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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Second interview went really well. Spending two hours at a place should be a good indication, right?

    Rant: Commuting back from this interview (Alexandria –> H St.) was hellacious. I filed a complaint with WMATA just now because the bus driver on the X2 was ridiculous. Stopping for 5 minutes at every stop through multiple light cycles, even though no one else could fit on the single bus. I thought the passengers were going to riot, myself included. Luckily if I do get the job, that commute will only happen for 2 months.

    Rave: Really looking forward to another run today- did a 5k on Monday (indoors) in my best time yet, although it’s still very slow. I’m enjoying improving my speed and endurance, though.

    • i think we’re the same person. you dislike your roommates, I dislike mine. i’m improving my run times, slowly but surely, and so are you!

    • Seems buses do this when they’re running ahead of schedule.

      • we need nextbus displays at all bus stops and do away with “schedules”.

      • Yes, they do, but I can hardly imagine that a route that usually sends a bus every 10-15 min would be have a bus that is 30 min behind the previous one be considered ahead of schedule.

        • Well this is certainly worth a try! Sometimes these tihngs cannot be planned, like when we are in a public place or situation, but I do like the idea!I have been known to run away from home’ on occasion I don’t do it often or it would lose it’s effect, but I will say it is healing for me and it shakes up the household when mom disappears without word and simply walks out of the house! I come back refreshed with a new attitude and the family knows that it is time to stop pushing so hard against the grain.Your suggestions sounds like a version of this that I will put to use no reason to share our tantrums with others just work it out in your own head and then begin again.Thanks NOW WHAT?

  • me

    Rant: Doctor called and said results are back, and I am to come in this afternoon. That can’t be good.

    Rave: At least I get to leave work early and kind of enjoy the weather for a bit.

    Rave 2: Have some chicken marinating all day to put on the grill tonight! Yum.

    Rave 3: Not having my ridiculous commute anymore because the client agreed that work can be done offsite!

    • I hope everything works out fro the best w/r/t to the doctor.

    • Stay hopeful – my doctor never likes to give results over the phone, so all may be fine. Good luck.

      • I find this frustrating. If you are waiting for results – wouldn’t a doctor want to let you know as soon as they find out whether it is good or bad through a phone call? Then afterwards if you need more information you can come in.

        My doctor made me schedule an appointment to come back in two weeks to find out the results of a biopsy. I’m sure she was sitting with the results for several days, maybe even a week. But of course, she wants to be able to charge for a visit. I spent the two weeks worried about the results and then when I go in to find them out, she asks, “what brought you in?” and when I reminded her that she asked me to make an appointment – she had to go scramble to find my results.

    • anon. gardener

      Think positive! I will be thinking positive for you all afternoon!

      Fantastic that you no longer have a stupid commute.

  • Rant: the photo on this post. Circuses that use animals like this suck. And no, I’m not a PETA-phile.

  • Rant: The marathon is this weekend. My neighborhood on the hill is completely encircled for the duration of the race, which I don’t mind that much because I don’t really need to drive anywhere on Saturday. What I do mind is the runners who decide to through their clothing off all over the race course. And no, it does not get cleaned up by any organization. I am considering going out to the race course to trip people who discard their clothing on the streets of my neighborhood.

    • me

      I have never seen people throw their clothes off during a marathon. Maybe just grab whatever is left, donate it, and get a tax writeoff. Everybody wins.

      • Uh, this actually happens all the time.

        • me

          I just found it odd- I’ve been to 2, and have never seen it! Maybe I was just in the wrong place.

          • It mostly happens in the first few miles of the race, and mostly when temperatures are cold or cool at the beginning of the race. People dress warmly because there’s a lot of standing around before the start – once you start running and the sun comes out you heat up pretty quick, so off come the top layers.

        • I’m guilty of doing this but always dump my stuff at the start line (that does get cleaned up) or at a water station (also gets cleaned up).
          Contact the organizers and let them know – especially Rock n’ Roll as its a for profit race organization. The races I run usually announce at the start that there are plenty of porta-potties so don’t pee on peoples yards and be respectful of the neighborhoods hosting the race. That guilt trip always works with me.
          Either way – go cheer on the runners. Seeing a horde of people complete something they’ve been training for months to do is impressive – and runners always appreciate an extra cheer.
          PoP poster hispanicandproud is running his first half marathon – good luck!

    • that’s very kind of you. Since it’ll be my first half-marathon, I’d appreciate if you don’t trip me. Kinda been working at this for a while, and don’t want to mess it up. Thanks in advance for your courtesy.

    • I thought I saw in one of the communications that they’re donating the discarded clothing, though of course now I can’t find that anywhere. The race did just change hands and I’ve run a Rock and Roll half before, it was very well organized. I hope this one goes as well as the other I’ve done, I would expect there to be few issues if so.

    • That sucks that the organizers don’t clean it up! Most larger marathons send out cleaning crews to pick up discarded clothes and donating to shelters or other organizations who then wash the clothes and put them to good use.

      • As Jes pointed out this marathon now has new organizers – they do races all over the country and from what I hear are very reputable. Hopefully they will do a full cleanup of the marathon route.

      • Why don’t you reach out to the organizers directly instead of posting your threats on a website? Also, I encourage you to cheer on the runners — races are a great spectator sport. Perhaps you’ll be inspired!

    • Just as there is an assumption that people will pick up the discarded water cups at water stations, there’s an assumption that there will be a crew coming through to pick up the discarded clothes. Many races have this, with people picking the clothes to donate for charity.

      Don’t blame (or trip!) the runners, talk to the race organizers.

      • leftcoastsouthpaw

        I’m going to have to disagree with you here. I think it is fair to blame the runners if they are making an assumption that someone is going to pick up after them. Even if they have been told that someone is going to pick up their discarded clothes, throwing your sweats onto someone’s yard isn’t cool.

        • I agree throwing clothes into people’s yards is not cool, but that’s not what the original rant was about. The original rant was about runners throwing clothes in the streets (i.e. on public, not private property.) I think it is reasonable for runners to assume that certain areas will be cleaned up by the organizers (start, finish, near the water stations, etc.) but randomly discarding anything at any point along the route is not a nice thing to do.

    • saf

      I have to get to a funeral in SW on Saturday morning. I have no idea how I will do this. Metro, I guess, but with green line track work this weekend, I am NOT happy about this.

  • Rave: Great run on my favorite route with a great This American Life on my iPod.

    Rant: M Street in Georgetown on a beautiful day. They need to widen those sidewalks- it’s awesome how many people are out enjoying the neighborhood and such, but seriously, that place is awful in terms of pedestrian space.

    Rave: Interesting work today, buckling down and putting my nose to the grindstone in order to get it down and immerse myself.

    • It’s awful in terms of vehicle space as well. I’d be in favor of them blocking off the area to just foot traffic, but traffic would have to be diverted into neighborhoods of wealthy citizens so that will never happen.

  • Rant: My house is springing leaks – 4th leak in as many months. Replacing the pipes seems inevitable.

    Rave: Off to Kenya next week for some interesting work.

  • Rant: The laugh everyone is getting from the North Dakota Olive Garden story. I am from a small town and we used to drive 1.5 hours on super special occasions just to eat at the closest Olive Garden. Sorry, city people, not everyone in this country has access to a neighborhood vegan-organic-free range-celebrity chef-small plates-charcuterie restaurant. (Did I miss any trends?)

    • I feel the same way! We have to drive 35 miles to the nearest movie theater and Target in my hometown. Want to shop at Whole Foods? You’re looking at 1.5 hours drive!

    • Fip-flop wearing, cupcakery employees who live on H street. And work in Virginia.

    • so what if may of us find it preposterous to live in remote places? those people laugh at us too.
      i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been out in BFE and told people i lived in DC only to have them respond “i’m sorry”.

      meh. theres ignorance everywhere.

      life goes on.

    • SouthwestDC

      I loved the North Dakota Olive Garden story! I did a summer internship in Grand Forks, and it really is another world out there.

    • Back in my day Olive Garden was the place to take your date for dinner on the night of the prom. We’d drive to Des Moines from an hour away just to eat there in prom clothes.

  • Rant: The guy at Target last night standing directly in front of the debit keypad while I was trying to pay. I had to physically move the keypad in order to see the screen. Take a step back and wait for your turn in line! Personal space, people.

    Rant: Got a little too comfortable with the neighborhood and talked on my phone while walking home from the metro. Some kid kept walking right next to me and I would switch the hand my phone was in and then he would switch sides. Then, he crossed Georgia Avenue through the middle of the street and I used the crosswalk and forgot about it. Soon after I heard footsteps right behind me and I stopped in my tracks and turned around and there he was AGAIN walking a foot behind me. Pretty sure he had his eye on the prize….my iPhone!

    • I was in line at H&M on Saturday evening and the damn thing was not moving. Then a girl walked away after her purchase and the counter was COVERED in PENNIES!! The poor cashier was apologizing to everyone else in line.

      • That is exactly what motivated me to go to college. My mom would frequently pay for things using all coins. As a kid I was so embarassed. I vowed that I would go to college so I would never have to pay a clerk using all coins.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate when people invade my personal space! The worst was at the grocery store and an old guy kept bumping me with his buggy while I was trying to pay. I asked him to stop, thinking he didn’t realize he was bumping me and he called me a bitch. I hope he fell and broke his hip.

    • So, a question on your first rant: Did you actually say something to the guy? You wouldn’t need to be rude, just say, “Excuse me” or something.

      The way you describe it makes it sound like you conformed to HIS rude behavior, moving the screen, and probably making quiet, passive aggressive grunting noises the whole time. I apologize if this isn’t what happened, but I see this a lot on this blog, where people complain to us about some guy on the bus or some woman at the ATM crowding their personal space or something.

      What would you expect to change if you don’t say anything at all? Stand up for yourself, point out other people’s bad behavior, and maybe you won’t go through life getting nudged all the time.

  • Rant: Stuck in my office all day and a classroom all night instead of being out enjoying the weather.

    Rave: at least I enjoy my job, they are paying for my masters, and I can take a long walk during lunch to enjoy the sun a bit.

    Rave: so very excited to plant my garden in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who commented in my gardening forum post, can’t wait to try out some of the suggestions!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: rent went up.
    Rave: not by much and I’ve been told I’m getting a raise this year.
    Rave: Rent increases and pay increases happen at the same time.

  • Rave: Walking to work in a skirt and no tights! It felt wonderful!
    Rave: Meeting up with a friend after work so she can help me choose new glasses. It’s about time!
    Rave: Just finished the first book of the Hunger Games and am HOOKED! Can’t wait to start the second!
    Rave: Have plans for an enjoyable outdoor lunch at my favorite new spot on campus where I pretend I’m a college student for an hour or so.
    Rave: I have to go buy stamps later today–oh, darn, must go outside again!

  • Rave: Sunshine! I love this weather.

    Rant: Despite my conscious efforts, I’ve developed awful posture at work. I’m seriously debating getting a fancy chair or a big ball – anything that helps prevent constant backaches!

  • New RANT: Tri I’ve been training for and done the past two years is CANCELLED. Ugh. That blows. I loved the DC tri (and I do NOT want to do Nations- I don’t like training through the DC summer!). Guess I’ll have to find a new olympic tri to hit up near by.

  • rant: 42 bus passed me by at the Dupont Circle stop this morning. so f’ing frustrating.

    rave: the weather.

    rave: attended the official ceremony welcoming david cameron to the White House

  • rave: this weather (even though it’s one more sign that the Mayans were right)

    rant: I can’t stop crying at work. (ex)boyfriend and I broke up over the weekend, and while I know it was inevitable, I’m very very sad

    rave: no one at work can see me cry, thanks to the way my desk is positioned

    rant: I can’t help but take it personally when my friends can’t hang out due to busy schedules

    • The Mayans didn’t have leap years, so we should actually be some time in 2013 according to their timekeeping. I read it on the internet, therefore it is fact.

  • Rave: Forsythia bursting out in bloom! This should be the weekend to visit Dumbarton Oaks for Forsythia hill.

    Rant: Irrationally disappointed that my peas, planted only on Sunday, have not sprouted yet.

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