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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: WHEEEEEE! Sister arrives today. Watch out, Washington!
    Rant: Neither is my place clean nor presentable.
    Rave: She’s my sister so who cares!
    Rave: Four and a half day weekend!!!!!!!!!

    • Rant/Rave: Sister’s flight delayed. OR is having a storm. Oh well, so long as she gets here safe. More time to make my place presentable, I suppose. 🙂

  • Rave: Two week trip to Tunis for work is a go!!! Any suggestions?
    Rant: Missing Easter with family and my mom’s b-day.
    Rave: Racking up those airline miles! And I’ll get to use my French and Arabic (not Tunisian Arabic so definitely won’t be that useful- but at least I can read the symbols!)

    • I’m so envious!

    • The Bardo museum, Carthage, and the souk and mosque in the medina. If you have time to venture out, check out the gladiator arena in El Jem and the beaches in Hammammet. You can probably take the louage there. Should be fairly warm there now. Have fun!

  • rant: so out of it today. why do I feel like I can just never get enough sleep?

  • Rant: Apparently I’m a tourist because I enjoy frequenting a few establishments in Penn Quarter/Chinatown. Sigh, will I ever be as trendy and locally grown as the PoPville readership?
    Rave: I’ll always remember where I came from and how I got to where I am today. I’ll never be too good for anything.

    • Hell, sometimes I’ll even go to a Starbucks or Potbelly in Penn Quarter. Why? Because it’s close to the National Mall! Of course, going to the museums probably makes me a tourist too. No self-repecting DC resident would ever be caught dead there.

      • Which restaurants do you like? I honestly don’t go there because I’d rather avoid 10,000 teenagers and overpriced food. I like the drinks and atmosphere at Ping Pong dim sum, but their food is horrendous. I’m sure Graffiato is great, but it will be a while before you can just walk in there. But that’s all I can think of…

    • Aim higher Anonymous @ 10:21. Go where you want to go, and like what you like. It beats trendy anyday.

  • me

    Rant: Way too cold in the office today.

    Rave: Anniversary present for my husband: bought.

    Rant: Just saw an old and pretty incompetent coworker from a few years ago (and a different firm) in the hallway. Gaah, I thought I got rid of him when I left that old job!

    • me

      One more rant: just getting over that spring cold that seems to be going around, and my taste buds are still screwy. Can’t taste much of anything.

      • Same here. I live near Eastern Market and have been dying to buy a fancy bottle of olive oil at the Sapore that just opened up. But I know I’m still too congested to be picking out a good one.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Didn’t get the job I wanted.

    Rant: The news is depressing.

    Rave: I don’t have a headache.

  • Rant: Watched a woman walking her dog and walking away from it’s shit on the sidewalk until I yelled, asking her if she needed a bag (I was walking my two dogs and always carry extras). She HAD A BAG, and then finally picked it up. Pisses me off people do that, gives all dog owners a bad name, is bad for people and dogs alike, not to mention dirties our neighborhood! I know this opens up to hating dog owner comments, but MANY of us are responsible and courteous neighbors. Wish there was more I could have done to stop her behavior.

    Rave: Lots of really nice people in Meridian Hill Park yesterday enjoying the day!

  • Rant: “Small” engine fire upon takeoff from Dulles last night meant we turned back and landed with firetrucks standing by. Eventually the flight was cancelled and chaos ensured as hundreds of people tried to get rebooked. KLM customer service fail.

    Rave: Scheduled to leave tonight on the same itinerary – this time business class all the way to Nairobi!

  • Rant: After putting it off for way too long I finally did my taxes last night. The outcome is not pretty and I’m very depressed at my current financial state. Being unemployed for a good chunk of the year plus living in Montgomery county……..

    Rant: During morning report our director announced that he will be leaving in August. Huge shock and really sad for our department (although good for him). This really sucks. Same thing happened at my old job and the new boss made my life hell.

    Rant: Co-worker’s mother is currently dying so I’m expecting a call for her from hospice. I’ve been in that position before myself (w/my dad).

    Crappy day, I just want to go home and curl up. What else is going to happen??

  • Bear

    Rant: Slept horribly last night and woke up with either the beginnings of a cold or really bad allergies.

    Rant: The feeling that Margaret Atwood was onto something. What the hell is going with all the women-hating in politics these days?

    Rave: Women’s hilarious trolling on uber-conservative politicians’ facebook pages. I just hope there’s enough outrage to last until election time, because this shit is nuts.

  • Rant: DC Adult Protective Services. My building manager had a tough time convincing them that a very old, sick and failing man needed a home visit due to his vulnerable state. The man is emaciated, barely eating, and living alone. He had just returned from the hospital after I found him sprawled out in the hallway. It took calling a private hospital’s social worker to get things rolling for him. This is not the first time APS has done everything in its power to shirk its duties and pass the buck. Ugh.
    Rave: the great social worker who took an interest in this man and made sure he didn’t fall through the cracks.
    Rave: enjoying my homemade garlic bread from last night. Yay for me- sorry to my coworkers and classmates. 🙂

    • there’s a 501c3 that delivers groceries to homebound residents. if you are still in contact with the social worker, have them call Food For All DC to get your neighbor on the list: http://www.foodforalldc.org

      • Thanks for the tip. If he returns, we may seek that out. He is back in the hospital again after the social worker arranged for a nurse visit. Thankfully, my neighbor accepted the help (he is an independent soul, who until recently was not allowing us to help much). I suspect he may be gone for good, but time will tell. At that age and without a phone, it is too dangerous for him to live alone now.

  • Rave: Health is good. Weather is warm, although a bit misty. But it’s better than 50 degrees.

    Rave: Checking out DC Standard tomorrow. Yay, pork.

    Rant: My relationship is lacking the excitement and fun of the past. I have tried to suggest new dates, going on vacation, etc. and I am always met with a lackluster response. I also realized he and I are rather different when it comes to our future: I am nowhere near ready for marriage or children. He wants that to be crossed off his list in a few years. He also wants to be the ‘breadwinner.’ Advice, PoP’ers?

    • break up. you’re not going to change him. he’s not going to change you. why prolong the inevitable? you are both going to get cranky and miserable with each other and the resentment will build. get out while you can so you don’t end up hating each other. sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

      apologies if my response is rude/cranky. i suppose i shouldn’t post if that’s how i’m going to sound…but i’ve been in this situation and i dragged out the breakup and it ended up being messy and unhealthy. the minute we broke up, it was like a huge weight was lifted.

    • I’d be wary of anyone who doesn’t want to go on vacation. Have you traveled together before? Does he not like to go places? Do you like to go places? I think it’s very important to see eye to eye on that.

      And what do you mean he wants to be a breadwinner – does he want you to give up your career and life for family forever? Would you be willing to do it for a few years and then go back to work? Etc, etc, etc.

      I think you should discuss all the big issues. Maybe there’s a compromise to be had, but perhaps you just have a different outlook on life and would be better off separate. Good luck!

      • Thanks anon and maria… He comes from a more traditional upbringing than I had (and I thought I was brought up rather strictly/traditionally!!) The thing is, I have moved beyond that ‘man needs to be the breadwinner’ type of mentality. We have gone on day trips before and went to the Eastern Shore a couple times together — but not a big trip. We’ve been dating for over a year — we’re arranging to go to Europe in the fall with his family.

        I am also moving to New York next year to fulfill a dream. He finds it to be ‘claustrophobic.’ I know it all sounds like a clusterfuck, but we actually have a really great time together. But in the end, based on outside comments and self-reflection, I am not sure what the answers are…

    • What Anon and Maria said.

      It sounds like you’re making an effort and he isn’t — maybe the relationship has just run out of steam?

      And it also sounds like the two of you diverge on Big Life Issues. A breakup will probably be painful, but if the relationship has no future, postponing the breakup will only make it worse.

    • I’m kind of in the opposite position. I want to get on with it already–get married, settle down, start a family–while the boyfriend is “working on his career” which, at the moment, has no end in sight. He seems to think that if I *really love him* then I will wait no longer how long it takes. My take is that I’m almost 30, my biological clock is ticking, and it DOESN’T MATTER if he is “set in his career” or not! Ugh, frustrated and tired of the word CAREER. ::end rant::

      • yep, that’s bs. I was once in the same situation. if he wants to marry you, he will. if he doesn’t, he will find reasons not to. in contrast, my amazing husband was light years from being settled when he proposed. I couldn’t be happier we married when we did.

    • Blithe

      No advice — but a question: if he “wants to be the breadwinner”, does he also have specific expectations about what your role “should” be as well? And, if he does, do these expectations align reasonably well with your expectations for yourself?
      Are his concerns about vacations financial (i.e. he wants to save money for something less frivolous?) or more personal? A friend once told me that before you decide to marry someone, you should go on an extended vacation with him/her — with minimal funds. That way you can see how the two of you handle stress and competing needs as a couple. I kind of like her point!

      • I agree – or go on vacation to a country where neither one of you speaks the language! that’s a real test.

        • eh, sort of. I think it can be a test for certain types of people, but I once had a bf whom I traveled extremely well with. he was sooo far from being someone I should end up with.

      • No specific expectations have been discussed. I figure though he would want someone to stay home or at least pay someone to watch the kids while he works or whatever (again, this is based on his personality and work ethic). Having grown up in a home where I watched my mom care for us lovingly but know she had the desire to still work or do something besides watch us rug rats — I vow to not be in that position.

        Also, he doesn’t want to go on vacation together so he can save for leave to take his family trip to Europe.

        Thanks again for the feedback 🙂

        • It sounds like his vacation with his family is more important to him than the prospect of vacationing with you.

          Not to say that people need to sever all ties with their families and devote themselves completely to their romantic partners (that would be extreme!)… but this does NOT sound promising. Especially the fact that he’s trying to shoehorn your presence into an existing family trip; vacationing with his whole family sounds potentially very stressful.

          It would be more encouraging if he were trying for some kind of compromise, like maybe going on the family trip to Europe, but leaving a few days early so as to save some leave to go on a vacation for the two of you alone.

  • claire

    Rave: Fun date night followed by chilling with roomies last night.
    Rant: But afterwards started feeling all anxious (my to-do list! It is crushingly long!) and had trouble falling asleep.

    Rant: Email this morning from a co-worker at my part-time job who’d agreed to work an event on April 7 – now saying that he might not be able to work it (because of, in his words, a “brounion”) and wanting me to take it on. No I’m not going to take over something that I specifically asked you to do because it is Easter weekend and I have to somehow juggle seeing my parents and seeing my boyfriend’s parents (who will be in town) and hoping the two don’t want to meet…

  • Rave: I checked my location based “dating” app at work and discovered some compromising pictures of someone in another department.

    Rant: Wait? Does that mean he can view my compromising pictures?

  • rant: The at-large city council debate at the black cat last night. It was probably the only chance I’ll have at seeing the candidates debate each other and the debate started late, started off with lame questions (after an interruption from the Occupy DC-ers, who need to get over themselves), and didn’t do much in my mind to distinguish one candidate from the others (other than their personalities, which is not going to the basis for how I vote in April). Better questions and moderators would have helped (where is Gwen Ifill when you need her?)

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Prestigious organization liked the work I did for them, soon to be on the interwebz
    Rave: I learned something new and awesome because of that work
    Rant: Missing DCist Exposed Show tonight because of a gig with my band
    Rave: Gig with my band tonight
    Rave: Going to the show tomorrow!

  • Rant: miscarriage. I know it’s totally weird to post this on a local blog, but it’s awful with this going on and nobody knowing. And I know statistics are on my side, but I’m still petrified I won’t carry a baby to term.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Very sorry to hear this, lots of luck and success to you in the future!

    • So so so sorry for your loss. Hang in there.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss.

    • My thoughts are with you.

    • Sorry to hear this.

    • Thanks so much, all. It means a lot somehow just to have it acknowledged in our little universe here.

    • Are you the young lady from yesterday? I am VERY sorry to hear it either way. It sucks but it isn’t the end of the world and it happens more frequently than people realize. Sometimes it isn’t meant to for whatever reasons (too many/not enough chromosomes…). But look on the brightside of things, you know that you are able to get pregnant and that is a blessing.

      I wish you all the best, I know it hurts now but it isn’t the end of the world and with time you will move past this.

      Keep your head up.

      • Ah, no. I didn’t post yesterday. But I’d love to hear good news from the woman who did. How’d the first visit go?

        Thanks for your kind words. It was a relief to get pregnant really quickly, but I am going to have to work through serious anxiety about keeping a healthy pregnancy if we can conceive again. I was doing everything “right” and feeling so freaking good about life. I know a few women who miscarried last year and haven’t conceived since. I’m too old to wait much longer!

        • I’m so sorry about this. Just know that it’s not because of anything you did or did not do. Most miscarriages happen because something in the developmental process goes awry, not because of anything the woman does. I know many women who have had miscarriages who went on to have healthy babies later.

        • I’m so sorry for your loss. Just know that it’s not because of anything you did or did not do. Most miscarriages happen because something in the developmental process goes awry, not because of anything the woman does. I know many women who have had miscarriages who went on to have healthy babies later.

  • Rave: I ran around the tidal basin last night and it wasn’t that bad! I have always hated running but have always wanted to like it. I stick to the elliptical mainly because of how much everything hurts when I run. BUT last night with my dog, I ran/walked for about an hour and while I am sore today, it’s a good sore with NO shin splints! This gives me hope that someday I’ll be another one of the million joggers I see enjoying the outdoors rather than always being in front of my tv on the elliptical. =)

    • Very nice! I’m such a non-runner that I don’t even know what a shin splint is, and would probably keel over from exhaustion before ever getting one. I love my swimming and my biking and my yoga, but sometimes I wish I could just get outside and run without feeling sick the rest of the day.

    • Hmm, that’s a good idea! I *HATE* running but love the Tidal Basin so perhaps it might make the run more tolerable.

      • There are parts that get too crowded and so you are forced to slow down and walk. This was perfect for me though. I needed to walk from time to time if I was to avoid passing out, so having an excuse to walk was excellent. My dog helped with this as well since there are some things he just MUST pee on and that gives me a minute to catch my breath.

    • Welcome to the running club!
      When you get tired or not feeling it – just smile the biggest grin you can – it always provides me with the needed tubo boost of endorphins.
      Jealous you have a dog to run with!

    • Hi! I was running there last night too! I ran around the entire thing plus some in 26 minutes. Very nice. If you’re interested in working up then I recommend the Couch to 5K app. I started from nothing to now running 26 minutes without stopping. I literally had not done anything remotely physical in over 2 years and though I was going to die just when it asked me to run for 60 seconds.

      • Awesome! Is it the Jog Log – Couch to 5K app for $2.99 by Serenity Integration, LLC?

        • They actually changed the name to Ease into 5k by Run Helper I believe. I like it because it has a GPS feature and I can see the map of my runs. I’m sure there are many other good ones out there. It’s better for beginners than a typically running app because it gives you voice cues over your music when to run/walk.

        • There are many iterations of this plan. I googled “couch to 5k” and used that and also the 5k Runner app when I was building up to that distance a few months ago. I was in reasonable shape, but was never a runner and didn’t have a lot of cardio endurance. After following the plan, I run about 3 5k sets (not races, just on the treadmill or outside) per week and am improving in fitness and speed every time 🙂 Keep with it! It’s extremely rewarding

          • Holy mother of God, I am sore. It’s been two days since running around the Tidal Basin and now I can barely walk! I am “in shape” when it comes to the elliptical and I always thought running used the same muscles. Boy was I wrong! I did a short workout on the elliptical this morning to try to get over this soreness/stiffness in my legs but I think it’s going to be several days before I fully recover. I’m not totally discouraged from running though and I think signing up for a 5K several…several months in the future would be a good way to keep motivated, along with a good app to keep me on track. For now….OUCH!

  • rant: starting IVF shots on sunday. Dreading every single thing about it and not feeling confident it will work.
    rant 2: living in a neighborhood where every freakin’ basic thing requires either emails to CM Graham, community meetings, calls to 911..and then being told that I should be be more accepting of “cultural differences” when I get upset about guys smoking weed in broad daylight on a playground with kids running around 3 feet away. WTF? its not just schools in dc, I think every rec center probably needs to be torn down for a do-over too.
    rave: upcoming fun weekend trips in May and June to look forward to!

    • You have to have faith that it will work. Stay positive even when it’s so hard to get down about previous failures!

      Also, do we leave in the same neighborhood? haha I feel the exact same way. I complain about people smoking weed and my basement apartment smelling that way all the time. I also hate the extremely loud screaming, cussing, fighting teenagers EVERYWHERE. The people I mention it to just say “Oh, that’s just the city…you’ll get used to it..” I REFUSE to accept that. The acceptance of such things is why DC is in the pickle it’s in today.

    • good luck with ivf! I imagine it’s a bit daunting, but I hope you can try to relax about it since that will only help things. it’s really out of your control since you’re doing everything you can and are presumably in capable hands. keep us updated!

  • Rave: Cruise to the Bahamas in July courtesy of the boyfriend’s parents. Yippity skippity!
    Rave: 11 months strong with the boyfriend. Thank you online dating!

    • thinking of giving it a try b/c lets face it, i’m not meeting anyone! any site you suggest? i’m actually nervous to even try…

      • I found my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish. I’ll admit, 95% of the men on there were trailer park trash looking for a quickie. Definitely takes a bunch of weeding through profiles and accepting that you will not get a response the majority of the time. I went on probably 6-8 failed, and one time only, dates before I met him. I couldn’t even tell you the names of any of them now!

        Ironically, both of us were paid members of eHarmony at the same time and were never matched. I think we “harmonize” great! haha

      • met my husband on chemistry.com. Started on eharm but found it way too conservative and too many men way out in PA, VA etc even though I said nothing past 30 miles. I was looking for something more serious and I found the sites that require you to pay a membership fee had more like minded guys as well. the freebie sites seem more like just trolling through pictures of people. Just my two cents. I know lots of online success stories..Good luck to you!

  • RANT: the SHOUTING outside on Keefer Place for 2 hours last night… is there a DC noise ordinance? I’m used to some noise, but it seriously sounded violent last night…first time since I moved here, though.

    Rave: Kicked butt at problem-solving at work today. Woot!

  • I’m ranting again.

    I work in an admin position in a hospital and there have been a LOT of deaths within the past week or so. I don’t even work with the patients (although sometimes talk to families)…but it truly is sad.

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