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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rave: first day of spring. not that winter was such a bear this year at all.

    BIG rant: my friendly neighbor (a man) who I chat with around the building from time to time, thought it would be nice to give me a little card, and tell me thanks for being a friend with a gift card inside to a restaurant and his phone number. WTF no thank you. he has expressed interest before and I’ve always told him that I was seeing someone. I intend to give it back to him, but ughhhh way to make things awkward!

    • LOL! Not a gift card with his number inside. Are you sure it wasn’t the restaurants numbers, maybe he wanted to make it easy for you to make reservations. Nah but all jokes aside, be careful and tactful in how you give it back, not to frighten you but people these days are kinda different.

      • LOL. thanks. I am not quite sure how to do it. knock on his door? slide it under his door with a note? english is not his first language, so i’m worried he may not understand a note if i were to write one. ugh.

        • …and the plot thickens.

          I don’t know what to tell you without knowing either of you or the relationship.

          All I can say is be as polite as possible yet stern and strong. There is nothing wrong with a “Thank you but no thank you…I really appreciate your offer but I cannot accpet this but again thank you”. Not sure if you are seeing someone now but if you are I would definitely make them aware.

      • I agree with Kam – be careful on how you return it and say, “No thank you but thank you.” Most people will feel a little sad in the rejection and lick their wounds. But, some people are a little different and take rejection in a hostile or combative way, even if it was not doled out in that manner. Even with your best and “most gentle” intentions, it doesn’t mean that it will be received in that way. Perhaps your SO could come along with you when you return it, so he can see you do have an SO.

        • the thing is, i am not actually seeing someone, i never was (When i said that). but he doesn’t need to know that right? maybe i can bring a “fake boyfriend” lol..

          • I’m sorry, I was being cheeky when I said you should bring SO with you. Another point to consider is that he is a neighbor (don’t know if he lives in a house next to you or in an apartment in your building). Either way, he’s on your “home turf,” so you really want to think carefully about this. I think the less said, the better but still remaining courteous. Definitely don’t bring SO with you (real or not) either. You might want to consider doing the returning in public (meaning other people are around, but not so close as to humiliate guy). I don’t think I would advocate going to guy’s apartment. Someone else might have better thoughts, though.

            Good luck!

          • haha- can I give you a gift card?

    • Just in case… read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear.”

      Not taking no for an answer is not a good sign. And be careful of trying to soften the rejection blow by telling him you’re seeing someone… that might make him think that you MIGHT actually be interested if you were single, and that all he has to do is wait around for a breakup.

      • textdoc makes a really good point about not softening the blow by telling this guy that you’re seeing someone. Please read textdoc’s response above. I was being cheeky when I said that OP should bring SO with when returning gift card because OP mentioned in original post about saying they were with someone; obviously my cheekiness didn’t come through. Seriously, though, really good point about being with someone else and guy thinks you might have interest and will wait around until a break up.

        • thanks all. i think what i will do is just carry it around with me until i run into him again. then i will just kindly say, thank you, but i can’t accept this gift from you. i know he will try to pressure me to keep it, which will be the hard part.

  • Rave: Putting in an offer on a house at 1st and P NW.
    Rant: Going to spend the next too-many-days surfing furniture websites.
    Rant: Crime stats for the area are a bit grim.
    Rave: Whatever. I’m excited!

  • Rave: We’re moving!
    Rant: Have to tell my boss.
    Rave: Husband’s job offer is outstanding!
    Rant: No job for me yet.
    Rave: In the interview stages with one employer, with hopefully at least one more to come.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Generally, people in the US are complaining about getting jobs but there is a lack of skilled and educated laborers, Americans say there is a history of being hard workers but no one wants to put in the effort if you have to think for half a second. They are willing to break their backs for $12/hour for 40 years but don’t want to finish highschool, let alone a degree in science or engineering so they can make $50/hour sitting in an air conditioned office.
    They want to sit all day across from a parking lot with binoculars trying to prevent people willing to work from getting an honest days pay while wondering “who took our jobs?” and their kids get techy toys and thick rimmed glasses to fit into trendy-nerdy culture but socially ostricize those who actually want to spend some time reading rather than just “poppin bottles” in some club.

    The land of *WASTED* opportuinity

  • Rant: The hunting and murder or Trayvon Martin.

    Rant: The handling of the case by the Sanford police department who apparently thought the loss of a black youth meant nothing and basically swept the case under a rug and moved on with life. So a young man gets murdered and you let the killer simply walk away because he claimed self-defense? Really? I wonder if charges are brought up if this will be filed under a hate crime? I doubt it and it goes to the point I was making the other day.

    Rave: People that step up for justice and what is right.

    Rave: The fact that the FBI and Attorney General Eric Holder are now involved in the case.

    I have been following this case from the beginning for about 3 weeks now and the more and more that I learn about it the worse and worse it gets. Such a travesty of justice and what America is supposed to stand for. Everyone involved should be brought up on charges.

    • I think it’s good the Feds are stepping in. I obviously don’t know him but he looked like a sweet kiddo. Now, the guy that shot him on the other hand…..

      • He does look like a very nice young man and as you said, the killer, well…

        It is just so damn sad, I mean all the kid was doing was coming back from the store that he went to to get his brother some skittles and an iced tea.

        I just want one person to try and explain how any of this is ok. I haven’t seen one person step up for the killer yet but yet the cops just let him walk, no nothing. The just bagged the body as John Doe and moved on. The father had to file a missing persons report and they showed him the pic of his son in the body bag with blood coming out of his mouth. I am not emotional all like that but this really upsets me.

        If you all don’t know about this case, please take the time to research it. Here is a recent NYT article.


    • I think it’s a good thing that there will be a federal investigation because the Sanford Police Department has no credibility. They are invested in the shooter’s story and made representations about it in the beginning that do not ring true now that the 911 calls have been released. This wasn’t a guy who was confronted by the person he suspected of being a bad guy; he sought out confrontation even AFTER the 911 operator told him not to follow the person. And ABC News is now reporting that phone logs from Trayvon Martin show he was on the phone with a girl 5 minutes before he was shot. He told the girl that a strange man was staring at and then following him. The girl heard him as he tried to escape only to find that the man had caught him.
      There is a difference between “standing your ground” and hunting someone down.

      • +1. I read the same thing this morning. That guy hunted him down like prey and killed/executed him. That is it, point blank, nothing more.

        The girl who was on the phone with him right before the murder said that he knew that someone was following him so he put on his hood. She told him to start running and he said he would not (that right there says a lot, he was proud and thought that if he did nothing wrong there would be no problem and hell why should he have to run) but he would walk fast. He apparently thought that he had lost him but moments later the killer appeared again as if he was stalking him. Martin asked him why he was following him and the killer just said “What are you doing here”. After that she said that there was a scuffle, his earpiece fell off and the phone went dead. At that point 911 calls are coming in about a fight and then the shooting (murder).

        How is the dude possibly claiming self defense? Oh because you got a bloody nose by a 17 year old who looks like he was maybe 100 lbs soaking wet with timbs on? How is it the boy is screaming for his life, you are standing over him yet you claim self-defense? Martin was not the agressor and did NOTHING wrong.

        This is very sad and the fact that the local police department though nothing of it and just swept it to the side because it was a young black male. I mean they didn’t even detain the killer whatsoever, they just took his word of self-defense and went on with their day. Everyone involved with this case needs to be brought up on charges. I for the life of me don’t understand why they haven’t picked the killer up, you don’t’ think he will flee or maybe even off himself? They better get to him before a REAL FL THUG catches him out there.

        And the other thing is that their “neighborhood watch” group was not even registered and he violated a number of the policies, no guns, to not pursue…they also said this guy called the police over 50 times since last year and would go door to door warning people about young black youth.

        I truly think if they don’t pick the killer, Zimmerman up 1 of 3 things is going to happen. 1. He will flee 2. He will kill himself 3. Someone else will kill him

        • My boyfriend lives in a neighborhood with a crazy “neighborhood watch” coordinator for a neighbor. He advised my boyfriend to call him and THEN call the police if he ever saw “someone from the projects” on the street. But even thinking about the worst case scenario with this loon I never imagined anything as horrific as this case.

    • em

      +1 on the rants. This whole story is horrifying – from the initial hunting down to the ignored directions from the 911 operator to the murder itself and the ensuing mishandling of the case by the local police department.

  • Rave: Went for a sunset run last night by the gorgeous tidal basin.
    Rave: Avoided tourists for the most part.
    Rant (well not really a rant): When I did run in to tourists it seemed that none of them spoke English so they didn’t understand me saying “excuse me.”

    • Really? They why don’t you run somewhere else for the next week as you know the tidal basin is going to be a C.F. Avoidable frustration. Welcome to DC.

  • albany

    Rave: Baseball is coming back! and it’s the year of the Natinals.

    Rant: Four cops and four meter maids are writing jaywalking tickets to people on the corner of 5th and H NW this morning. In a city that can guarantee 100+ murders annually, and an epidemic of property crime this seems like a serious misallocation of police resources. (See Washington Post this morning on “Thieves Turn Tide into Liquid Gold”- yes, they’re stealing detergent)

    Double Rant: They’re stealing detergent!

    • em

      I was in the nail salon last week when a story about the theft of Tide came on. The best part of the whole story was when the reporter said “…and they are profiting on the thefts by selling the stolen Tide to nail salons…” causing the nail salon workers to burst into laughter.

    • Where have you all been? Detergent and deoderant are locked up around my way for awhile. Now a few years ago that would not have meant much to some but being that the CVS off Bladesnburg and H st NE is frequented by everyone now it is more of a reality.

      I was kind of blown away when I saw anti-theft sensors/3 alarm sensors on detergent. I took a pic and shared it on FB and my friend from Brooklyn was like “Damn, they don’t even do that out here”. LOL!

      • “A $20 bottle of Tide can go for $5. Dove soap? $1.”….where can I find these ‘entrepreneurs’? J/K but ummm

        • It really isn’t’ too hard at all. Just come over around Hechinger Mall area, maybe a block off 18th and Benning or a barber shop off of Benning Rd, you can get everything you need, not that I support any of it.

  • Rant: Work for so many reasons. I can’t even get into them on here or I would be posting until 3 PM.

    Rave: My non-work life. It’s fantastic and I love going home and not having to stress about a thing.

  • Rant: Incompetent property management companies.

    Rave: So glad to be moving in a month.

    • Additional rant: Having to fire the dogwalker who was stealing very nice beers and trying to trick me by replacing them with cheap beers with the same colored bottlecaps.

  • Rant: Home sick yesterday and today. Feeling a little bit better today, but a phone call from work asking a stupid question while I’m home sick was annoying.

    Rant: Was supposed to hear about a follow up interview (one way or another) yesterday. I guess no news is good news…?

    Rave: Feeling so much better today than yesterday. No longer want to rip my spine out.

  • Rant: Bummed about things not working out with a guy that was the first guy I had liked in a long time. In his words he’s ‘a commitment-phobe and already panicking about how he’s going to screw things up…’ He recognizes that he needs to deal with his issues. Rave: At least he has the balls to tell me all of this and actually have an open and mature conversation (which makes ending things even worse! because he’s a good communicator. ugh wtf).

    I would like to rave about something else but I’m annoyed and bummed.

    • I hate to be the one to tell you this but that is definitey a cop out. Not trying to be mean but guys use that all of the time especially when said partner is giving it up already. <—This may not be your case but trust me what he is saying is a cop out. When a guy finds the one he want that whole cop out goes out of the window.

      +1 if you agree.

      • I appreciate your unsolicited feedback in response to a vague paragraph re: a situation you know absolutely nothing about… – 1 and FYI, no, I was not ‘giving it up’.

    • When one of my girlfriends tells me a guys says he’s, “a commitment-phobe and already panicking about how he’s going to screw things up”…it usually means the girl is coming on way too strong/moving things along way too quickly and the guys is getting cold feet.

      • Maybe… but unless you were there observing every moment of their relationship, how would you know? You can only guess.

  • Rant: Left my ortho doc after the third time waiting more than an hour to be seen. Saw a new MD yesterday….and waited more than an hour.

    Rave: Heading to Nairobi later today – looking forward to a nice cold Tusker beer some time tomorrow.

  • Rant: Wiped out in front of the entire Bethesda commuting public this morning…

    Rave: Instead of stepping on or over me, a few people appropriately gasped, asked me if I was ok, and then giggled with me at my clumsiness.

    Rave: I am starting chiropractic care (and insurance covers it!)- after many orthopedic issues it’s nice to have someone look at me as a whole and try and help my body feel better. I hope it helps!!

  • Given the reason death of Trayvon Martin and a lot of the conversation that happens here, I was started thinking gun laws as they pertain to DC. I don’t feel either way about them really because if someone truly wants a gun or anything else for that matter, a law isn’t going to stop them.

    But with that being said, I know a lot of people on here feel a certain way about guns. I hate to think this but I do think it is very true that if we guns were allowed here in DC this could VERY EASILY happen given disdain and some of the comments I have read on this board about the youth in DC.

    Zimmerman apparently had a registered gun and from what I know everything was legal. And because he thought a young black male looked suspicious for whatever reason he ended his life with said gun. Now I don’t know what his views are but like I said with some of the things that I read on here I can see this happening here in DC though I hope that it will never happen here or anywhere else. Thoughts?

    • *recent. Stupid typos.

    • Kam, it is alright to have a hunch about how things might turn out, but even better to just check the statistics. When I’ve read stats in the past, they’ve confirmed that concealed carry owners are statistically less likely to have a criminal past or engage in criminal violence compared with the population at large. That suggests to me that allowing responsible gun owndership (with proper regs) would not correlate with an uptick in violent crime. But yeah, you’re right that people will get guns no matter what.

      • How do you check stats on something that has not occured? I think that is a bit misleading to refer to national stats or stats from different places. Every place has its own unique challenges.

        With that being said though I hear what you are saying but I think that is a seperate argument. I am not debating whether you will see and uptick in gun violence by legal owners. I am saying that based on things that I have read here on this board, there are people that feel a certain way about DC youth, how they are no good and that they will self-correct with time…you know the comments. Anyway, some of these folks may obtain a “legal” gun but because of how they view things based on their fear, suspicion or whatever could possibly end up using the gun in a manner that is not fitting.

        Does that clarify it a little better?

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: all my trades need my attention this week; no time for anything.
    Rave: relaxed weekend ahead

  • rant: my colleague came down with pink eye, yet is still at work. i wish his boss would tell him to go home, since pink eye is pretty contagious. this is far from the first time he’s come to work when sick.

    rave: the thunderstorm this morning was perfectly timed to occur during my yoga class, so we had an interesting punctuation of light and sound throughout, but i still didn’t get stormed upon walking to or from class 🙂

    rave2: first prenatal visit is tomorrow – i’m psyched!

    • Best of luck to you on your visit tomorrow. Have a safe, healthy pregnancy!

      • Thanks muchly! I’ll admit I’m a little nervous as well – just in case everything isn’t a-ok. At 8 weeks, I still feel pretty much the same as before the positive pregnancy test, so it’s a little hard to believe at times. I’m definitely looking forward to the ultrasound!

        • Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I hope you are taking your prenatals, folic acid, iron are are getting a lot of vitamin D. Again, best of luck.

          • oh yeah – I’ve been on prenatals for quite some time in addition to an extra dose of folic acid because my i have a genetic issue that doesn’t allow me to absorb it as well since we started trying to conceive. plus, my diet was pretty close to the diet recommended by my midwife practice originally, so I should be doing well on the nutrition side of things 🙂

    • It’s pretty contagious if you’re, like, 2 years old and don’t know to 1) keep your fingers out of your eye and 2) wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if you can’t manage to do that and/or after you use the antibiotic eyedrops. I have had it several times as an adult and have never managed to pass it on to anyone, including my husband and child, either of whom might be sharing my pillow on any given night. Each time, I was told by the doctor that there was no reason not to go back to work the same day. Unless your coworker is touching his eyes and then touching you or your stuff, or you work literally face to face, you don’t have to worry about catching it. The germs aren’t going to fly across the room or anything.

      • fair enough – i’m just a little more germ-sensitive these days. and i’ll admit to being extra annoyed because this particular coworker has a history of coming to work despite being sick. but good to know that I don’t need to worry too much.

      • Ha! You’ve had it several times as an adult, and yet you are suggesting only children would place their fingers around their eyes. You’re being ironic, right? I’m with you MtPresident when it comes to being annoyed at someone with pink eye at the work place. If I get it from you, I’m going to be annoyed when I have to take the time and money to go to the doctor to fix it. Uck!

        • Dude, settle down. Some pinkeye–maybe most, according to the last doctor I saw–is viral, not bacterial (meaning that the antibiotic drops they give you may or may not actually do any good in getting rid of it). It can be part of a cold, which is obviously contagious, but not everyone who gets that cold is going to develop conjunctivitis, too. I’ve had it that way a couple of times; no sticking fingers in my eyes necessary.

          MtP, congrats on the pregnancy–but pinkye is really no big deal (anyway, just wait until said baby brings home the first two or three stomach bugs–you’ll be wishing it were just pinkeye.) 🙂 Best of luck at your appointment tomorrow. If you’re with the GW midwives, we may be crossing paths over there tomorrow. I’m a few weeks ahead of you.

  • claire

    Rant: Really cryptic work assignment. And the co-worker I’m supposed to be doing it with ran off to the gym immediately after it was assigned to us.

    Rave: Officially spring!
    Rave: Awesome roommates who dug up all the old junk from our front garden so we can start anew.

    Rant: Can’t wait to leave work.
    Rave: Because there’ll be a spring celebration at my house tonight!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: One of my violets has a flower bud!

    Rant: I don’t think any of the sweet violet seeds I put in my garden have germinated.

    Rave: Basil seedlings going strong!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Gentleman is pacing the hallway in front of my desk, waiting for someone in the office across from me to notice him. When I recommended that he knock on the office door, he said he would just wait. But in the meantime, his pacing in front of my desk is totally distracting!

    Rave: The only thing it’s really distracting me from is reading PoP 😉

  • Rant: I knew she was gone. I knew she wasn’t coming back. But I didn’t know she was so cold and mean.

  • Rave: Spent 4 days in SF catching up with friends and new babies but ready to go back to my favorite coast now.

    Rant: long long flights back.

  • Rant/Rave: Found the Chex Mix brand of puppy chow today! Probably shouldn’t be eating it………but at least I’ve done so w/out getting powdered sugar everywhere.

    Rant: BORED. Have been since this morning. Long day at work. Might pull out the crossword soon…

    Rave: The Hunger Games! I jumped on the bandwagon too late to score movie tickets but am a HUGE fan! I wasn’t expecting it to be this good!

    Rave: Thunder started while I was in the shower this morning, which made it even more relaxing.

    Rant: Doing my taxes tonight. Ugh.

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