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  • Africa is a big place. What kind of “African?”

    • saf

      We walked in there on their opening night. (Wanted to eat at Little Ethiopia, the restaurant that USED to occupy that site.) They were very nice, and showed us the menu, telling us it is, “Not Ethiopian, more jungle food.” The accents and the menu were rather west African.

    • The sign in the picture says Ghanaian.

  • Hello, my first time to the boards!

    I also went expecting Ethiopian food (with a few friends), since that’s what used to be there. The service was very friendly, but I found the food almost inedible. To be fair, I’ve only had west African food twice before, so maybe it’s just that I’m not used to the flavors. I enjoyed it much more the previous times, however, so I think it’s not just my palate. The peanut stew tasted really burned, and my fried fish was flavorless and so chewy somehow that it almost hurt to bite through it.

  • Nice signage, looks only moderately used.

  • It’s definitely a Ghanaian restaurant. They have an outpost in Woodbridge that I accidentally stumbled upon. The quality of the food at the VA location far exceeds that at Ghana Cafe or Bukom. That said Ghanaian food may be an acquired taste. It’s definitely not anything like Ethiopian.

    Omo tuo with peanut soup would be a good beginner’s choice. I hope they succeed it would be great to have a quality Ghanaian place nearby.

  • I haven’t tried the Rahama in Woodbridge, but I stopped by the one off Route 1 in Alexandria. Definitely an acquired taste and superior to Ghana Cafe. Predominately chicken, goat, and lamb stews with okra that are aggresively seasoned with a high fat content, these are the ancestors of contemporary gumbo. Captured slaves brought this with them to the Carribean where it picked up different spices and migrated to Louisiana where it acquired the roux from the French. Worth a try if you’re tired of the usual eating-baby-food-with-dishrags at Etete and Meskerem or any of a thousand other Ethiopian joints.

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