President Obama Dining at Boundary Road on H St, NE

Dear PoP,

Do you know what’s going on down at H St tonight? There are a ton of police and secret service. There appears to be something going on at Boundry Road (414 H St, NE).

@HStreetDC tweeted:

“Anwar Saleem, Executive Director of H Street Main Street, is reportedly with President Obama @BoundaryRd on #HStDC”

Very cool!

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  • That is awesome! Great pub for that restaurant. They just opened up! Has anyone been yet? Wondering if it’s good. The menu didn’t really impress me, but was planning to check it out at some point.

  • daaaamn. his people on on it.

  • I’ve been a couple times, and it’s a great place. Incredible publicity for such a new restaurant.

  • Full disclosure: Karl, the proprietor, is a good friend. That said, Boundary Road really impressed me when we went for the soft opening. The food was extremely well-executed, the cocktails were fabulous, and the atmosphere is really nice. Surprised the Obamas picked it, but it further underscores why I think Barack just seems like my kinda dude.

  • I saw on channel 4 news tonight that he was dining with some contributors—as in the people who give $25 or $100. There was a non-profit head, a teacher, and a few other regular folks.

  • Sweet. I went about a month ago. I really enjoyed the brick chicken. I did think the signature cocktails were very small for the price but at least they were tasty. Looking forward to going back.

  • I went last week and very much look forward to returning–very tasty, great atmosphere, nice folks, and a great addition to the ‘hood.

    • I heard it wasnt that great and they hate kids

      • I heard that they cook kids and serve them to diners that don’t arrive wearing a proper jacket/tie. And they don’t even cook them correctly.

      • All the more reason to go…

      • I hate kids at a bar, bar oriented restaurant too. There’s TGI Fridays, Discovery Zone, and Luby’s for your kids. If you want to go somewhere that your kids are going to be out of place, hire a babysitter.

        *Disclaimer – if a bar wants to go out of the way to cater to parents and little kids (Wonderland), good for them. But, dont start with your parent superiority and expect all places to cater to you just because you replicated your DNA.

        • here’s the reality. there are more and more middle class parents in dc every year. but there are few decent family friendly restaurants in our neighborhoods. and seriously TGIfridays? come on. people don’t give up their desire for decent places when they breed. face the fact that this is not a college town but there are adults with families. some places will never be good for kids, but if they are halfway accepting of it, parents will go there. there are simply not enough places for them. it’s not about an attitude of superiority.

          • I just don’t understand why parents don’t splurge on a babysitter when going out for a nice dinner or to a bar. That way the parents – and the other diners – can enjoy their meal in a nice restaurant in peace. You don’t have to take the kids everywhere!

          • Because some parents want their kids to be exposed to adult experiences? My neighborhood has lots of middle class families with young children, who are often taken out to the same restaurants I go to. Remarkably those kids are always well behaved and willing to eat grown-up food, much more so than their suburban counterparts who are exposed to more “kid stuff”. I’m not crazy about children, but I have no problem with them being in restaurants as long as they are not disruptive. I think it’s a good experience for them.

      • I dont care about the kid part. I just want to go somewhere where the food is trendy, the drinks have funny names, and there are lots of hipsters. I’m there!

  • This resulted in the worst bus ride of my life last night. X2 detoured up K street NE and the down 8th. Multiple screaming children, no seats, and grumbling old people. Thanks a lot President Obama…

    • Word. On the plus side, a high profile visit to our neighborhood. I guess the highest profile possible, and that’s great for H.

      On the downside, they shut down like four blocks of H Street during rush hour, which was a nightmare.

  • Worth noting the twitter handle is @HStreetDC_, not @HStreetDC. I believe she had to change it because of an impersonation claim.

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