Paul Bakery Coming to new building at Connecticut and K St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that a Paul Bakery is coming next to the Charles Tyrwhitt clothing store coming to the new building at Connecticut and K St, NW (both on the Connecticut Avenue side.) This will make the third store for Paul Bakery in DC – the two other locations are in Penn Quarter at 801 Pennsylvania Ave, NW and in Georgetown at 1078 Wisconsin Ave, NW.

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  • i work close to here. exciting!

  • i’m a fan of Paul Bakery. it’s pretty expensive but the quality is really high.

    i’d love to see it expand into our neighborhoods, not business districts. bring it up to 14th and U.

  • I am a fan. I will admit, I was pretty surprised the first time I went in. I figured it was just another enormously expensive French transplant to US shores.

    I found the prices to be on the verge of being a bargain, especially compared to the prices offered in other actual bakeries in DC and I would give the quality a solid A-.

    I wouldn’t shed a tear if Paul started replacing the 7,542 cupcake stores in DC.

  • Well, we see who can afford to occupy one of the most prominent corners in the city – the Europeans. When’s Cartier coming?
    (And who will be left to move into City Center?)

    • I was thinking the same thing. English Tailor, French Baker, German Auto Dealer? Maybe we need an Italian Restaurant and a Spanish Loto store to round out the European cliches…..

  • ah

    We’re well on our way to 7542 macaron stores.

    • I would be so happy if 7542 macaron stores replaced the 8000 subpar cupcakeries in town.. a 5 year old can make a cupcake, it takes real skill to make a macaron.

  • love PAUL and have loved PAUL for years..

  • This is fantastic news, I became addicted to the Penn Quarter location and have had difficulty adjusting to not eating it 3 times a week since I switched jobs.

  • my waistline is not happy.

  • hope the service here will be better than in penn quarter!

  • Have to admit I’m really really liking Paul’s in DC. The Nutella Beignet knocks my socks off and they’re often running out of them. The staff is getting better at both locations, but are seemingly perplexed by french fare. “what kind of Quiche Lorraine would I prefer”, not an awful question but troubling to a Julia fan, anyway it was delicious. Curiously Paul in France has usually struck me as ‘not so good’, more like cuisine rapide. Kudos to Paul US

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