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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Cincinnati Bearcats are playing in the Sweet 16 tonight!

  • Revel: I love the look on her face as she looks at him. It’s “That Look.” What a joyful photo.

  • Revel: Rain and thunderstorms in Chongqing. Mission coming to a close…

  • Rave: Leaving work at noon tomorrow to hop a NYC-bound train for a weekend of fun with friends in Manhattan. Yay for that!

  • Rave: The picture. The homecoming ceremony when my ex came home is still one of the happiest moments of my life.

  • Rave: Most amazing breakfast catering from Society Fair. Everyone should check them out. Their biscuits and croissants are the best!

  • Rant: We had a contractor recommend fixing our front steps with parging. We are very very dissatisfied with the results. First of all, it was done outside of ideal weather conditions and needs to be completely torn out as two weeks later it has cracked all over and broken apart in some areas. And that has made us wonder if this is the ideal fix to our problem anyway. My husband wants to ask them to give us a discount on a higher-end fix to the problem. I want them to tear off the parging and give us our money back. What to do?

  • rave: playing hookie.

    rant: can’t really enjoy it because i feel too guilty.

    rave: hardly anyone at the office today, so i don’t think anyone even cares.

    • I too am unable to play hookie and enjoy it. I know it stems from the fact my mother would guilt and badger me as a child into into going to school even when I was sick. To this day, I feel guilty when I call into work even if I’m deathly ill. Thanks Mom!

  • Rave: This photo. The relief you feel when your loved one is home, and you can see that they are safe and sound, is one of the most tremendous emotions I have ever felt. I still get butterflies when I think of my boyfriend’s welcome home ceremony and the tears on his mother’s face when she knew that the deployment was over.

  • Rant: Some jerk named Zimmerman and all the cronies in Florida that are protecting his sorry murdering &^%.

    Rave: A million hoodie march! I’m in.

  • claire

    Rave: Have tomorrow off from my 9-5, time to sleep in!
    Rant: But I have to drive down to Quantico in the afternoon to work a long (6 hour) event for my second job…

    Rant: Boyfriend’s grandparents decided at the last minute to come visit today and tomorrow. My boyfriend had to call in a favor from a friend to get them a hotel room at a rate they’re willing to pay (why is it that people do not realize, you absolutely cannot get a cheap last-minute hotel room in a city as expensive as DC?), and it’s out in Virginia. Now we have to find a place for dinner tonight that’s amenable to everyone (easily accessible from their hotel in Virginia and from our house in Bloomingdale, has menu options for their self-imposed restrictive diet, not too pricey, etc), and I’m going to have to rush there immediately after work.

    Rave: Going to make candied bacon this weekend.

    • shaybee

      I wish I had some suggestions for you, but this is a problem I run into frequently with my parents (I actually envision it happening sometime in the next month…)

      However, what is candied bacon?

      And go Bloomingdale!

    • yeesh, that sucks. I empathize with you as your boyfriends grandparents sound exactly like my boyfriends parents.

    • I’m on the grandparents side. They sound impulsive and quirky, and, if they’re willing to ride metro, I’d give them bonus points. Reboot the attitude, and enjoy your evening.

  • Rave: Passed out last night – just so wiped from work, life, and training. Finally a good nights sleep!

    Rave: Next week this time I’ll be in Miami!! So much for a “cold winter getaway” but I’m just so psyched to be able to get away, hang, see my husband’s hometown, and participate in the South Beach Tri!

  • Rave: Had the unexpected pleasure of meeting the two founders of Cause-The PhilantroPub last night at the YNPNDC happy hour. Great concept and I’m excited to see where this leads them. Plus, I can’t wait to try the menu!

    Rant: Allergies.

  • Rant: Picked up the new glasses I ordered…and now I don’t like them. Damn.

    Rant: I. AM. SO. BORED.!!!!!!!!

    Rant: All of this humidity has made for a WEEK’S worth of bad hair.

    Rave: Having a bunch of people over on Saturday to play Dance Party on X-Box Kinect! Can’t wait!

    Rave: I’m signed up for the National Walk for Epilepsy next weekend and my goal of $350 is almost met! I didn’t think people would actually support me!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Incredibly busy week, and the forecast for the weekend when I’ll be free looks terrible.
    Rave: It’s time for some indoor macro photography! Here I come NMNH butterflies!

  • Rant: June can’t come fast enough. Really these terrible excuses for people I live with need to be cut out of my life ASAP.

    Rave: Going to seriously start thinking about working abroad. Vienna is a hub for two different paths I could see my career taking, and is also the bf’s hometown…

    Rant: Quite confused on how to proceed with this interview process…was supposed to hear whether I moved on on Monday, with overwhelming assurances that they would inform me if I wasn’t selected. It’s Thursday and I’ve heard nothing either way. Going to call or email tomorrow, I suppose.

    Any advice for job searching abroad?

    • I had a hard time with this while I was living in Germany. I’d recommend that before anything you should get your working permit in order. I was told by other Americans that (at least in Germany) the government was required to give me a worker’s permit if I got an offer, but I had a tough time convincing potential employers of that. Plus, it was a tough economy and even with my German degree I didn’t get many interviews. Once you get your legal situation worked out you can add that to a cover letter and resume so they know there will be no legal issues. Also, hire a local head-hunter type so they can revamp your resume to match their customs. At the time Germany still unofficially required nationality on the resume and a photo (this was about 10 years ago). I know of other foreigners who put their marital status on the resume to show their ability to work in the country. Good luck! It is such a great opportunity to live abroad!

    • binpetworth

      Reliefweb is how I found both of my overseas jobs (you can search by geography as well as type of agency).

      Blazing sun is right about some of the hurdles though–unless you’re securing a UN job, European companies have to prove there isn’t a qualified EU resident for the position before they can open it up to non-EU nationals.

      And if you are applying for UN agency posts, also beware. I got shortlisted for a UN position in Vienna a few years ago, and despite doing a lengthy interview and writing test, they never contacted me again–even to say the position was filled by someone else!

      • Wow that’s crazy rude. Thanks for the advice. I’m completely unsure how to go about it, other than contacting my boyfriend’s possible connections. Not planning on getting EU citizenship, though, so that could be a hurdle. This thought is still in the gestation process though. I’m just nervous that my lack of overseas work experience (have study abroad, travel, and internationally-focused-domestic-based internships) will tank me as a grad school candidate in a year or two.

  • Rant: got hit with not one, but TWO parking tickets last night/this morning (due to my negligence, I will admit…looked for parking for 30min last night, and finally parked on Columbia rd at the “multispace meter” spots).

    However, my true rant is that they have doubled the cost of the tickets! Not paying the meter now earns you a $50 ticket! Man, DC better start busting out the improvements soon….

    • Yikes, thanks for the warning! I wish that pay-by-phone thing wasn’t so buggy. I have no problem with paying meters, but I do have a problem with having a constant supply of coins on hand in case it’s an old-school meter or the credit card reader on the multispace meters isn’t working.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Medical insurance is too complicated.

    • I completely agree. Every time I see a doctor it’s like I have to spend 5 hours on the phone with the doctor or insurance company just to get things paid according to my policy…ERGH! I don’t have that time! If you say you accept my network, accept it and bill it CORRECTLY PLEASE! Now I have to argue over a $140 bill…..

      • Emmaleigh504

        My doctors office plays by the rules as far as I can tell, it’s the damn insurance company that sucks. They always, I mean always refuse to pay all or some of the bill that they should pay, so the Dr office and I have to fight them for the money. I can’t count how many 3 way calls I’ve been on with the Dr office and insurance co.

        It also royally pisses me off that the Dr charges X but the insurance will only pay X-75%. I’ve seen what my doctor charges, I do not find it unreasonable.

        I just hate medical insurance companies and wish we had a health care system where we didn’t have to use them, like Canada’s Universal Health Care system. Especially, even with insurance I can’t afford cancer or any other horrible disease or injury. I guess they will make my pain meds affordable so I can die with less pain.

        This is what I worry about, this is what keeps me up at night: getting sick or injured and even with medical insurance and savings I will still have to move back in with my parents because I can’t afford it.

        Now I want to cry in a corner with the lights out.

  • Rave: Friends visiting this weekend

    Rave: Flower petals falling from trees like confetti

    Rant: Weird bite on my neck. It’s enormous and itchy. I should maybe go to the doctor, but I don’t know that they’ll be able to do much

    Rant: Still crying a lot about breakup. (Rave within rant: I bought a journal yesterday and have already filled three pages. I do feel slightly better)

    Rant: Bio lab exam tonight. It was scheduled for Tuesday but that night the professor postponed it as a “favor” to us — would have been much more of a favor if he’d told us before we got to class…

  • talula

    Rave: was able to attend a really interesting conference for work earlier this week. So nice to get out of the office for a few days!

    Rant: noticed Flying Fish on Mt. P is closed 🙁 Looks like they never renewed their license or something. Hope they re-open soon!

  • Rave: Feeling great now, just stood on the porch and drained the weasel into the neighbor’s yard. What a relief!

    Rant: The neighbor keeps smoking cigarettes on his porch.

  • Rant: The crunch/thud sound of a person being hit by a car. An elderly man was hit last night as he was crossing Sherman in a cross walk and at enough speed that I heard it from my living room. Overheard that apparently the driver had had an accident “just like this one” over on Georgia recently. Please, please, please be careful, whether you’re walking or driving around town!

    Extra rant: I’m stressed out to the point that I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye that won’t go away. If stress was visible, I feel like you’d be able to see waves radiating from my shoulders.

    • my eye does that too when work is nutso and I’m not treating my body well. I feel like its my body sending me a signal “hey, if you keep this lifestyle up this twitch is going to turn into a tumor!” It makes me slow down, cut back on caffeine and remeber to exercise.

    • Allison

      Oh man I had that eye twitch for the entire month of December (final exams, anyone?)

      This is probably a combination of stress and eye strain: your eyes may be trying to tell you to blink more if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. What might help is the 20-20-20 rule: after every 20 minutes, take a break from the computer screen for at least 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away from you.

      You can also use that 20 seconds to “check back in with reality.”

      That and sleep. More of it.

  • em

    Revel: The starters/appetizers/desserts/drinks on the Rosa Mexicano passover menu

    Rant: All of the entrees are non-vegetarian

    Revel: I could make a meal of just the non-entrees

  • Rave: Having the same experience as the woman in the picture less than 2 weeks prior when my husband returned from Afghanistan.

    Rave: The too-silent support us spouses not part of a big military community give one another.

    Rant: More people deploying all the time. When will this end? I’m insanely proud and supportive of my husband’s military service and wouldn’t trade it for anything, even for more time with him, but current operations are fruitless. Build schools for Afghan girls only for them to get blown up in a time when the schols in our own backyards are falling apart? Insane.

  • Rant: Finally pulled myself off the couch after battling some sort of stomach bug/food poisioning all morning.

    Rave: Dogs who squeeze onto the couch to keep you company when you’re sick.

  • Rant: We are buying a car. I don’t want to buy a car. I don’t want one near my house. I don’t need one for any reason whatsoever. We are only buying one so my husband can attend a practice that occurs at a time when the Metro is not available and it is too far to bike to and from and then get to work.
    Rant: Now I hate his practice too.

    • Why are you so anti-car? I understand not wanting the extra cost (although insurance in DC can be incredibly low if you play your cards right), but why does it bother you so much to have a car parked near your house?

      Most couples in DC own cars for reasons similar to yours. Unfortunately, DC’s suburbs and some parts of the city itself are really not accessible by public transit, biking, or walking. My car sits untouched most of the time, but it’s the only way my girlfriend can visit her mother in Burke.

      To keep insurance costs down I recommend getting Progressive and signing up for their Snapshot program. If you’re a careful driver, you aren’t driving much, and you don’t drive between midnight and 4am you’ll save a ton of money. My insurance is $320 for 6 months, down from $1200+ when I had Geico and was commuting by car everyday.

      • We live 3 blocks from the Metro. 3 houses down from 2 zip cars. We can rent a car for out of town trips. The only thing that is not possible is the spouse getting to practice, using the zipcar for that is stupid.
        Look, I just don’t like cars and I want to rant about it okay! They are dangerous, polluting and expensive and I could (and have, for the last 6 months) lived very easily without one. We had one when the kids were home, they are gone, then the car was gone and it was good. Getting a new one is really getting under my skin (obviously).

      • Hahaha the idea of the husband using Snapshot. When we had a car there were at least two letters a month from the Dstrict with speeding or red light running tickets! ;-0

    • Sounds like the problem is maybe not quite so much the car itself, but the fact that the husband and the OP have different priorities?

      I can see being annoyed if a partner and I were buying a car together that only the partner needed, and for a reason that I thought was kinda bogus.

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