come on the CVS has better in-store guards and they’re not even 24 hr.

        • The guards aren’t for shopper safety. CVS has been in DC for a long time and has experience on a certain section of the population causing losses in the form of theft. Even the Tenleytown CVS has a lot of more easily pinched products behind the counter since Wilson High School is just down the block.

          • Allison

            True (and the fact that I can never find an unopened, whole pack of batteries to purchase is mildly irritating) although I would think the guards have at least some incidental violence-deterring effect.

          • Every security guard/off-duty cop I ever see at Giant, CVS, Best Buy/etc. has his/her face in her phone and doesn’t do much guarding.

      • Most times I have eaten at IHOP, around 8:00 am ish on weekends, there are cops in there eating.

  • is this the first shooting to take place actually inside the DCUSA complex? sort of a christening.

  • Hopefully the Wizards scouts can find the shooter and invite him to training for a shoot-around.

  • Now I have another reason to avoid IHOP…This is far worse than the FOOD POISONING I get everytime I eat there…
    Food Poisoning < Shot

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