PoP Pre-Preview, El Chucho’s, Coming to 3313 11th St, NW

3313 11th St, NW at Lamont

A couple of weeks ago we learned that the new taqueria coming 11th and Lamont St, NW would be called El Chucho’s Cocina Superior. Late last week, Gordon Banks, was kind enough to invite me on an early tour of the space. Gordon is a full time partner of El Chucho’s with Jackie Greenbaum. Previously Gordon was a manager at Quarry House and Side Bar in Silver Spring.

At first glance it doesn’t look like much construction has been completed:

But significant projects like the plumbing and reinforcing the ceiling to support the roof deck have been completed:

In the first photo above note the big window which will roll back and offer and indoor outdoor bar like some may have seen at Pearl Dive in Logan Circle. Inside (around 850 square feet) will seat about 36 people. There will also be a few patio seats out front but the main outdoor area will be on the roof deck.

The roof deck will seat around 40 people. And I’m loving the view in the distance of the tops of row houses on Lamont:

Gordon is hoping for a May opening. At that time you’ll see a menu influences by LA Street food, Mexico and Santa Fe. Chef Diana Davila-Boldin’s family is from Mexico and she has studied in Oaxaca. Most of the food options will be under $10.

But there will also be a serious drink menu including lots of tequilas and mezcals. One of my favorite features will be the $5 margaritas on draft that will flow whenever they’re open. For those who don’t like alcohol there will be Mexican coca cola as well as other homemade sodas.


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  • “Coke a cola?” C’mon PoP!

    Mescal? Now we’re talking!

    • Have you ever had mexican coca-cola?! It’s made with real sugar instead of corn syrup – so some people go bonkers for it. It’s pretty great for coca-cola lovers (which I’m not) but it’ll make some folks happy. I’m excited about a margarita *draft… 🙂

  • By the looks of things it wont be open until August.

  • Awesome news! I’ll be able to drop the dog off at the dog park and cross the street for a margarita.

  • Oaxacan Mexican?!?! I can’t wait – this is great news.

  • So it’s basically Mama Chuy with better booze? Sounds great, though I’ll continue to support Mama’s as well.

  • I’m really excited for this! Sidebar and Quarry House are awesome bars (even by DC standards) so I have high hopes for this place. Plus, this area could really use more authentic Mexican food/drink options, and I like that it doesn’t look like it will be ridiculously overpriced.

  • $10 meals and $5 margaritas on tap….the “hip strip” just keeps getting better

    • I’m bummed the “hip strip” name is slowly catching on. Terrible name. We need something good for 11th. How about Trolley Town? (I’m terrible at coming up w/ names, but someone has to have something that will catch)

  • Can’t friggin wait. Though we love El Riconcito, this just sounds awesome! Used to live up in Takoma and go to Quarry House all the time, loved it. Brunch at Jackie’s is solid too.

  • Sounds amazing, can’t wait. May does sound ambitious, but how sweet will summer be on 11th Street with this place, the new diner, the new Italian restaurant next to CH Coffee, the restaurant from the PORC people, and Room 11 doubling in size?? All are projected to open between any-day-now (the Italian place) and July … An embarassment of good food options!

    • i kinda thought the people that developed the meridian pint building were crazy when they did that but now it seems visionary!

  • Having recently returned from a ski vacation to Santa Fe, I would love to see good New Mexican (heavy use of red and green chilies) food in DC. That said, the “LA Street food, Mexico and Santa Fe” description makes me fear it will be another hodgepodge, catchall Latin place that doesn’t do any of the influences particularly well. Not unlike the Mexican/Salvadorian/TexMex places that are often not very good (IMHO).

    • You read my mind.

    • I’ll go ahead and instruct Ms. Greenbaum to terminate the project. Thanks for saving the neighborhood from this unwelcome menace.

    • Me, too! Love the green and red chilies, and sopapillas in New Mexico.

    • I haven’t found a Salvadoran place in DC that doesn’t taste authentic. You might not like it but it’s damn authentic to what they actually eat in El Salvador. I can’t speak to the TexMex/Mexico places though.

      • I think it’s because most of the Salvadorian/Tex-Mex/Mexican places in DC are actually Salvadorian-owned/operated. They just add the Tex-Mex and Mexican food options to appeal to the gringos 😉

        • And I have never found the TexMex options in these types of restaurants to be anything like the TexMex I grew up on in Texas. Just sayin’….

  • It was about this time three years ago that I was exploring 11th Street for the first time. I was on the market for a place and was not really considering Columbia Heights. I remember getting a coffee at Columbia Heights Coffee and looking around thinking that 11th Street had crazy potential. I decided that I was home. I never imagined that in just three years, it would become a perfect little enclave small restaurants and bars though. I am excited for this new Mexican joint. I think it will def. become a neighborhood favorite.

  • So excited for this! I love to see how this part of the neighborhood has continued to evolve, and absolutely cannot wait to see how it continues to get better!

  • I’m still really curious about that window on the adjacent property that looks directly onto what I’m assuming will be part of the rooftop deck. I’d hate for that to be my bedroom.

  • Mezcalitos!?

    Chucho is going to be my carnál cabrón

    • Hopefully that would be little glasses of Mezcal and not mezcalito. If mezcalito is available and legal in DC, I will be moving there, like, today.

    • isn’t chucho slang for dog/perro?

      • Also, the name doesn’t make sense and is grammatically incorrect. Change “El” to “The”, “Chucho” to “Tom”, “Cocina Superior” to “Superior Kitchen” and it will read: “The Tom’s Superior Kitchen”

      • y “chucho” es un perrito en Salvador y Guatemala.
        Y en Honduras es tacaño, y a Jesús le dicen Chucho,
        con tantas definiciones, como se usa esa puta palabra!?

        Chucho es frío en Argentina,
        Chucho en Chile es una cárcel,
        Chucho en México si hay alguien,
        con el don de ser muy hábil.

        El chucho de Chucho es un chucho ladrando,
        y por chucho a Chucho lo echaron al chucho,
        el Chucho era frío y lo agarró un chucho
        -“Que chucho”- decía,
        -“extraño a mi chucho”

        Jesus’s dog is a barking dog
        y because Jesús was greedy, they threw him in jail,
        the jail was cold and he caught a cold
        “How cute” he said
        “I miss my sweetheart”


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