Seriously Sweet Vestibule

It’s been a long time since I spotted a seriously sweet vestibule. And all that time a friend of mine had this amazing one in Bloomingdale. If anyone else has a cool vestibule they’d be willing to share – please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail

The tiles on this one are amazing:

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  • Everything about that is awesome.

  • The wall tile is likely original. If they were better maintained over the years, this would be a common site for most of us.

    • clevelanddave

      I don’t know. That tile is incredible even for back then. Most tile if maintained that you’d see would be single color or dual color, maybe more of the patterned golden yellow but someone really took pride in doing this right back in the day and a sense of the flamboyant.

  • Mine is eerily similar but has nicer (and original) penny floor tile. Wasn’t sold on the green with pink hues, but it’s original, well preserved, and adds a touch of versimilitude to a strageticly restored house.

  • Have seen similar green and brown old tile while I was shopping for property in Dupont/17th Street area, in vestibules and fireplace surrounds. Gotta say. though, I hated it then and still dislike it now.

  • For anyone who has a vestibule or fireplace mantel with missing antique tiles, a client of mine turned me on to this craftsman who will re-create your exact tiles:

    They recently had some made and you can’t tell the difference and the mantel tile work is now fully restored.

  • I get it that these are original, but I think they are sinfully ugly. Seriously, they look like clown vomit.

  • My vestibule is long gone. When you step into the house there are black tiles on the floor that exist where the vestibule was. I would like to replace the black floor tiles with similar tiles as in this vestibule. I’m told that the old tiles were not meant to be walked on, so I would need tiles made specifically for the floor. I don’t need old tiles, new is fine, but I think it would be a nice touch to have something reminding people of what was once there. Any suggestions? Thanks! Eric

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