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  • SouthwestDC

    Loved Humayun’s tomb! So much better than the Taj Mahal.

    • I disagree – Humayun’s tomb is beautiful, but the Taj is one of a kind. The Mughals sure knew how to build ’em.

      I just visited Mumbai, Delhi and Kerala in Dec/Jan. Had a blast. Cochin was way too hot though! Ridiculous.

      • SouthwestDC

        Humayun’s tomb was more appealing to me because you could walk around and take pictures without having to fight through crowds of tourists. I spent most of my time at the Taj being harassed by one of the many shady characters who lurk around the site targeting non-Indians.

    • em

      +1 on Humayan’s Tomb – it was my favorite historical site when I visited India. The Taj is stunning, but I agree with caroline that the tourists and “guides” are overwhelming there.

  • I have to wonder, do you ever get any fake photo submissions, where someone has obviously pasted themselves into another scene?

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