Saga of 12th and S St, NW Continues

Back in Nov. 2011 it looked like a cactus store 🙂 would be opening up at the long vacant building on the southwest corner of 12th and S St, NW. I just noticed that the cactus were gone and the inside was completely cleaned out. Anyone hear new rumors as to who might be moving in?

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  • Why not ask for facts instead of rumors?

  • How is this place not a bakery? Or an ice cream shop.

  • Any idea how the new zoning laws would impact business at this location? I recall something along the lines that businesses like these couldn’t prepare food on their premises and had limited operating hours, plus it sits inside magnificent Historic District boundaries. So if I’m not mistaken, this place could be used as a pre-made sandwich shop (more upscale than 7-11, of course), a liquor store, or a book store, but would have to close around 7. I can’t imagine why more prospective businesses aren’t flocking to this location.

  • We did a building history of this corner property (and the residence attached along 12th Street) for the owners about 8 years ago now…they were very preservation minded (and live in the residence). Its located directly across from an elementary school, so there will be no liquor served there anytime soon.

    It was built beginning in September of 1880 by a grocer named Theresa Arnold, who was then just 25 years old (her brother William also ran a grocery store at 10th and S). Her surname would make for a nice name of a current business at the site! It was designed by Charles Trott.

    She later relocated to Brightwood, and ran into legal troubles in 1904 when she dispensed “intoxicants without a license” at her “wine house.”

  • Facts: The current C of O allows for a “non-conforming dry goods grocery store” There is a summary order from the Board of Zoning Adjustment allowing for a change to a “non-conforming Delicetessen/ prepared food shop” w/ 18 seats. I guess everybody will have to wait and see!

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