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  • And that shit was off the hook!!!!!!!

  • Allison

    Oh gosh it’s like the German chicken dance meets New Year’s Eve.

  • It’s a popular German song sung during “Karneval”. The weird hats the guys are wearing are very traditional during that time. I’m mostly familiar with the festivities in Koeln (Collogne), but it might be sung in other cities that celebrate Karneval as well (most notably in Duesseldorf, which has a bit of a regional rivalry going with Collogne).

    Karneval is a mix of Halloween and Oktoberfest, were people get dressed up and watch parades. The costumes are pretty inappropriate at times for American standards, like the “Chinaman” in the video. Blackface is also not uncommon. The floats in the parades toss massive amounts of candy into the crowds for the kids.

    The Karneval committee elects three representatives to lead the festivities, which start officially at 11:11am on the 11th of November and last until Ash Wednesday. The Dreigestirn consist of three men dressing up as a farmer, a prince and a maiden, and they look simply awesome (http://ksh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Dreigestirn_72.jpg). The traditional greeting in Collogne during that time is “Alaaf!”, while our misinformed rivals like to greet each other with a silly “Hellau!” during that time.

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