Props to the Cops – Lt. John Haines and Joseph LaFrance

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

On March 21, 2012, at about 10 PM, a citizen was walking in the 3900 block of 14th Street NW, when a subject grabbed him and pushed him up against a building and attempted to take his property from his body and his hand. As this was happening, two of our own Fourth District members, Lt. John Haines and Joseph LaFrance, were off-duty in the area and quickly intervened before the victim could be seriously hurt or any property could be taken.

The suspect was only able to obtain the victim’s cigarettes from his hand and then drop it. And the victim was not seriously injured. An adult male was arrested for Robbery Force and Violence.

Congratulations go out to the Fourth District Members John Haines and Joseph LaFrance for their hard work and dedication to the job in keeping the citizens of the District safe!

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  • pablo .raw

    As somebody said, PoP needs a “Like” button !

  • Allison

    Yay! Thank you officers!

  • How about folks actually bothering to sit on a jury to convict these bastards.

    When you skip jury duty, only losers sit on juries. Be the change you seek.

    • Touche. Will keep this in mind when my first notice comes

    • You said:”When you skip jury duty, only losers sit on juries.”

      Although I agree that citizens should serve on jury duty, you either need to work on your writing skills or on your worldview. Are people who don’t read PoP losers? Those who don’t work 9-5 jobs? Those who aren’t in the higher tax brackets?

    • Allison

      No, only losers sit on juries because that’s the only people who attorneys will allow to stay on the jury. Educated? Struck. A law student? Double struck. Ever had any involvement whatsoever in law enforcement (gee, like many people who work in the federal government)? Triple struck.

      • Allison, I think Anon’s point was that it’s stupid to call people u don’t know losers. 

        • PDleftMtP

          Also not correct. I’m a lawyer, and I’m good friends with two local federal prosecutors. I’ve been empaneled twice and never struck for cause.

          Actual conversation with two of my fellow jurors at the first lunch break from a drug trial:

          “I was surprised they kept me on – I’m friends with an AUSA in that office.”
          “You think you were surprised? I used to BE a prosecutor.”
          “You think you guys were surprised? I’m the Executive Director of an association of residential drug treatment centers.”

          And, by the way, the jury was good – a complete cross-section of the District, but everyone took it seriously and used common sense. If something happened to me, I’d be ok with that group figuring it out.

          • +10! I sat on a grand jury for six weeks, five days a week, 9-5, and we were very much a cross section—old/young, working class/professional/unemployed/retired, black/white/asian/hispanic, gay/straight. There were a lot of whiners, but I think we did a good job and heard 88 cases.

        • Allison

          I wasn’t replying to Anon, I was replying to Anonymous, post above.

          And I think it depends on the trial whether they’ll let you stay.

    • We can only hope it actually goes to a jury, rather than having the charges dropped or some plea bargain with a slap on the wrist sentence. I definitely give props to the cops here. But if the rest of the system doesn’t follow through, they’ll be out on the street doing this again before you know it.

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