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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Mega rant: Guy next to me on the metro who repeatedly picked his nose. As in, his finger was in there up to the first knuckle. He did this from the time he got on to the time I left. Revolting.

    Rave: Phone interview tomorrow. Very, very hopeful since it would allow me to move and be with my husband and it is also step up on my career ladder.

    Rave: I met my husband four years ago today!

    • To Anonymous 10:06am,

      I have to laugh b/c at first I thought you wrote: Mega rave (about the nose picker). I couldn’t believe it, so I reread and saw that I had misread, thank goodness.

      Revel: Someone else who finds public nose pickers disgusting.

      Rant: Why do nose pickers seem to take pleasure in the public excavation?

      Off-topic: Dear PoP, Do you have any additional information on those 2 stabbings from a couple of days back (NE and NW)? Also, while I was news surfing that night, I heard about another stabbing on Columbia Rd, NW that same day, I think – a guy in a wheelchair stabbed someone in the Radio Shack…guy in wheelchair got away. This was on the news, I did not make it up.

      • Allison

        How… how did a guy in a wheelchair get away? I mean I know those things can be powerful, but comeon.

        • That’s what I wanted to know, too. How could someone in a wheelchair get away…unless the wheelchair was a ruse or maybe that the person was really proficient – do wheels go faster than legs? Even if I were a creative writer, that is not one I would put into any stories/fiction because it wouldn’t even seem believable. Although I’m being a tad cheeky now, that’s why I was asking about follow-up to any/all of the stories.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday.

    Rave: Going to an admitted student day at Georgetown for a Masters Program tomorrow.

    Rant: Likely not going to the Georgetown program because it is so much more expensive than the other programs I got into.

    Rant: Cannot decide whether to go with a Comparative Politics program or a International Studies program at AU as they both have somewhat different directions for careers afterwards.

    Rave: I have choices.

  • Rave: My boyfriend got a plot in his community garden! I’m excited and think it will be good “couple exercise” for us this summer. We’ve both never gardened before so we have a bunch of learning to do..

  • Rave: went to yoga this morning; such a great way to start the day!

    Rave: the cinnamon & vinegar seems to have possibly worked (or possibly the stuff my dad & wife sprayed on the foundation has worked). Either way, there were just a few ants in the kitchen this morning – a definite improvement. Here’s hoping it lasts. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions yesterday!

  • Virginia.. What a dumb state! In one day, they are talking about taking away local control of roads, so they can widen 66, slow down development in Tysons in favor of more parking and roads, and Loudon is now talking about pulling out of the Silver Line. What a bunch of morons. Never thought I would be saying I am glad I live in DC due to superior governance.

    • Nah, DC government is every bit as incompetent, just more criminally so.

      • I think I prefer incompetent criminals to social regressives.

      • granted half the council should probably be in jail but don’t sell the whole govt short. We have some of the most progressive and innovative land and livability policies in the country. Its not just the jobs that brought another 16k people into the city in the last two years alone. Those folks could easily have stayed in arlington, MoCo etc. Between bike share (first in the country to roll it out), circulator, new bike lanes, streetcars we are making DC the first choice for a lot of people moving to the region. Incompetence won’t get you there.

    • I have problems with a lot of what they do in VA, but unfortunately, more parking and new roads are what the residents Northern Virginia need and desire the most.

    • You can always leave.

      • Apparently the one good thing Fairfax county has going for it failed you (schools/reading comprehension). I mentioned how happy I am to NOT live in VA, and instead live in DC.

  • Rant: Seriously people, list your houses! This inventory shortage is really frustrating.

    Rave: Today is Friday for me!

  • Rave: Getting new windows installed in my basement today!

    Rave: my snapdragons from last year returned and are in full bloom! Gorgeous. I’m not sure they ever actually died.

    Rave: today is my Friday also.

    • Mine as well! Also surviving and thriving are stock, dianthus and pansies. I expected the pansies to survive, the other three are a surprise treat.

      Rave: REALLY looking forward to getting back in the garden!

  • Rant: Had a great interview last Thursday. Was told that I would be hearing from the – either way – on Monday or Tuesday. Here we are on Thursday with no word yet. Crossing my fingers they’re just busy!

  • rant: insurance preauthorizations, referrals, etc. missing work for doctor/dentist appts.

    revel: having health insurance and no major health problems.

    • I always find it odd that people have to battle with their insurance companies for claims, etc. I’ve never once had a problem with health or auto. I actually totaled my car a few years ago and within 4 days I had a check for the value of my car plus some. Thanks State Farm!

  • Rave: As of yesterday I have officially lost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year! My goal of 16 total doesn’t seem so impossible now!

    Rave: My mood is improving drastically due to my new writing project, and a networking meeting with an alum of my university next week.

    Rave: Really strongly considering the possibility of teaching English abroad for a few months in a country I have lots of academic experience with. I think/hope field work would boost my cred for finally breaking into my desired field.

    No rants today. What?!

  • Rave: Think I did really well on my first grad school exam last night! WOO

    Rant: Not looking forward to another week of studying for my second exam next week…at least a have a little down time at work to squeeze in some studying.

  • Rant: Not just cyclists blowing through a stop sign (grr) but cyclists teaching their child (on her own bike) to do the same. Given the way that drivers in my neighborhood can’t seem to obey the stop signs, how about these parents have a care and teach their child how to stay safe on her bike?

    Rave: Nice use of “picayune” in an email from a colleague

    • Rant: I am deep in a dark hole of a project at work and can’t seem to get out of it. It’s like every day I wake up in a cloud of dread, and then end up thinking about it until I go to sleep at night. I can’t seem to get anything else productive done because the the stress is so distracting. And no end in sight.

      Rave: Last day of my class tonight! At least I’ll be done with that and have more time to focus on the aforementioned project.

      Rant: Then I’ll have to spend even more of my time worrying about work.

    • I really hate that kind of stuff. I am sure if I had saw that, I would have said something somehow. It is one thing to cross the street (bike or not) illegally or in a dangerous manner (fine do you) but when you do it with kids that are impressionable it is sickening. Kids really don’t know better and you are setting them up to potentially be hit by a car (with or without you). You don’t know how many times I have see adults with kids standing in the middle of the road while cars pass on either sides of them all because they wanted to cross right then and there and not walk an extra few yards. Disgusting.

      BTW, what ever happened to that mother that was crossed illegally with her child down south and got said child hit and killed by a car? All because she says that she was about to miss the bus and another one wasn’t coming anytime soon.

      • claire

        Seeing people running across the road (not at a crosswalk) with their young kids during a slight break in traffic makes me very nervous too. But I think part of the problem is also that DC and the surrounding area do not have a good infrastructure for walking in many places.

        There was a recent story similar to what you describe that actually happened in a MD suburb where a mom was crossing with her two kids coming home from the bus stop, I believe, and one of her kids got hit by a car. But the thing with that situation was that they lived directly across from the bus stop and the nearest crosswalks were half a mile in either direction. So, it’s the end of the day, you’re toting your two (probably tired and complaining) kids with you, and all three of you just want to get home. You can cross the road where you are and be home in five minutes or you can walk A MILE in order to more safely cross the road. I’m not saying I would endanger the life of my (hypothetical) child just to get home a little quicker, but I think it’s very understandable and the real solution is creating a more walkable city. Or, at the very least, putting bus stops at crosswalks (not that drivers in DC stop at crosswalks unless there’s a stop sign (even then, often not) or a traffic light). Sadly, this seems to be the worst in poorer areas around here where people are more likely to be taking buses.

        Oh, and I looked up the story that happened in the south, and it looks like the kid was actually hit by a guy who was drunk and on painkillers, almost blind in one eye, and had two prior hit and runs. So I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the mother on that one.

        • +1

          As a person who often walks (as opposed to drives), I was utterly amazed by the lack of pedestrian-friendly areas there are in NoVa and parts of MD, areas outlying the DC area. There are no logical pauses in the roadways for pedestrians to cross safely and it is just a whacky maze, sometimes for even the cars driving. I think when pedestrian crossings are stretched so far apart, you don’t give people many safe options to get to the other side.

        • I know what you mean but I’m talking about the idiots that do it near crosswalks.

          • +1. We can have discussions about infrastructure, “walkability”, urban engineering and so forth until the proverbial cows come home. All of that will not help those people who simply refuse to walk less than half a block to a marked crosswalk. This stuff happens in the most “walkable” parts of town so I believe this should be a discussion about people, not abstract concepts.

      • I hope DC continues to put in the cross walks with the flashing lights. Pedestrians hit the button at the crosswalk and starts to flash, alerting drivers to slow down.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: pulled muscle in my back preventing me from doing my daily workout.

  • Can’t find an apartment and seriously freaking out about not knowing where I’ll be living on Monday.

    • claire

      Yikes, definitely not a good situation to be in! If you need a temporary solution, might I suggest airbnb (dot com)? I’ve had good luck using it for vacation rentals, but you should also be able to find a place with a kitchen, etc, to stay for another week or so while looking for a place (and for a lot cheaper than a hotel). Just a thought, best of luck finding a place!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Surprise friendship from my ex’s friend. Thought that connection would disappear post-breakup, but it’s nice to see that we can maintain a friendship even without our mutual connection!

    Rant: Still feeling like I haven’t settled into my new life in NYC. Don’t have the kind of strong network of friends in NYC that I used to have in DC and I am seriously missing it!

    Double rant: With work and school and a host of other obligations, I don’t have much time to devote to getting involved with groups/clubs or my community in order to meet new friends.

    • I have two very good friends–a couple–that I met through my ex. They were incredibly helpful through the breakup and some tough times I had after. I was really lucky they stuck around as friends after the breakup. I think it help that she completely ran me over and they had no disillusions about who was in the wrong.

  • rant: so tired today. like every other day.

    rave: great intense conversations with friends about life and existence.

    rant: i want to leave my job so bad and try new things, but i don’t think i’ll ever be able to afford to do that. it’s a catch 22. and i’m too exhausted from my job to really pursue things on the side to see if i could actually make a career of these things. every time i think i’m getting close to figure out what i should do with my life, something happens, or doesn’t happen that takes me 2 steps back. i feel like i may never get out of this.

    • oh, to be in my 20s again. 🙂 but perhaps you’re not.

      I commend you for your ambition, but don’t get too down about time. there will always exist a way for you to do what you want, you just have to actually want it bad enough. it’s okay for you to acknowledge that you prefer a more stable life even if it comes at the cost of not writing that great american novel (or whatever). if you do want it bad enough, surround yourself with people who are doing what they want. figure out a way to pare down your life and expenses so that you can either work part time or take a job that doesn’t require too much mental energy. the angst is only good if you’re doing something with it, otherwise don’t feel any guilt at letting it go.

      also, sometimes we feel so exhausted after work precisely because we’re not doing anything. if you actually forced yourself to go to a class, go home and work on your side projects, or take an internship, you might find that you are more energized by these things. especially if you just have a desk job, it really doesn’t need to be so soul sucking. now, if you’re working hard manual labor all day, then being exhausted is a more legitimate problem.

      • thanks ich. and no, not in my 20s anymore, officially joined the 30s club last summer!

        i know people in their 40s and 50s that don’t have it all figured out yet, so i know time is not really an issue, and it’s okay… but getting up in the morning full of dread and feeling exhausted all the time is more of the issue, and fantasizing about what i could be doing (if only i won the lottery or inherited a crazy amount of money somehow!)

        thank you though. i have been forcing myself more, doing my “passion” more and more these days which does help.

        • the work exhaustion thing is difficult, I know. a few years back I took a job where my commute was much better and the hours were better so I was getting home at 6 instead of 8. in the first year I learned to play an instrument passably and also picked back up my art. I let it slip, but it was a great time and helped dust my brain off a little. the new job wasn’t as great and I eventually left but it was worth it.

          maybe you’re like me where you’d respond to structure better than relying on being self-motivated. I think I’d do better if I had a class, workshop, or group of people I was beholden to somehow instead of just saying to myself “agh, you have to go home and sketch now even though you’d rather eat pizza and lay on the couch.”

          • yes i do think it helps to have structure. my passion is photography, so i picked up a “365” project which is forcing me to shoot every single day now. it’s helping a ton. even better now that it’s lighter after work now. it’s just something i wish i could spend even more time doing. most the time it’s like okay, take camera while walking dog after work. kill 2 birds with one stone!

  • nice! great idea.

  • Rant: Signed away my life (again) to consolidate private loans
    Rave: Signed away my life (again) to consolidate private loans to get a lower interest rate & 15 year repayment plan
    Revel: Helpful loan officers willing to answer EVERY question I have
    Rant: 15 years? welp 🙁 what if I ever want to afford a mortgage or a wedding or a baby? How do people do it?

    • they go to cheap schools and forgo an advanced degree because the thought of going into debt is horrible. or at least that’s what I did. 🙁

      • actually, career-wise it worked out for me since my career doesn’t require an advanced degree — I make more money than my colleagues with masters.

        regarding the wedding, you get parents to pay for it, have something very small with 25 people, or you elope. and I can tell you that I won’t be buying a house for at least another 10 years. but renting life is good, why would I want that cost/responsibility now?!

      • Same. Going to a cheap state school that didn’t require me to take out loans was the best financial decision of I ever made.

        Except now I’m using my lack to debt to justify getting an expensive masters degree. Maybe I should rethink that. But…I just love school! Ugh.

        • Find an employer that will pay for your Master’s. That’s what I did after getting my BS at a state school with scholarships that covered most of it. If no one is willing to pay you to get the degree it probably isn’t worth much in the economy anyway (although I do understand the love of being in school).

          • Is it really that easy? With this economy, I think I’d be lucky to get a job, much less one that will pay for my Master’s. Also, it seems like for the field I want to break into, a Master’s is a prerequisite. Any advice on where to look though is appreciated 🙂

          • saf

            EW – go to work for a university. Tuition benefits are a wonderful thing.

    • athletic scholarship!

    • You might be surprised at what you can afford. My first apartment was $175 (in Iowa), when I moved into a $250 unit I thought “I’ll never be able to shop again!” But after a few months I realized that I could, i just made adjustments elsewhere. Every time I move I have the same thought and every time I have found that somehow I can make the dollars stretch further than I previously thought possible.

      • It’s true. After buying my house I went from paying $600/month in rent to paying nearly $2k/month towards mortgage. I was prepared to start living like a pauper, but my overall quality of life has actually improved signficantly. If whatever you’re going into debt for it worthwhile the reduction in spending money will hardly be noticeable.

  • Revel: Guacamole – eating big scoops of guacamole. Joy!

  • Rave: 3 day weekend

    Rant: Just made an appt for a personal shopper at Macy’s to help me find a nice interview suit. I was excited about the experience. But they just called to confirm and 1. its a dude (not necessarily bad but I’d prefer a woman since we’ll be discussing body proportions, saddle bags, etc) 2. he already seemed put off when I gave him the day and time I wanted to come in.

  • anyone know if the cherry blossoms down by the capitol were destroyed by the recent cold weather? i have family coming into town this weekend and wanted to know if it’s worth the venture down there … the cb trees by my apt lost all their flowers 🙁

    • You need to get out more bud! They are about 95% gone. Walking around the Capitol and mall is always worth it…cherry blossoms or not.

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