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  • It looks a lot like the food at A&J, which has locations in Rockville and Annandale. Everything there is cheap and delicious, although it’s cash-only.

    • Make that two for A&J. Awesome Northern-style Chinese food with traditional cold dishes, hand made noodles, and great noodle soups. For fairly authentic Sichuan, I’d go to Hong Kong Palace (I know, no idea why it’s named that) behind the Home Depot on Route 50. They have the Sichuan-style small plates.

  • XO Taste in Falls Church

    A&J in Annandale

  • This is Chinese cuisine. I’d recommend looking around Chinatown, but there are only 2-3 places around there. Also Rockville, MD has some decent Chinese food as that is where the Chinese community has moved once Chinatown DC became too expensive. (Sorry I don’t have any specifics!)

    Zhu ni hao yun.

    • In Rockville a few good options are:

      Mama Wok
      Joes Noodle House
      Sichuan Pavilion
      Bobs 66

      Wheaton also has a few good ones:
      Paul Kee
      Full Kee
      PJ Rice Bistro
      Wong Gee

  • DC itself has Sichuan Pavilion on K Street. Won’t be just like the photos above from Xi’an but still has pretty authentic (and delicious) Chinese food.

    • +1 for Sichuan Pavilion.

      Best Chinese food and the most authentic in DC proper (lots of dishes you never see on most menus). And this is the top choice for Chinese diplomats entertaining Chinese visitors.

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