Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market and Cafe Opening in Adams Morgan

1781 Florida Ave NW

Back in Jan. 2012 a reader noticed that the Rita’s in Adams Morgan had closed underneath Mint at 1781 Florida Ave NW.

I’m happy to report that the folks behind Pleasant Pops have signed a lease on the space and will be opening this summer. They have a kickstarter page and are hoping to raise $20,000 to get the Market and Cafe open by this summer. They explain:

“What is the Farmhouse Market & Cafe?

Inspired by DC area farmers’ markets, our vision is to create a year-round community market and gathering place in the heart of Northwest DC. We’ll feature a selection of seasonal local produce, dairy, farm goods, sandwiches, locally roasted coffees, and our original pop creations.”

Phenomenal news!

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  • Yeah that was a huge retail space for a place that just sold water ice. Seems like a good spot for a local produce market particularly since everyone’s been clamoring for one.

    • Pleasant Pops main sell (on which apparently their name is based) are paletas, which is a Mexican treat of flavored ice/water/pops – so not that much different from Ritas. Now they are trying to expand to local produce, sweets, coffee…something just isn’t meshing for me with this idea.

  • I don’t understand this – how can one sign a lease but not have the funds to open otherwise? Isn’t that part of what signing a lease is about? I’m glad that this place has community support (in whichever form that support is) but wouldn’t I have to worry that it doesn’t have the good business sense in this first place if they don’t have the money to even open, without doing this “fundraiser?” I get that start-up operations (if that is what this even is) aren’t flush with money in the beginning but if a bank won’t lend XX amount, then the question is why?

  • ledroittiger

    I’m pissed that I have to go east on Rhode Island now for my Rita’s fix this summer. I call bullshit.

  • Awesome! Very excited and hope that all the details work out. This will go very well with the other businesses on the block.

    I was always confused how Rita’s could open locations for only part of the year and afford rent (e.g. here, Columbia Heights, Chinatown, etc.).

  • This sounds very similar to Smucker Farms, which is just a few blocks away of 14th St. Not sure there is enough interest to keep them both open. Smucker Farms alone doesn’t seem that busy.

  • This should be a great local addition to that end of Adams Morgan! Along with AM wine shop, there will be some great places to get fresh meats, cheeses, produce, sandwiches, pops, and the like. Not to mention there is a major need for some decent coffee options in that area. Can’t wait!

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