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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Went to the gym at 10pm last night.
    Rave 2: Feeling really good this morning.

  • rant: work is slowly killing my body and soul
    rave: reason rally was so incredibly awesome this weekend. Bad Religion was so tight, a massive mosh pit broke out on the mall, and i even got my picture in the village voice.

    • Rave: Second the awesome Reason Rally! Turnout was much higher than I expected, given the weather and the lack of publicity about the event. Nice to see so many young people there, and I’m so happy I got to see Eddie Izzard!

      Small rant: I didn’t get many pictures of the funny/witty signs I saw. Also, I need a better camera. Pictures of a jumbotron just aren’t the same as pictures of the real thing.

    • Rant: I missed the Reason Rally due to another commitment. Would have loved to see Bad Religion live again, and a lot of the speakers seemed really interesting.

      Rave: I’m glad to hear it turned out well!

  • RANT: Sneeze, sneeze, eyes-a-burnin’, cough. These allergies are a real kill-joy.
    RAVE: There is a freeze watch overnight tonight. Fingers crossed that it will help!
    RAVE2: I’m finally going to take the plunge and buy a bike! I’ve given myself 1 week. Test rode a Giant. Still deciding between a new and a Craigslist used.

    • a brand new bike (assuming you’re not getting some kind of high end specialty bike) is not really THAT much more expensive than the used ones you’ll find on craigslist.

      if you’re planning on riding your bike every day (or fairly often), i’d say it’s worth it just to get a new bike. and some bike shops offer a free tune-up after a year.

      just my 2 cents though…congrats on deciding to get bike either way.

    • I got my bike (a giant) at the bike rack and they have been fantastic.

  • Rant: Monday

    Rave: O-H!

  • m_i_z_dc

    Rant: RAWR the 50-line buses going down 14th in the AM RAWWR

  • Rave: Got the boyfriend into the city and moved into to his dorm at UC remote campus. His roommate is great, and hopefully his internship will be too.

    Rave: Awesome dinner and night with some of his friends from Austria and California on Saturday.

    Rant: Still no news from the job I was interviewing for. I’m constantly re-evaluating my approach to finding a new job, and it’s terrifying/intimidating.

    Rave: Most likely accepted to submit some pieces to an international opinion site.

  • Rant: The woman at the cherry blossom Friday going around and skaing the branches for EVERYONE taking pictures by the trees because it looked pretty to have the petals floating around them in the pics…may have looked pretty but you’re taking away the flowers for other people to continue to enjoy.

    Rant: allergies

    Rant: Monday, 4 more days until the weekend

    Rave: glass-half full…4 more days until the weekend??

    • This was making me so angry, too! I saw people ripping off branches as well as shaking the blossoms down. It’s a national park, people – would you abuse trees like that at any other national park??? Made me really angry that they could be so selfish. Where were the park police!?

  • rant: monday. cannot seem to wrap my head around work today. boss is also back from his week long business trip.

    rave: love the pic in this thread.

    rant: still torn between moving and not moving. some days i am confident it’s the right thing to do. some days i’m terrified of losing everything i have just to experience and try something new that may or may not work.

    rant: my dog might need surgery. she has a couple tiny tiny lumps, one which was the result of a rabies shot 3 years ago that my vet seemed unconcerned about but now wants me to have checked. since we have been using a house call vet, i need to find one in the area that can check this out for us, but i know all the vets in the city are super expensive! anyone have a good (inexpensive) vet and had to do similar check on lumps on their pet?

    • I’ve never experienced this issue with my pu,p but the rescue I foster with regularly uses Caring Hands in Centreville VA for most of its surgeries. The vets are super nice and the prices are much cheaper than in the city. I know if you go even further outside the city it gets even cheaper. If you need cheap and local the Petworth vet on Georgia is cheaper. I’ve never gone there, though, because they don’t take appointments only walk-ins, so I can’t vouch for them. Good luck, hope the pup is fine!

  • Rant: HR Departments. I have dealt with very few that are courteous, considerate, and competent. I often wonder if their employers know that they aren’t doing their job.

    • I’m pretty sure our HR department is more competent with the new hires/people they’re interviewing than dealing with their current employees. It’s so frustrating to hear our HR department talk bad about other staff members or reveal confidential information and not have anyone to go complain to about their breach of confidence!

  • claire

    Rave: 100 posts on my blog!

    Rant: Boyfriend out of town this week.

    Rave: Finally did my taxes!
    Rant: And owed money for both federal and state taxes.

    Rant: I’ve gotten too used to the absurdly warm weather lately and now am dreading going back to average March weather.
    Rave: Going to make a tasty hearty soup tonight (Tuscan chickpea soup probably).

    Rant: Homework assignment due tomorrow that I still need to finish. Why oh why did I decide to take on a class on top of my full time and part time jobs?
    Rave: Oh, right, this class is really interesting and relevant to my career. Maybe homework and soup night tonight won’t be so bad!

  • Rave: Went to Looking Glass, Blue Bananna, & DC Renolds in my neighborhood for the first time. Great fun, amazed to see how the neighborhood has changed since 99′ when I moved in…

    Rant: DC is putting in more speed cameras again… Time to get used to going the insanely ancient speed limits all the time. Its also like they’ve forgotten to enforce anything other than speeding, red lights, and parking… Every other bad driving behavior is permitted and frequently observed on my way to work.

    Rave: Refinance paperwork is in, things are looking good, can’t wait for my house construction project to start!

    • Amazing how that stretch of Georgia has changed right? I only moved into Petworth in 2010, and we have noticed quite a change even over that short of time.

      • It felt like Adams Morgan did back in the early 90s! I can’t believe that I’ve driven by these places so long and never went inside. I’m glad to know I’ve got my own “Cheers” style bars within walking distance. See you guys there!

  • Rave: look forward to visiting DC Renolds
    Rant: Sweet Bread Jims. He has stickers everywhere, it’s like 1984 or something. Seriously, it has reached the point of vandalism- even checkout counters of the Giant have them.

  • Rave: In Nairobi, I ran into a friend I’d lost touch w/many years ago when she moved from DC. It turns out we have present day colleagues in common – small world. We had a great time this weekend catching up, hiking in one of the national forests and taking a boat tour of Lake Naivasha.

    More rave: Beautiful weather here – the danger is sunburn, not frost.

    No rants 🙂

  • Rave: I hit LivingSocial’s pop up last night for Suna featuring the guys from Komi and Toki Underground. The food was outstanding! One of the best meals I have ever had and the wine pairings were divine.

  • Rave: Awesome trips on the horizon!

    Rant: Slugging through the days to get to the awesome trips!!

    Rave: Car2Go launch this weekend- should be an interesting service and we’ll have to see how it fits into our current lifestyle (Bikes, CaBi, Zipcar, Metro…) but heck, they paid for our lunch and were super nice about answering all sorts of questions!

  • Rave1: That’s my photo above (thanks PoP)!

    Rave2: Down to 109 lbs! I feel great.

    • Oh, and one more…

      Rave3: I stopped by the new Sapore shop and bought a bottle of their Spanish Arbequina olive oil. It really has elevated my dishes to a new level of deliciousness.

    • me

      How I envy your weight. But, I am just hoping I am much taller than you, because I honestly doubt I could ever get there, being 5’10”. Reminds me of a quote I heard from a friend online the other day: “I’ve given up on getting back to my natural weight. But then again, I guess 9lbs 5oz is pretty unrealistic.” 🙂

      • You are much taller than I am! Someone of your height would look emaciated at 109. 🙂

        • any tips or tricks to share on how you lost the weight?? I am 4’11” and 106 is my goal weight…still 12 lbs away and can’t get it to go anywhere. Started off at 121 after gaining several lbs, it has been 14 months since I started working to lose the weight, and I have only -3 lbs to show for it…dejected doesn’t even begin to describe it.

          • If you’re an iPerson, try the Lose It! app. It’s just like any other calorie/exercise counter, but I find I use it consistently because it’s simple and easy. And it lets you put in any ideal weight you’d like– no judgements/charts. Which is good because I weight almost 100 lbs more than you and would like to weigh 180!! 🙂

          • I use the MyFitnessPal app to track calories. According to the app I need 1,490 calories a day to maintain my current weight, so I’m eating 1,240 to create a defecit. I still eat whatever I want, but I’m more aware of portion sizes and I might think twice about eating a slice of cheap grocery store cake at an office party.

            I’m not much of an exercise person, but I walk everywhere. I log the walks in MyFitnessPal as well, and usually eat back most of the calories burned from that. Once or twice a week I’ll do a Bikram yoga class or swim laps at the pool.

            It is a slow process if you’re a short woman and only need to lose a little. I’m 5’2″ and it took me 6 months to lose 9 pounds. But eventually you do see progress.

          • MsNesbitt

            It sounds like you and I have similar weight loss goals and body builds. I’ve been cutting out some carbs (not Atkins-style or anything, just reducing my carb intake) and drinking Isopure for breakfast for the last few weeks. I also increased my veggie and protein consumption (mostly chicken and fish). In my first two weeks, I lost almost 13 pounds. My last 7 pounds have been rather tough, but that’s to be expected. I also run on the crosstrainer/elliptical for an hour about 4 times a week. Not anything crazy fast, but I accomplish maybe 5 miles or so. It’s been working for me – good luck with your fitness goals!

        • I just tried the MyFitnessPal app. I was amazed at how easy it was to use – particularly with the barcode scanner. I scanned my lunch meal, which happened to be a Lean Cuisine instead of something I made myself and the nutritional content was automatically input. I’ll try this out….looking to loose a lot so maybe this will help.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Today is one of those days where I feel too stupid for my job.

    Rant: My taste buds are broken, nothing tastes the way it should. This is particularly troubling since my tea, which I LOVE, tastes like what I imagine dirty dish water tastes like.

    Rant: There are no raves in a world where tea tastes gross.

    • binpetworth

      You don’t happen to have pine mouth, do you?

      I’ve had it a couple of times and that was always what it was like–broken taste buds for several days until it disappears.

  • Rant: Pollen

    Rave: PR in one month.

  • Rant: This site has gradually gotten to the point that it’s PAINFULLY slow to load. Is your Web guy aware of the problem? I get the feeling they weren’t really prepared for the amount of traffic you get here.

  • Rave: Hubbie back from overseas, warm and happy Sunday family time in the yard. Looking forward to spring break beach trip.

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