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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Women who do their makeup on metro. Please wake up 5 minutes earlier and do it at home.

    • I’m guilty of this. But not in the morning, more like when I’m running to a date or happy hour after work and need a quick lipgloss and blush do over. And only when I didn’t know I was going to one before leaving work.

      • I saw a woman on the yellow line clipping her toenails the other day. Keepin’ it classy.

        • I couldn’t care less if someone wants to put on makeup on the Metro in the seat next to me, but clipping fingernails or toenails should never, EVER be done outside the privacy of one’s own home, unless it’s being done at a salon. It’s disgusting.

        • This is just nasty. NASTY!

    • Of all the annoying metro habits, I rank this pretty low. Why does it rile you up so much? Look on the bright side – maybe one day the driver will slam on the brakes and a mascara pen will go through someone’s eye!

    • I’m guilty of this occasionally. Out of curiosity, why does it bug you so much?

    • What’s even worse is when they do it while *driving*! Really? You’re going to apply eyeliner while trying to drive? Hit a pothole and blind yourself. That sounds like a good plan. Maybe you can find an eye patch with some super hot glitter on it so you can still look pretty!

    • Hey, it’s better than DRIVING and applying make-up (which I see often).

    • I getcha. I just think its a weird thing to do in public.

    • Eh, I know everyone’s got their bugbears, but in the scheme of gross Metro habits (the above-mentioned nail clipping, clenching the pole with your butt, blasting bad music), this one doesn’t bother me at all. It’s pretty easy to swipe on some lipstick or even do your eye makeup without infringing on your fellow passengers’ space or quiet. Not that I’d want an eye pencil anywhere near my face, the way some Metro operators hit the brakes.

    • Agree with your rant. Sure it’s not clipping toenails or putting on deodorant, but as far as I’m concerned, putting on makeup is personal grooming, and I think personal grooming should not be done on public transportation.

      However, I also admit that I’m not a huge fan of makeup unless you’re a clown, actor, dancer or some other kind of entertainer.

  • Rant: I’m in a major benzo withdrawl depression right now. Even the sunny weather isn’t helping me. Hoping a few more weeks will clear this out of my system!!

    Rant: Standardized testing.

    Rave: My new Kork-Ease sandals, and the amazing work of George’s Shoe Repair on U Street.

  • me

    Rave: Doctor only called me in to discuss removing fibroids they found. That is nothing compared to what I’ve gone through. Bring it on.

    Rave: Plan for this afternoon is going outside, washing my car, and rewarding myself with green tea ice cream.

    Rave: One of my cats always sleeps on me- for the past 2 nights, her brother has taken to doing the same. Makes for a slightly uncomfortable night, but I still love it.

    Rant: Stuck in the office. But, at least I’m not ridiculously far from home.

    • Glad to hear that the news was (though not exactly “good” per se) not as bad as you feared!

    • me

      Thanks! 🙂

      One more rant: currently doing a two-hour online training presentation online, and the woman speaking in it is either too close to the mike or something, because every time she makes an “s” sound, it makes the WORST sound, like a loud buzz. Yuck.

    • My cats used to sleep on me, too. One was 17lbs, the other was 15lbs and their fave spot was my chest. I used to wonder every day how I managed to make it through the night without a lung collapsing.

      And I’ve had fibroids removed too. ((hugs))

      • my 18 – 19 lb cat (shes a big girl, maine coonish) likes to do this. when i go to bed, in the middle of the night, and in the morning.

  • Rant – I misstepped off the curb this morning and fell hard. No harm done.

    Revel – The Bell High School student accross the street who saw, stopped, and yelled over to make sure I was ok.

    Revel -Finding people who break our stereotypes.

    • I’ve done exactly the same thing in front of heavy traffic so I feel for you. Also, luckily no harm done except a few scrapes. Everyone was shocked but no one said a thing. I’m so glad someone said something to you!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad you are ok! My mother shattered her thumb by misstepping on a curb. She had tons of PT and 20 years later her hand is still messed up. (Her thumb is no longer opposable! She’s the missing link!)

    • Bell has a lot of good kids (as do other schools, I’m sure). I judged a class presentation event and found the kids were really serious about their studies and hard working.

  • Rant: Trying to find a company to help us rehabilitate our backyard with landscaping, a patio, and improved drainage. So far, of 6 companies contacted: 3 have outright refused the job, “…too small”, “…don’t want to work in DC”, “…don’t want to have to deal with drainage issues”; 2 have simply failed to respond, even after multiple calls/emails; only one has even deigned to give an estimate.

    Even Capitol Hardscapes, recommended in PoP, refused–certainly their option, but doesn’t anybody want work these days? [sigh] I guess unless you’re doing a high 5-figure job, with more money to throw at the problem than sense, you’re not the kind of customer that DC/Maryland contractors want to deal with.

  • I saw a guy run across the intersection of 13th and Spring to flag down a policeman sitting at the light. After talking with the policeman for a bit he hopped in the car. I hope everything was okay and that he did not get robbed!

    Rant: Constipated cats.

    • Oh, and additional rant: The 8 dollar bag of dried blueberries I purchased at Yes! Organic Market. Seriously? 8 dollars? I need to learn to look at price tags. I never dreamed that blueberries could cost so much.

  • Rave: Stomach virus has left my stomach (I think, still not going to eat anything).
    Rant: It has taken up lodging in my intestine.

  • claire

    Rant: Broken ice maker. Now how am I supposed to quench my thirst with super cold water during this heat wave??

    Rant: Washed the dish towels + cloth napkins for the house but didn’t have a chance to take them out of the dryer. And then my roommate used the dryer this morning for a wrinkled shirt and put the clean towels in the dirty towel bag! I feel silly for being as upset about this as I am, but goddamn it, it would’ve been equally easy for him to put them in the clean towel bag (the two bags are not easily confused so that’s not it), and now I don’t know what’s clean and what’s dirty so I have to wash them all over again! And I’m the only person in the house who ever washes them in the first place (even though we all use them). This guy… he makes for a great friend but a horrible roommate.

    Rant: Even with allergy medicine, I’m all stuffed up and my eyes get majorly irritated when I spend time outside. Maybe I should be using a different type of medicine? Right now, I’m taking a generic version of Allegra… anyone have other recommendations?

    • I’ve got these nifty little trays you just need to fill with water and sit in the freezer. Wait a couple hours and you’ve got dozens of ice cubes. Maybe someone else could help you out with what they are called and where to get them. I’m sure they’re not too expensive.

    • I would make sure whatever allergy medicine you’re taking is a “D” version. Without the decongestant, they all do nothing for me-you could be the same (sorry if you are already taking the “D”).

      Other than that, I’ve found Claritin D works best for me, but obviously everyone is different!

      On another front, have you tried local honey? It can be difficutl to find (usually farmers markets are the best bet), but I’ve find it helps curb my allergies, though it doesn’t cure them completely.

      Good luck!

      • claire

        Hmm, good call on the “D” – not sure if what I’m taking currently has a decongestant but I suspect not. Claritin-D (or the store brand version because allergy medicine is ridiculously expensive!) will be my next purchase.

        As for local honey, I’m a big honey fiend, so actually have some semi-local (Baltimore – “Really Raw” honey) chilling in my cabinet currently. Any excuse to eat a spoonful or two a day is good by me. I really would like to find some DC honey though – anyone?? I know the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland supposedly has hives, but last time I went, they didn’t have honey and said they don’t even know a time of year/time of month/etc when they’ll have it!

        • The Kojo Nnamdi show yesterday had a segment on Maryland’s honey law – you might find some good resources for local honey there.

        • ++1 on the “Really Raw Honey”! I love this stuff and I don’t mind paying extra for it, because it tastes yummy on everything and it is as you say, semi-local which makes it healthier. Big Rave!

      • shaybee

        I recently read somewhere that eating local honey to curb allergies is an old wive’s tale, but I can’t remember for the life of me where I saw it. 🙁

        don’t quote me on that, however.

    • Sorry about your second two rants, not much I can do to help… but as to the first: Well obviously!! Switch to well chilled beer!

    • I guess I’ll go ahead and add what I think is the MOST ANNOYING reply to a person’s rant:

      Broken Ice Maker – first world problem

      On a more serious note: The tray thingies (mentioned above) you fill with water and put in the freezer work especially well. You may be surprised.

      • claire

        Yes, yes, definitely a privileged problem, and I’m well aware that the trays are quite effective; the real issue is that I don’t have any or have the time to go buy any…

  • Rave: I’m wearing my new dress today
    Rant: Still sad


  • RANT: Being stuck in the office on days like today

    RAVE: Weather appears to be holding out for the weekend and I’m going to sit on my roof deck all weekend with friends and cocktails enjoying the awesome breeze.

    RAVE2: Sun will start getting my tan on!

  • Revel: Weather!

    Rant: So warm at night in my apartment. Time to go fan shopping.

    Random query: PoPville, can anyone suggest a transit-accessible place where I could buy small potted succulents/cacti for my apartment?

    • Fragers on Capitol Hill usually has a small selection of cacti and succulent plants at their store. Call ahead to make sure it is in the current inventory, but I’ve always seen them there. They have lots of other nice plants for apartments, too (I should know- I have 13 plants!).

    • home depot near the ri ave. metro has a big garden section…don’t know if they have cacti.

  • Is your caption photo of a meter maid giving a ticket to the illegally built house at Luray and Warder?

  • Revel: It’s my birthday!

    Rant: I turned 44, wishing I was 24.

    Revel: I am in Xi’an China drinking a Tsingtao.

    Rant: Wishing I could hug my fine wife and kids back in DC.

  • RAnt: the parkview rec center. This early warm weather has brought the “regulars” out much earlier than usual to loiter etc. And why do people feel the need to scream profanities at each other in normal conversation, especially when children are around? I have absolutely no hope for the young low income kids in this city being raised in this type of environment.
    Rave: I still love parkview! I am committed to getting involved, calling 911, neighborhood walks with the police, emails to my councilmember (though Graham never responds) etc. Its getting better every year.

    • Allison

      Yeah I’ve never understood the: *smile and waive to each other from across the street* “F** you!” “No F** YOU!!!” *continue laughing like friends*.


    • why is the word “regulars” in quotes? could you be more specific??? describe the “regulars” with a bit more detail if you don’t mind.

    • When I came home the other night there was this group of guys standing on the corner of Warder and Princeton yelling at the tops of their lungs. It wasn’t a fight or an argument, they were just conversing with each other by yelling. It was incredibly loud to me, and I was a half a block away. God knows how loud it was for the people with homes directly across from where they were. It was like those stupid light trucks but beaming noise into the surrounding homes instead of light.
      A couple of summers ago 3D started posting a police officer at that Rec Center on a regular basis. It did wonders to quiet things down. I have noticed more congregating in that area lately. I have also noticed more obviously drunk and/or high people walking around. I hope the police get back to having a steady presence there now that the temperature is rising.

      • yes, people yell a lot

      • Marcus:
        I can hear them all the way in the back of my house. I called the cops earlier this week and basically woke up to all of my daffodils ripped off the stems and one left right outside my door. I guess I am pissing off the wrong people. Its been bad every night this week. Seems worse this year. To the previous poster about “regulars”–not sure if you are trying to stir things up but here it goes- a group of 8-10 black men aged late teens to prob mid 20’s. After the rec center closes down they migrate from that entrance down to the corner, NIGHTLY, to talk and scream at each other and basically take up space. heres the thing, I don’t even think these idiots are selling or doing drugs or anything obviously illegal (they are smart enough to do that IN the park, right by the playground equipment), they just freakin stand there for HOURS. Sometimes some ladies pushing baby strollers roll up to keep them company. I guess no one thinks infants and toddlers should be in before 11pm and listening to fools scream “F– you my n–ga”– is not appropriate for children or any one with any sense of decency. And clearly this is keeping half the block up most night. I realize no one has gotten shot but damn, these quality of life issues really take their toll after living in this city for 12 years. I just want to go to sleep, wake up with my yard in tact. Apparently thats too much for Graham, MPD and the rec center to manage with any reliability.
        Also, Marcus–there is community walkthrough with MPD this sat at 10:30am at the rec center to talk about “hot spots” with the cops.

  • Rave: Skirts and dresses all week! I love this weather.

    Rant: Seems like I’m the only one who came into work today…my section of the office is completely empty.

  • Rant: flip flops are back. Please, I don’t need to see your scuffed up callouses and toe jam. Maybe if your office shoes weren’t stilletos, you wouldn’t need to swap them for flip flops for lunch break.

    • Agree. 95% of people wearing flip-flops need to take a long, hard look at their feet and ask themselves if they should be exposing the general population to their crusty hooves. So gross. The worst are people who wear flip-flops to bars/nightclubs or semi-formal events. Just. Stop.

        • me

          I just saw a woman on the elevator at work who was wearing sandals with her work attire, and I suppose she was wearing sandals because she couldn’t fit her huge talons into normal shoes without going up about 5 sizes. Ewwwwwwww.

      • anon. gardener

        And apart from the unsightliness, flip flops are just so bad for your feet. if i were a young person looking for a career, i’d go to podiatry school, because there are a lot of people ruining their feet right now by wearing flip flops.

        • You can buy flip flops that are really good for your feet/posture. The’re not the cutest, but they also don’t look totally orthopedic. I usually wear Chacos and they’re great for long walks.

      • Get over yourself and look at my face rather than my feet. And wouldn’t this rant apply to any sandals, not just flip flops?

        • anon. gardener

          yes, pretty much.
          the good for your feet sandals usually aren’t very cute. i see a lot more flip flops than good sandals around. it’s sad to see someone dressed nicely, with stupid flip flops on their feet – it lets the whole outfit down.

        • um, no. had someone sit near me on a patio and cross her legs so her feet were close to me and in my line of sight. put me off my damn food.

    • Revel: Your rant is hilarious about flip-flops – only because I never look at people’s feet when they wear flip-flops. Sure, I see the flip-flops and look away. No, I’m not a fan of flip-flops but I’ve never had such strong repugnant feelings, either.

    • we should be friends.

      if you’re over 25 and you wear flip flops, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • We should all be friends! It takes just another 5 seconds to put on a pair of sandals with a tiny wedge and an ankle strap- much better for your feet and you look presentable to go anywhere.

      • Apparently I’m still a child at heart because I am almost 30 and DEFINITELY Team Flip-Flop. However, I’m holding off until I can get a pedicure. Plus, now that I’m working in a more professional work environment I refuse to wear them to/at work.

        If I had things my way, I’d be barefoot all of the time!

    • I’m 35 and I wear flip flops for commuting (long walk) in warmer weather. Pretty much everything else (flats, anything with a strap) gives me blisters. And sneakers with a dress looks worse than the flip flops. I loooooove flip flop season.

    • TEAM FLIP-FLOP! Oh, my feet are so happy this time of year. I revel in the nakedness of my glossy red toes. Ah, the comfort. I declare proper shoes deleterious from March to October. So there.

      • anon. gardener

        Don’t y’all’s feet get dirty, walking around the city in flip flops? That’s another (in the long list of) reason(s) I don’t like flip flops. Grubby feet are okay when you’re 8 years old. Not so much when you’re a grown-up. Re: blisters, shoes that fit properly shouldn’t give you blisters. wear those footie things. don’t buy cheap shoes. I sympathize -my feet are two different sizes. it is really really hard to find good shoes.

        • Its a problem of narrow heels. I’ve tried the sticky things that you put into the back of the shoe but they don’t work. Strangely, the most comfortable shoes I buy are always from H&M. They are more comfortable than my expensive pairs.

      • That’s not how you use the word “deleterious.”

        If you’re using a thesaurus, you need to do it more carefully.

    • +1. Any footwear that can easily fall off your foot should be reserved for recreational settings.

      • And that is EXACTLY the problem. No one wears flip-flops to recreational events – they wear them everywhere. To work. To school. To the club. To church. To the restaurant. And very few consider how their feet look.

        Would you go to the beach without a bikini wax? Doubtful. They why would you let your crusty feet, which are normally covered, hang out all day in front of people eating, etc???? It’s GROSS! So rude, this “I don’t care about anyone as long as I’m comfy” attitude.

      • When I was growing up, we referred to flip-flops as thongs. Not anymore, I guess. That now means an entirely different piece of clothing.
        And flip-flops were worn only by children or adults when they were at the pool.
        I sound old, don’t I?

    • the city is dirty. cover your feet.

      also, wear something you can run in.

  • Rave: New PoP t-shirt delivered by the Prince himself

    Another rave: The warm weather means my home office has moved to the front porch.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Really prestigious institution asking me to work on a photographic project for them….

  • Rave: finally got a pedicure last night, so I’m able to wear flip flops (no toe jam or bunions here!!). PS: Enchanted Nails & Spa is finally open on 18th Street in Adams Morgan–they are fantastic and have crazy late hours!

    Rant: Not even an hour after getting said pedicure, I cut my big toe on a table at Mellow Mushroom. Such a shame.

    Rave: Thursday night TV 🙂

    • claire

      But how was the pizza? Worth the toe cut?

    • One more rave: I love my eye doctor’s office. Capital Eyes at Metro Center is just fantastic! I want to shout it from the rooftops (but this will have to do).

      I didn’t find new frames I liked enough to buy, so the guy working there said: I’m going to a show for new frames and will keep an eye out for [this certain style that works for my face]–they should be here in April. Give me a call then.

      Seriously, if you need an eye doctor or new glasses, see these guys.

    • For what it’s worth, a pedicure won’t do a darn thing about a bunion. I had surgery to deal with one 5 years ago, and while the other one hurts more often than I’d like, I’m not in a position to easily embark on a second surgery and associated recovery time. If anyone has a problem with my bunion when I’m wearing flip flops (which are among the subset of shoes that don’t hurt to wear), then don’t look at my feet!

    • I’m so surprised at the flip-flop hatred in DC. I guess 22 years in Florida made me think it’s completely normal to wear them in almost all circumstances. I wouldn’t wear them to work or a more formal event, but wow, definitely did not expect the backlash.

      • Allison

        Indeed. I always start to take care of my feet at the beginning of sandal season, but growing up in Texas (where your feet will sweat buckets if you wear practically anything but the most minimal shoes in summer) flip flops were considered acceptable almost everywhere but at the office.

      • shaybee

        Agreed! I am not sure who all these flip-flop haters are, but for long walks, there’s nothing better for my feet. I’ve got wicked flat feet, and my feet are happiest when they are as close to bare as possible.

        But I do have cute sandals for work, too.

        • rant: sweet old lady across the street from me has been really ill and incapactiated recently. The result of this sad situation is that her ner’do well, f*ck up adult kids and adult grandkids have taken over her house and turned it into party central. Up all night, screaming and yelling, (now that the weather is nice all of this is happening outside) drinking, smoking weed, throwing beer cans on the sidewalk. Used to be a quiet, nicely kept place, now its a disaster. sigh.

          • whoops, meant this to be a new thread, not a flip flop response. But on that subject, I wear flops to commute in the summer and I dont give a damn if other people dont like it! I actually have nice, clean feet with painted toe nails and such, but even if I didn’t quit looking at my feet if it bothers you.

          • We must live close to each other because the exact same thing is happening except I, unfortunately, live next door!

      • I know, I’m surprised at the super strong feelings people have on the flip flop issue. I think it’s more of a strong feeling on feet though – some people really don’t like feet. I happen to like my tootsies and unless someone’s hooves are seriously crusty, I don’t really care about other people’s feet.

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: As I’m waiting to cross busy wisconsin ave this morning – 4 lanes of heavy traffic – a guy in an SUV in the middle lane stops and waves at me to cross. I wave back at him to keep going, because no one else is stopping. The guy FLIPS ME THE BIRD and takes off in a huff. Good morning to you, too.

    Rave: I did not get hit by a car this morning.

  • March Madness, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rant: I hate my job. Hate it. I hate wasting my potential making binders when I should be contributing to something. I’m nearing my breaking point…two years of wasting my life. I feel like I’ve done everything right, yet nothing is going my way.

    • I hear ya…. I’ve been at my job a bit longer than you, and I am basically a glorified secretary. It is incredibly demeaning, and I’m about to lose my mind.

      • I haven’t even been at my job for 5 months (it’s not permanent). I’ve bounced around from internships to temping to one f/t job that may as well have been an internship based on my level of responsibility and pay. It makes me want to give up and go home to FL with my tail between my legs. I’m just so frustrated and ashamed that after working so hard to do things to set me apart in the job market in my field, that THIS is what I’m doing.

        • I’m about to give up my f/t job for a fed contract. Love my co-workers but my current pay is abysmal.

    • MsNesbitt

      Sigh. I’m right there with you. I have been a department manager before, but due to layoffs and move, I’m back to being an administrative assistant. My one boss is great: gives kudos where due, encourages my professional development and education, and says thank you for all my work. My other boss is completely condescending and assumes I’m an admin because I’m an idiot.

      You just gotta tell yourself it gets better and keep applying to other opportunities. One day, something will come through.

  • rave: the weather! a job i love

    rant: the job is a post grad fellowship that is another 18 months. i applied for a full time job in nyc, but unsure if want to move back to nyc… I’m starting to think no. i’m ahead of myself but can’t help think that i need to decide if I was offered the job, would i take it? full time jobs are so hard to come by in my field, but the thought of struggling in nyc on little pay makes me so anxious.

    On that note, how does one chose a therapist other than picking someone off the insurance list? I need some help with making decisions, in general. I’ve always been indecisive in ways but never enough to take over my thoughts and cause other problems…

    • See if your primary care doc can recommend anyone. Ask friends if their therapist can make a referral to a colleague. Or just call someone from the insurance list and ask to talk to them for a few minutes about what you need, their style, etc. And follow your gut.

      • claire

        I’ll just echo what was said about calling the office and asking some questions. If you aren’t already familiar with the different methods of therapy (cognitive behavioral, psychoanalytic, etc), do some research and try to think about what would work best for you (personally, I think cognitive behavioral makes the most sense for most people). Then call a few therapists that are covered by your insurance, ask them about what method they mostly use, what their background is, etc. When someone seems like a good fit, go in for one or two appointments to feel things out – if you’re not feeling it, then that’s fine, look for someone else. Part of what makes therapy work is finding a therapist that you can establish a comfortable relationship with which can be a difficult process but will be ultimately worth it – good luck!

  • Rant – I am having a hard time figuring out when I should go to my supervisor about a coworker treating me like a second class citizen.
    Rave – None right now.

    • I’ve been there, so I feel for you. For what it’s worth I would suggest doing it when you are as calm as possible. Set up a meeting, don’t try to do anything off the cuff. Try to describe the issue in ways that explain how it limits your ability to your best work – that shows the manager that it impacts overall productivity. Try to keep the discussion as emotion-free as possible; describe what’s going on, but avoid personal critisicms of your colleague. Prior to the meeting, brainstorm realistic things your manager could to make things better. Try not to turn this into a headache for the manager. Good luck

  • Rave: Yesterday I planted some tomato, cucumber, and zucchini seeds and I’m hoping that with this weather my green thumb will actually develop. We’ll see.

    Rant: Gas prices in this city are insane. I asked a cab driver which gas station he thought was the cheapest, and luckily it’s nearby, but regardless, gas there is just under $4.

  • shaybee

    Rant: feeling very down today, even though the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

    Rant: Daylight savings time has totally thrown my body for a loop. I can’t seem to adjust and, thus, have been totally exhausted every day this week.

    Rave: getting my hair cut on saturday! apparently the person who is doing the snipping knows how to cut curly hair. it will be the first time i’ve ever had someone who knew that. hopefully it turns out ok 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would love to know how the hair cut turns out and who the cutter is!

      • shaybee

        I will definitely let you know how it turns out! My hair is unlike anyone’s I’ve ever met and defies any and all product claims, so this should be interesting!

    • Good luck with the haircut! I have curly hair, too, and it was a revelation when I found someone who could actually cut it well.

      • shaybee

        Ooh, where do you go? I’m always taking suggestions/recommendations (in case this doesn’t work out) 🙂

        • I’m a guy, so the challenges my curly hair present are less voluminous, but Rebecca at Parlour Salon has handled it well for a decade.

          Not cheap. Worth it.

        • I go to Garrett at Spalon in Dupont Circle. My hair is pretty normally curly, but a lot of his clientele has curly hair, so he might have experience with something similar to yours (and now I’m really curious what yours is like!).

  • I’m two weeks into my new job: great location, great hours, great pay… but I’m miserable.

    • But why? Is it the work itself? Your coworkers? Are you not feeling challenged?

    • Hang in there. I have two friends with fairly new jobs who talked about being miserable at first, but are now happy. It takes a while to adjust to the new grind and feel like you fit in, but it does happen.

  • Rave: A client just sent my boss a nice email about me. 🙂

    Rant: People who don’t return calls/emails offering them freelance work. Honestly, it’s fine if the answer is “no,” I just want an answer!

    Rant: Had to postpone a long-planned lunchtime museum outing with friends.

  • Rant: Warmer than usual winter means the house centipedes are back early. Ick! This time they are upstairs instead of in the basement which is not good. Any idea on to get rid of? I mean really – totally dead. I can’t stand those things.

    Rave: Despite the warmer than average temps, I am loving the sun!

    • I have a centepede phobia. Screw the environment and call in the professionals or buy Complete Bug and Insect spray. The best kind has a little “gun” attached to a cord. It’ll get right into all the cracks and crevices. Spray every few months.

      • Thanks! I do use that stuff. I guess I don’t spray enough though. I also don’t like the idea of using pesticide, but I do not like those creatures. Ugh!

  • Rant: After waiting for metro for 18 minutes, got stuck inside tunnel at 930pm for 20 minutes while “central computer” was down and needed to be rebooted.
    Rant: My co-worker is gone 4 out of 8 hrs a day and my boss unloads all the work on me. How am I the only one to notice?
    Rant: This isn’t really making me feel that better bitching online.
    Revel: About to house a meatball sub.

  • Rant/Rave: Landlord informed us last night that he’s raising the rent $200…BUT this is the first increase in 4 years! He didn’t raise it on us last year b/c he knew I was unemployed, which makes me think a bit better of him.

    Rave: It’s BEAUTIFUL and I have errands to run outside the office. Gee, what a shame. ;oP

    Rant: In need of new glasses so I picked out a pair last night………now not so sure I like them. They look good (which b/c my face is so round, its hard to find a good fit) but are plain brown. Boring! My current frames are pink, and now I’m wishing for some frames with pizazz. Wonder if its too late…

    Rant: Totallly identified with our residents (interns) this morning when it was said that they’re not sure how much to invest because they’re only here for a year. I feel the same way–while I don’t HAVE to leave after a year, I don’t want to stay any longer than that.

    Rave: Grilling tonight! Ranch burgers and sweet potato fries, here we come!

    • Isn’t that illegal to raise the rent $200? I think they can only increase it 5% a year, right?

      • If it’s not rent controlled, I don’t think there’s a limit to how much landlords can raise the rent each year in DC.

      • Technically, I’m in Maryland. And technically, our landlord is probably doing a lot of illegal things. But for the most part he leave’s us alone so we put up with his not-fixing-things-and-leaving-us-in-a-crappy-house schtick.

        And it only plays out to $50 per person, which is a good reason for me to cut back on the Starbucks. Voila, extra money!

  • Rant: the eternal flip-flop discussion. so played out.

  • rave: just got a start date for my new job!

    rant: hate my current job, and absolutely hate the crazy man i share a room with at work

    rave: only a few more weeks

  • Rave: Now Flip-flops can join crime, race, gentrification, and bike riders on the list of topics likely to blow up a PoP thread!

    • anon. gardener

      The annual flip flop rant is part of the transition from winter to spring. in another week, we’ll be totally desensitized – we won’t even see those flip flops anymore.

  • Rave: The weather. I *love* the spring and summer.

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