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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Coming into work a half hour early and leaving a half hour late from now on.

    Rave: AWS from now on, off every other Friday.

    Rave: Beautiful weather this whole week. Is spring finally here?

  • claire

    Rant: Missed Bistro Bohem’s soft opening on Friday.

    Rave: The sun isn’t going to set until 7:13 tonight! I’m so excited to see some real sunlight after leaving work!
    Rave: And the weather all this week is supposed to be gloriously warm.
    Rant: Seasonal allergies kicking in already.

  • Rave: Surprise email this morning — I’m one of the lucky ones who got White House Easter Egg Roll tickets!

    Rave: The Weather

    Rant: Nothing yet!

    • JEALOUS! Would so love to get cute pics of the kids all dresses up at this event. Check out the Mommy blogs for tips – I hear the line to get in is a bear with restless toddlers in the hot sun.

  • Rave x 100000: This weather!
    Rant: Time change meaning it’s dark again when I take the pup for his morning walk.
    Rant: Uncertainty

  • Rave: my photo on PoP!
    Rave: the awesome weather
    Rave: apartment hunting
    Rant: monday!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Interview done and thank you notes sent.

    Rant: Now too pooped to work.

    Rant: Band practice went over their time last night.

    Rave: Neighbors came together to get the police to tell the band to stop.

    Rant: Apparently the practice studio is sound proofed so that those inside cannot hear banging on the door with a shovel, yet we can all hear the band.

    Rave: Usually the bands that practice stop at a reasonable hour.

  • Rave: Successfully medicating two cats. They were terrific!
    Rant: Feeling pressured to attend an out-of-state wedding when I have 1) grad school and work, and 2) a very challenging piano program I’m working up for another friend’s wedding in May. Sorry, but I can’t do everything.
    Rave: the May wedding will be featuring a very interesting piano arrangement of a Radiohead song. Challenging, but pretty cool.

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: According to my internal clock, I was at work five minutes early this morning.

    Rave: 80 degrees on Friday?!? Seriously?!

  • Rave: Today’s picture reminds me that there are only two more weeks until we get on the water.

    Rant: Viciously painful erg (rowing machine) test standing between me and the boat I want to get into.

    Rave: Good friend signing up at Capital Rowing Club’s learn to row program — another drinking and rowing partner.

    • I don’t miss the erg. I painfully miss rowing though, I just don’t have the time or funds to pick it up regularly though. Also, I became a sculler a few years ago, and definitely don’t have the money for my own shell 🙁 I’ll have to suffice with watching the teams on the Potomac

      • Oh, come on, you weren’t doing anything between 4:30 and 6:30 AM anyway. 🙂

        If you decide to return to sweeps, CRC is pretty affordable (I haven’t paid my dues yet, but I’m thinking $150 membership and $150 each for the spring summer and the fall programs).

      • If you are perhaps interested in rowing something a little larger, check out http://longshipco.org/ . The ship is docked near Leonardtown, but it is often possible to carpool from the DC area. Voyages are casual (and in street clothes) and occur once or twice a month in the summer and fall. Guests are welcome and expected to join in the rowing if able.

  • Revel: A glorious Sunday with two incredible friends!

    Rant/Rave: The shirtless man with the beer gut who moved from his bench to mine in Dupont Circle park yesterday. The chuckle I got from said incident, awesome people watching and the weather more than made up for it.

    Rant.2: The senseless violence that continues to mar DC.

  • Rave: checked out two of the new additions to Park View this weekend, Lions and Dolcinea (princeofpetworth.com/2012/01/update-on-dulcinea-restaurant-coming-to-2618-georgia-ave-nw/page-cat/parkview-neighborhoods/) and was SUPER impressed with both! Lions was beautiful inside and the staff was beyond friendly. Grabbed lunch at Dolcinea yesterday and it is coming along really well! We spoke with the owner who is a great guy working really hard to make Dolcinea a budget friendly, fun neighborhood hang out. They are on schedule to start serving liquor mid April and are working on patio and deck seating now. Definitely check them out! I wish all the best to both businesses.

    • Good to hear this! As a Park View resident, I need to check this place out. 🙂

      (Does it count as being in Park View, though? It’s on Georgia between Euclid and Fairmont; somehow I thought Park View didn’t go further south than Columbia or maybe Harvard.)

      • Haha, I wondered this as I was writing it. I’m never really sure what’s considered Park View, it seems like the lines are blurred a bit. But I figured it was safe to say since PoP tagged it as “Park View” in his post and even if its technically not, it’s just a few blocks outside.

        But definitely do check it out! If the owner is there (he probably will be) he will happily show you around and talk about his plans going forward. And be on the look out for their coming livingsocial deal!

      • Prince Of Petworth

        dulcinea is technically in Pleasant Plains but I don’t freak out like some people do about exact neighborhood boundaries. I remember when people would freak out if you called this area anything but Columbia Heights…

  • Rave: All of the beautiful flowers on my walk to the metro. I love spring!
    Rave: The weather!
    Rave: Actually accomplishing most of the chores I had set out for myself yesterday. And a bunch were outside, so I still got to enjoy the day!

  • rave: not working today

    rave: taking risks and strongly considering a relocation. depending on if i can find an apartment… i’m gone!

    rave: lovely weather

    rave: hanging out with my dog today, after getting back from a vacation and not seeing her for 4 days.

    rant: time change screwing me up.

  • Rant: All the people who think 80 degrees in mid-march is a good thing. For the 30 year climatology average, that is weather for mid-may. You are all shortsighted. You should be scared, not happy.

    • When life hands you (hot) lemons…

    • anon. gardener

      I actually agree with both of y’all. 80 degrees in this part of the country in March is just plain wrong. I am already ramping up the migraine meds in preparation. My house is much nicer in the winter (no central a/c). However, it’s too soon for mosquitoes, so i can actually enjoy my backyard chemical free for more than 5 minutes. I’ll take it.

    • There might be cause for a little worry if there were a very long stretch of 80+ degree weather in March, but having lived here all my life I know that an occasional oddball early warm day is no harbinger of doom – it’s just life in the MidAtlantic. Same goes for the occasional 70 degree day in July. It’s only one day – summer isn’t starting yet, and the world isn’t ending yet. Try to enjoy it, or at least let the rest of us enjoy it.

  • Rant: Religious mother-in-law will be in town this weekend visiting, yah!!! 🙁

  • Rant: Landlord who does absolutely nothing! Couch is now ruined due to a leak upstairs. Told to just call him if it happens again. Not sure when I should be filing a renters insurance claim…

    Rant: Moving means moving out of DC. I love living in the city.

    Rave: The amount of amenities and space we get for less money is really, really intriguing…but it means living in Arlington…

  • Rave: That picture. I cannot WAIT to go kayaking. (Yes, I know THAT’s not kayaking. 🙂 )
    Rave: If my weekend were a PoP Post the title would definitely begin with, ‘ridiculously awewsome’
    Rave: Surprise slumber party with a cute boy.

  • Rave: Hubby home from China!! Yay!!
    Rant: He was sick with a fever all last night.
    Rave: (should this count as a rave?) I actually got to help him and care for him. Four years together and he’s never once been sick enough that he needed me to care for him. It was nice to be needed and make him better.

    • Ok dont take this the wrong way, but I recently watched the movie Contagion and as soon as I read your rant my butt cheeks clenched involuntarily, and after a few seconds I LOLed at my foolishness.
      That damned movie!!!! *shakes fist in the air*

      • Oh trust me- I thought the same thing!! We watched it a couple weeks ago and we travel a lot internationally so now I’m all paranoid!! But suffice it to say- not contagious, just pooped from work and travel.

  • rant: I’m worried that my six month old son is allergic to our two cats. He’s had a puffy eye for a few weeks, a rash, and is coughing/stuffy all the time. I blamed it on daycare but now i’m thinking it may be the cats. ugh. don’t want to get rid of them.

    • Whoa, could be allergies, I don’t know when you would expect onset of cat allergies in a baby, but I had to start myself on Zyrtec and my preschooler on children’s Claritin very early this year, apparently the mild winter means a early allergy season in the Northeast. Maybe it’s just dust or mold or pollen.

  • Rave: ACC Champs!!

    Rave: Had lots of fun meeting and hanging out with new people this weekend.

    Rant: Still 2.5 more months of living in a toxic situation with the most vile, immature roommates ever. Same to above rant re: Arlington, and I’m sad about leaving (temporarily) the city.

  • Rant: Can’t seem to find anyone to deliver a load of topsoil to NW DC. Any ideas?

    • Craigslist. There are usually posts a few this time of year. It can be a crap shoot if it is actually topsoil unless you go with a known vendor. Depending on quantity you could contact any big landscaping firm to see what they could do. If it’s less than a truck full you might not have luck. Other options = ZipTruck + bags from Home Depot. Much more expensive, though

    • Any good landscaping company should be able to do it. Might cost you though, otherwise, rent a Home Depot Truck, or a U-Haul truck and pick it up yourself…

    • It is difficult – I discovered a couple of years ago on similar quest – because most companies are (naturally) outside the beltway and find that time spent dealing with DC traffic eats up all profit. Dirt is heavy and bulky. Even if they could drop a full truckload at one place (not likely) it still doesn’t pay for gas and time. Perhaps the Irish solution – smash up rocks, drag up tons of seaweed, mix them together and wait for soil (while starving.)

  • Rave: Was finally able to go out and run for the firs time since being sick for the past two weeks.
    Rant: Lost a ton of progress during those two weeks.
    Rave: Running four 5Ks in April.
    Rant: I’ve never ran a 5K. I hope that people are understanding of this and maybe some other beginners will be there too!

    • You didn’t lose as much as you think! It may just take a couple runs for your legs to remember. Base fitness doesn’t completely disappear in 14 days.

      And don’t worry about your first 5K! As long as you have a plan to finish you most likely will not be the last person out there. They only get easier, and you only get faster!

  • Rave: In Atlanta spending some quality time with family & friends. My niece and nephew are the cutest and I had so much fun catching up with my besties last night.

    Additional rave: I finally get to see my friends’ band play tomorrow night. They were just pulling together their first album when I left Atlanta 4 years ago and I’ve never been able to make it home to hear them play. I’m super excited!

    Rant: Ongoing tension between my mom and sister and the fact that they keep trying to put me in the middle. I refuse to get into it.

    Additional rant: I still have to work all day today and tomorrow even though I’m not in the office. If I didn’t have a deadline I’d just take the days off, but I can’t do it right now 🙁

  • Rant: Just cut a curb too close on accident and scraped the $@#! out of my rims. crap.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: Had no choice but to use the metro over the weekend and it took me 2 hrs. to get to my destination. It took me another 2 hours to get back.
    rave: I went to pick up my framed photo for the DCist exposed show, and it looks great!

  • Rant: Missing hubby while he’s on a biz trip to China, had a terrible dream something happened to him and we were both in the hospital, so nice to wake up and have that not be real, except it was 4:30 am and daylight savings is screwing with me.
    Rave: Fabulous spring weather, flowers and fun Petworth parents potluck on Sunday…many like minds on education, speed abatement, litter and crime in the Beautiful Life neighborhood.

  • anon. gardener

    Super. Duper. Rave. The priest who denied communion to the woman at her mother’s funeral has been placed on administrative leave, and his conduct in this and other instances is being investigated.

    • Yes, this is a good thing but it was not as a result of that particular action. In any case the family is pleased that he will not be “ministering” for a while.

      • Well, that’s what they said anyway.

        • I’m happy to think that he was relieved of his priestly duties for being a putz. But I also don’t like to name call. Oh well.

      • Agree that it’s a very good thing to give this guy a major time-out, but since it’s for other infractions, it’s sort of like sending Capone to jail on tax evasion. He’s put away, but I would have preferred the statement that would have been made by punishing the communion denial and related actions.

  • Warning: I don’t want to hear any of the people currently cheering temperatures 20 degrees above average complaining at all about the heat when summer actually arrives.

  • Rave: Had some good time with the housemates this weekend, even if it was for spring cleaning–maybe they’re not as bad as I think?

    Rant: Had a ream of paper dropped on the top of my foot a while ago, which will make wearing shoes a bit rough. Nice bruise!

    Rave: Lunch today consisted of sitting outside on the ground, a really good turkey/cucumber sandwich, and the Hunger Games. So hard to go back in!

    Rant: The RED LINE! Unfortunately I had to go into the city both Saturday and Sunday and it took FOR-EV-ER.

    Rave.1: After work plans include sitting on my front steps and continuing on in the Hunger Games! Can’t wait!

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