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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: A house a couple of doors down was boarded up yesterday. What a way to attract delinquency.

  • Rave: Lunch at Rasika, Dinner at Komi

    Rant: Fatness

  • Rant: Spending $100 to go to two of the last three Caps losing efforts. I think I saw maybe three passes between the defensemen along the blue line. Dale Hunter needs a serious talking to. Meanwhile Bruce has gone 27-8 since being canned.

    Rave: $1.76 Shiners last Friday at Hill Country.

  • Rave: Husband has another job interview this week, and found out that one of his current coworkers used to work at the company. His coworkers emailed one of the interviewers to recommend him! YAY networks!

    Rant: Haven’t worked out since I got my dog in January. We walk a mile in the mornings and we play inside, but I’m starting to feel a little too squishy around the middle.

    Rave: Life has settled down a lot and if I make a workout schedule for myself, I can actually get in some quickie workouts a few times a week. Also, I am going to track my diet as best I can. I lost 30lbs in 2008 and I am NOT going back.

    • Congrats on having lost the weight!! You won’t go back. Sounds like you’re on the right track. There’s nothing like feeling healthy, happy, and focused. Enjoy the pooch! 🙂

  • Rant: Anyone notice that there is suddenly a ton of graffiti/writing inside the Circulator buses? I feel like I now spend my daily commute surrounded by penises, f-bombs, and tags. Although it IS funny to watch everyone avoid sitting in the seat with a penis drawn on it (if you ride the Circulator regularly, you know what I’m talking about!).

    Rant: I spent so much money on these stupid Lululemom pants, and they stretch out and become unwearable after a day. This is what I get for being a lemming and following trends…

    Revel: I am off to a warm place for work until Saturday! I got to dig out my sandals and sun dresses!

    • me

      You actually just probably bought the wrong size. Same thing happens in the ones that I have gotten to big for me since I’ve lost weight.

    • Same thing happened to me when I splurged on some Lucy pants. I ended up getting some cheaper nike ones that were great for a while but have recently stretched out. I think the moral of the story is – buy cheap because you will have to buy often.

    • msmaryedith

      The workout pants at Costco are really almost exact replicas of the Lulu Groove pant. And cost $19.99–$78 less than the Lulu version. A friend of mine worked at Lululemon for a long time and knows their stuff well. Even she agreed that these were nearly the same quality, etc. Mine have held up really well–I honestly can’t tell much difference between my real and fake ones.

      • $100 yoga pants?!?!

        • embarrassing, right?

          • That sort of blows my mind.

          • I know literally nothing about yoga or yoga pants, except that I love the way they look (sometimes). HOWEVA, what is “embarassing” about paying for something that has a percieved, and likely very real quality advantage over something else? In my dealings (aka research for gift giving) these things are LOVED by girls, and for many last well into the sub dollar-per-wear category. I don’t own many things that reach that value.

        • +1
          I do not need $100 worth of spandex encasing my keister to get my sweat (or my om) on.

      • Yeah, I don’t understand $100 yoga pants either.

        • I don’t understand yoga pants.

        • me

          You guys sound like my husband. (But I get them anyways.) 🙂 But they’re cute, comfortable, fit me well, and actually come in long, so they are one of the few brands that aren’t complete highwaters on me.

          LuluLemon needs to make office attire. Seriously.

          • no. the problem with yoga pants is that they’re underwear. which isn’t a huge problem if you only wear them to work out and then immediately back home. but this horrible culture of bumming around ALL DAY in your underwear/workout clothes is horrible. I don’t want to go eat at a restaurant next to somebody who is wearing yoga pants. I don’t want to go shopping in a store where all the patrons are wearing flip flops and underwear. make a little effort, people. I know most of you think you look good in your skimpy workout outfits, but the vast majority of you don’t… which is fine, I don’t judge, UNTIL you start wearing those clothes into establishments other than a yoga studio or gym. then I’ll stare at you and comment on the fact that you’re wearing your underwear around in public.

            they are called yoga pants for a reason: you should only wear them when you do yoga. same with any workout gear. GO HOME after your workout and SHOWER and then change into NORMAL clothes.

            don’t get me started on printed tees…

          • Generally I agree, and I don’t leave the house in yoga pants unless I’m walking the dogs or working out. However, I don’t understand why you think they’re like underwear. Mine are made of a much thicker material than most of the pants I wear to work, and they cover just as much, and they’re a lot more flattering.

          • me

            I meant that I wished they made office attire in comfortable materials such as the luon fabric. Obviously it’s not office attire. But, yoga pants =/= underwear. If you have an issue with printed tees, I feel like you would take issue with anything really casual.

          • “they’re a lot more flattering.”

            I wholeheartedly disagree.

          • Uh, have you seen me in yoga pants? How the heck would you know what’s flattering on me? I’m a short woman and work pants make me look matronly.

          • I agree with me’s comment – yoga pants =/= underwear.

            Even though Anonymous is horrified, I will wear my yoga pants to the grocery store, to the bank, in a restaurant. I will wear them just about everywhere. Because they are comfortable.

            Yoga pants don’t flatter every body – neither do jeans. Or khakis. Just about any article of clothing can look unflattering on a person.

          • We had this argument a few months ago! 🙂

            I think there are two kinds of people in the world: one kind thinks it’s ok to wear crocs, yoga pants, finger shoes, etc to just about anywhere they please, and another kind that feels like we should be a part of the society and put etiquette about personal comfort. I fall into the second one, if I make an effort to put on presentable clothes to go to a semi-nice restaurant on a date, I’d rather not be surrounded by yoga pants.

            It’s the same argument as “do you wear white gym shoes with your work suit for comfort’s sake”. And the answer is: you absolutely do not, you SUFFER for beauty’s sake dammit! :))))

          • Emmaleigh504

            Completely agree @maria! We won’t have any beauty in the world if people don’t start working at it!

    • I get totally annoyed when the pants stop hugging every dimple on my ass, riding up my crack for everyone to see.

      Ugh, death to yoga pants.

  • Rave: Buying a great house in Brookland!

    Rant: Inspection today…fingers crossed it all goes well and there are no major issues.

    Rave: Excited about exploring and living in a new part of town. Would love to hear from other that live in the area and have any recommendations for things to do, places to eat, etc.

    • I would also be interested in hearing all about Brookland. We are looking for prospective areas to possibly move to and Brookland may be one of them.

    • Went to college there and am loving that Brookland is on the upswing. Sorry I can’t help because I only used to go to Kitty O’Shea’s, Subway, and Colonel Brooks. I think Kitty’s is still there but is called something else and I think they are closing Colonel Brooks.

    • San Antonio Bar & Grill and Silvestre Cafe aren’t bad. There is supposed to be something new opening up on 12th Street, south of Franklin Street. Chez Hareg on 4th Street has nice treats. Check out Rhode Island Ave Insider blog (http://rhodeislandavene.com/) for recommendations. They’ve listed new stuff coming to Woodridge. They mentioned a new bakery with chocolates.

  • Rant: The middle school aged kid who asked me this morning if he could take a picture of me, to which I said no and then asked if he could take a picture of me with my clothes off.

    Rave: Warmer weather!

  • Rant: It’s time again for me to spend a couple of weeks doing my least favorite part of my job.

    Rave: Even with this task, I really love my job.

    Rant: Spring keeps threatening to arrive, but it’s still too chilly. Bring on the 80s!

  • Rave: Met the Prince last night!
    Rave: will be wearing my PoP tee in Miami this weekend
    Rant: a wee bit hungover today 🙁

  • Rant: I am sick with a horrible cough that I’ve had for almost two weeks.
    Rant: I have only been able to work out twice since I’ve become sick.

    RANT: I’ve called 4 doctors offices and none are accepting new patients. How in the world am I supposed to see a doctor?

    • claire

      I’ve had good luck using ZocDoc: http://www.zocdoc.com

      • SouthwestDC

        After searching for SIX YEARS for a Primary Care physician that wasn’t located way out in the suburbs I came across Zoc Doc and was able to find one through them. The pickings are still pretty slim– of the available doctors in DC that took my insurance one was located in Takoma Park and the other all the way out in Woodley Park– but it’s better than calling a hundred different offices trying to find someone.

      • Okay so I’ve been on zocdoc but I’m hesitant to schedule an appointment using it. I have instead found good docs and called to ask for the appointment but when I call and say I am a new patient they say they have no appointments available. Should I just go ahead and schedule an appointment and trust that it is actually available?

        • claire

          I’ve always had luck making appointments using the online system. I know a friend once had an appointment made through ZocDoc canceled right after he made it (think it was a doctor just getting started and he wasn’t actually ready to take appointments yet), and I believe ZocDoc gave him a small Amazon gift card as recompense.

          • Shortly after I made my first appointment I got a call from the practice saying my doctor was unavailable for that day/time, and would I be willing to do it at the same time with a nurse practictioner instead? I said no, so we made my appointment for another time with the doctor. Immediately after we rescheduled the appointment I got calls and emails from Zoc Doc checking to see what the story was. If a doctor can’t fulfill their appointments they eventually get banned from the site.

    • msmaryedith

      I was really sick back in December and ended up needing to go to a doctor on a Sunday. I went here: http://dcimmediatecare.com/ Really nice, and they took walk-ins and appointments.

      If you’re looking for something more long-term, I like where I go, but it is way out in Alexandria. http://mtvernoninternalmedicine.com/ I go to Lauren, and I LOVE her. Really great.

    • I had the same cough for 3+ weeks… I recommend going to a CVS minute clinic. I had a 20 minutes wait, $10 copay and left with antibiotics in hand.

  • Rant: Left my new expensive hard to find vegan dress shoes in New Orleans and they were thrown away.

    Rave: Feeling fortunate that I can afford to replace them.

  • claire

    Rant: I really need a staycation. Every time I cross one thing off my to do list, there are two more things to add to it. Weekends just aren’t long enough!

    Rave: Warmer weather today and tomorrow. I have so much more energy in the spring!

  • Rant: As I was riding the metro home last night on the yellow line to Mt. Vernon 4 kids ran on the train at archives just before the doors closed holding about 4-5 wallets each and talkign very loud and excitedly about their escape plan (apparently they were misinformed that the yellow line goes all the way to Ft. Totten during rush hour) and what their next move would be.

    Rave: taking full descriptions and blurry but decent camera phone pics, getting off at the next stop, calling Metro Police and providing them with their descriptions and destination.

    Extra Rave: Getting back on the train and having said kids join the train (in my same car) at the next stop, noticing they had did their best to alter their looks (switching attire with each other), so when I got off at my stop I was able to provide the Metro Police at my station with updated descriptions and current locations. They had apparently posted cops at every station between mt. vernon and fort totten to nab the kids, nice to see them doing their job.

    …hoping whomever had their stuff stolen got it back.

  • Rant: Someone is playing a saxophone at 16th and Irving at 6am. One. Note. At. A. Time. This has got to stop – people live here, dude.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I don’t hate the *entire* world today.

  • Rant: Sometimes I think I missed my true calling as a therapist or psychologist. I’m the person my friends come to for advice/empathy/tough love, and I’ve been told by numerous people I’m good at it. Somehow, I’m terrible at handling my own issues and anxiety thought.

    Rave: Job interview tomorrow, and I just got a project at my current job that will give me lots to talk about in the interview.

    Rave: 5k at lunch time yesterday, at my personal top speed. Next goal is under 30 minutes (beginner here!)

  • RANT: Cannot get PoP on iPhone – it loads blurry – anyone have the same problem? DCist and Frozen Tropics load fine – so, not sure what the prob is.

  • talula

    Rave: warm weather, longer days, running in Rock Creek Park after work.

    Rant: my boyfriend is trying to move to DC but hasn’t been able to find a job here. How do people find jobs in new cities where they don’t know anyone and have no network? Has anyone actually landed a job by applying online? We are convinced the resumes he submits online disappear into some kind of black hole without ever being looked at by an actual person.

  • rant: what the he!! should i do with my life?!?!?! *tears hair out while running around the room*

  • Rant: The sheer madness that was traffic downtown around 4:30 yesterday. I didn’t bother to check if there would be any issues getting home, and it looks like a suspicious package at Metro center and Obama going to the Jefferson Hotel combined to make a cluster of mayhem.

    Rave: Great mood today, weather is gorgeous, looking forward to everything!!

  • RAVE: Not one but two cold emails about a potential job – one at State!!
    RANT: I’m in a PoP contract which I don’t even like. How do I get out of it?

  • Rave: Second date with Mr. Chilvary tomorrow night. It helps that he’s funny, handsome, and smart. Eep!
    Rant: Telling different guy (who I went on a second date with last week) that I’m not interested. That’s never fun but it’s the right thing. Blegh.

    • psa: if you’re going let him in on the pet name you have for him, particularly over email, make sure you say chivalry.

  • Rant: Lemmings. I hate it when people all get in one lane for a two lane exit (3rd street anyone?). Every morning as I travel down H street heading downtown, people are always in that left lane so far back to get on the highway which makes it tough to continue on H. There are two lanes there for a reason people, learn to merge and use them.

    Rave: When I am actually taking said exit, that lane is usually empty thus saving me time since I don’t have to wait in line for the light to chane 3 times. Thanks lemmings.

  • Rant: Booked our trip to NY for my birthday weekend with the wife. Going up on a Saturday and coming back Sunday night.

    Rant x2: Got tickets on one of the new non-stop bus companies. Our tickets Saturday morning cost us a total of $6.50 for both of us 🙂 Hooray early-buyer discount!

    • claire

      Which company, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m contemplating a trip up to NY in the near future.

      • Tripperbus. Leaves out of Bethesda or Arlington. Hint: They release their schedule two months to the day, so if you want to travel on May 6th, check today.

  • Rant: I am dog sitting for a friend. When I have it out of the cage, it pees everywhere marking that my apartment is now his. My dog (who is 10 times larger) doesn’t like this but is too sweet and well-behaved to act out in return. When I put it in the cage, it goes ape-shit crazy. I’ve tried a blanket over the cage, I’ve tried putting it in front of the tv, I’ve tried a dark room all alone, a bright room right in front of me, I’ve tried everything. I let it bark and cry for 2 solid hours, it never got tired. The only time he is quiet is when he is running about my apartment a mile-a-minute marking everywhere. I’ve gone through an entire bottle of resolve and I’m not even sure I’ve gotten all his tiny little marks yet. There is no stopping him in the act, he is quick and sly. I wasn’t able to sleep for even one minute last night between cleaning up after him or listening to him whine. Never. Dog. Sitting. Again.

    • Sheesh!

      So you’re not only looking after the dog, but looking after it at your place, not the dog owner’s place?

      Is this dog unneuteured?

    • Similar rant: I’ve had my two dogs for almost three years and they won’t stop peeing and pooping everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s one dog or both, but I’m pretty sure the male is responsible for some of it because of the pee locations (up against the legs of furniture, etc). I’ve cleaned and cleaned with Nature’s Miracle. I thought things would get better when we moved but it’s the same problems. I keep them crated at night and during the day when I’m at work. This seems like too much crate time but it’s the only way to keep them from having accidents. They get regular walks on a regular schedule, but within an hour of returning from a walk they’re likely to pee in the house. When I’m home and not sleeping I keep them in the kitchen, which is at least easier to clean, so they can stretch their legs a little. They eat a mix of wet and dry food that’s appropriate for their size, and I limit the amount of water they get. No medical problems that we’re aware of. What else can I do?

      • Try longer walks, trips to the dog park if they’re social. or run with them, play ball whatever you can. from my experience the more exercise and activity you can give a dog the better behaved they are. Dogs need to feel like they have a job.
        This might not be the case w your dogs, but maybe it will help

        • I usually take them to the dog park for an hour in the afternoon, where I play ball with them. Thanks for the advice though!

      • Limit their water? You’re supposed to provide fresh, clean water at all times to an animal. I sincerely hope you are not depriving them of water during the day or night. It also sounds like you are keeping them caged almost 24 hours a day, especially when you write that you have them in a cage during the day and at night. You should probably take them to a vet for a consultation. If it is not health-related, perhaps they could recommend behavioral techniques or a person who can help with the situation. But don’t assume it is unrelated to health if you haven’t taken them for a full check up at your vet’s office. Good luck.

        • actually, i take my dog’s water away after a certain time in the evening, and it’s not an issue.

        • One of the first things my vet told me when I got my dog is that you should limit their water. Some dogs will drink way more than they need and pee it out on the floor.

          For a while I had two giant bowls of water out, to make sure they always had water available, but lately I’ve been limiting it to one bowl a day. I’m at my wit’s end so I’m just trying everything.

          They’re crated for 8 hours at night and 8.5 hours during the day. That’s 16.5, not 24. I agree that it’s still too much crating. But I already have my hands full cleaning up pee and poop from the 5-6 hours a day that they’re not in their crates, being walked, or being played with. The vet says if I’m consistent with crating they should get on schedule and not go in the house, so that’s what I’m doing.

          • Limiting water is fine. And is very much needed when training a puppy or a new dog in the house.

            Crating for 16.5 hours a day is alot of crating. It is consistent, but it is alot of time for the dog to be crated. That is really going to be up to you, your vet and perhaps a trainer… but I was told to never crate more than 12 in a 24 hour period.

            Good luck. And… as much work and exercise as you can give them is what is needed – and as their gets to be more light, your dog (like people) will tend to have more energy

          • Occasionally I experiment with leaving them out of the crates while I’m at work, and I almost always come home to a mess. What would you do in my situation? I feel like the only way I can avoid the accidents is to keep them in crates 24 hours a day (minus feeding and walk time)… but that’s not remotely healthy for them so I would never try it. The current trade-off is that they’re creating an unhealthy environment for ME!

          • I crate my dog when I am at work – she has separation issues, and finds the crate to be more calming that having the apt to roam in (we have attempted to slowly alter this… but my pup couldn’t handle it, so I crate her).

            it really sounds like the dogs have a little separation anxiety issues. If they are not peeing in their crate, but only when out of the crate, this is a dominance or separation anxiety issue (imho).

            I would try the opposite: do not crate them at night, as you are around then. Don’t give them full roaming – is there an area you can block them into at night (putting up a baby gate) so they can have more free area, but not unlimited? When I lived in a 2 bedroom apt, I babygated my bedroom door – so she could go wherever she liked in my room, but not all over the apt.

            A spray bottle and the noisemaker are good tools, and yes, they are for catching them and stopping it from occuring – which is the only way this can be stopped: teaching them not do to it.

            It sounds like a hard road. So, here’s some suggestions:
            –clean every area they have done their business in with a good solution and an odor eliminator

            –ensure there are no health problems with either of the dogs. If one is peeing, they both will pee, even if only 1 has an infection.

            –determine whether it is marking or peeing – usually by how much urine is being expelled. If it is marking, you have a dog-dilemma in that one dog feels dominant, and is marking (and the other may mark over the first mark or vice versa). The solution: you must become the dominant.
            –2/more dogs in the same house may regard each other as competition and are then more prone to marking

            –watch the dog carefully for signs they are going to go – like sniffing, or circling in spots where he has marked before.

            –If your dog pees/poops during the night it is usually enough to let him drink water earlier, rather than later at night, and take outside for a pee/poop before going to bed. If they don’t do their business – go outside again in 20 minutes. Do not go to bed until they have done their business. (well-trained adult dogs generally need to go outside four to six times a day).

            Crating them at night is NOT a bad solution, but I would try to get someone to come in duting the day a few times a week to give them extra time out of the crate (and more times to go).

          • Wow, thanks for the advice! Sometimes we do let them sleep in the bedroom with us, and sometimes that works out ok, but other times one of them will pee or poop somewhere in the middle of the night. Usually it’s on my girlfriend’s oriental rug which upsets her and it’s really hard to clean.

            They NEVER EVER do it in front of us so we can’t reprimand them. My girlfriend has gotten a bit neurotic about it and starts yelling whenever one of them wanders out of our sight or is sniffing around.

      • Ugh, I hear ya! My male dog is a total “I pee on this because I’m in charge!” little Napoleon. I stopped that long ago by taking the advice of the vet and using a can filled with coins and a spray bottle. Those two items still sit on the kitchen counter, but I haven’t had to use them in years… just the threat is enough to deter the peeing!

        • What do the can and spray bottle do? Are you catching him in the act and scaring him with water and noise? Unfortunately mine only do it when I’m not around.

          • do you think it’s possible they have some form of separation anxiety? i would try the diapers

          • I think mine are just bored. I leave out toys, and they have each other to play with, but I guess that gets old after a while and peeing on things starts to look fun. I can’t say I blame them, but it’s frustrating because most dog owners don’t have this problem.

          • how old are the dogs? i wonder why peeing would be fun. do they seem guilty after you find it? my dog would have accidents but she would get extremely guilty when she knew i found it, and would avoid the spot like the plague, because she felt so bad. i know people say “dog’s won’t remember” but i think they do.

          • also what about a dog walker during the day? i know it can be expensive, but i feel so much better knowing my dog gets a potty break in the afternoon.

          • They are 3 and 5 years old. I’ve tried walking them in the middle of the day (I can usually slip away from work as long as I stay later) but I don’t think it helps.

      • Sounds weird, but I cured my dog of house-peeing by teaching her to ring a doorbell when she needs to go out and pee. Her issue though was mostly that she was terrified of the city (I live on a busy street.) I think giving her the “power” to know she would just go out, pee and come back in, was the fix.

        Also, a trainer told me to incorporate some great rare tug-toy or treat that only comes out (immediately) when she pees. When she goes out, you bring the toy along – she pees and immediately gets to tug.

        But I’m home all day with her, a very different situation. good luck.

    • Emmaleigh504

      This rant reminds me to thank Franklin and Erinie’s humans for having well behaved cats that are a pleasure to look after. (Seriously, go out of town, I want to play with your pets.)

    • We foster regularly, and have our second small dog that marks (for us it has only been the small ones). We have a belly band that we put on the dogs to catch the pee. It is essentially a piece of material with velcro at either end, and it has elastic on the sides to fit the pup snugg. You put a maxi pad in it (get the ones with wings to protect the belly band more) and then when the dog pees it pees in what is esentially a dog diaper. I then leave the pup in the wet diaper for a longer period of time to be sure the dog is uncomfortable having the wet pad touch him. This cured the first foster of marking, and we’re still in the learning process with the second. It was recommended to me by other people who have been fostering much longer than us. These can also be used when dogs get older and have health issues. With so many pups coming and going in our house we really can’t have any of them marking, or else the whole house would stink of pee. The only time the pup has the belly band (diaper) off is outside or in the crate. If it is a female that marks (they do too sometimes) then you’ll need a dog diaper that looks more like a people diaper, you can get them at any PetCo or PetSmart. I think you can only get the belly band online, but maybe some of the pet stores do carry them, or maybe Craigslist. If you can sew it is super easy to make.

      Resolve won’t take away the smell of pee “for the dog,” i.e. you can no longer smell it but the dog can. You need something like Nature’s Miracle (or another brand) to break down the smell to the point that the dog can’t smell it.

      Good luck! A dog relieving itself in the house is the absolute worst!

      • Thanks! This advice is actually very helpful. I never though doggy diapers would solve the problem, but if you’re saying it gets them to stop I’ll certainly give it a try.

        • I think the reason why it has helped in the training is because I make it very uncomfortable for them. Once they soil the diaper they have to sit in a soiled diaper until bedtime. You can put it on them in the morning and they can walk around soiled until they go out. That way they associate peeing in the house with being uncomfortable. Both the pups try to rub the diaper off, but I just re-adjust it if it slips. At the same time, if they mark in front of you like my fosters have, I keep a close eye on them and reprimand them when I catch them in the act. Keep doing your best with them, that’s all anyone can ask.

  • saf

    Rant: I am sick to death of bad writing. Misused apostrophes, misused words, lack of subject-verb agreement, and poorly constructed sentences will make my brain shoot itself at some point soon.

  • My friend and I were crossing 16th St at Irving just now – we had the green light and were halfway across the street when some idiot in a giant car with WVA tags turned onto 16th St and came within inches of hitting us. Inches.

    What the f***! We were clearly visible. He was speeding no doubt but there was plenty of room in the intersection for him to go around us.

    • Pedestrians are not safe on 16th street. Cars zoom past going 45, and bikes fly through you whether it be on the sidewalk, crosswalk or veering from street to sidewalk and back again.

  • Rant: Getting more depressed every day I’m at work. Whine, whine, I know, I have a job……………but it’s so pointless! People will mention things like, “Next fall when we do this,” and all I can think of is, “hell no, I won’t be here!”

    Rave: Throwing a “Dance Party” party in a few weeks! Gonna’ break out the X-Box Kinect and dance like fools. :o) Perhaps some alcohol first, to loosen up.

    • I am in the same boat. but i’ve been saying it for a couple years now “when x happens …” and i think to myself, i won’t be here! but, here i am.

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