New Restaurant, Possibly a Wine Bar, Coming to Old Dutchess & The Queen Space in Adams Morgan

At long last a permit has gone up at the old Dutchess & The Queen space at 2102 18th St, NW next to Meeps in Adams Morgan. The permit says a restaurant is coming:

Word on the street says it will be a wine bar. Stay tuned.

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  • Any scuttlebutt on the old Payless on Columbia Road?

  • Hopefully it will be a Seinfeld themed, 8th Century Iberian wine bar called ‘Moops’

  • What was Dutchess and the Queen?

  • Great news! This space has been vacant for too long. Dutchess and the Queen was a vintage clothing/stuff/junk shop – somewhat short-lived, if I remember correctly. Any news about California Liquors next door? I keep wondering what happened to the owner. One time he told me he wanted to sell the building/business and move to Fiji… I hope he was able to do that and didn’t pass away or something. He was a nice guy.

    • California Liquor owner has been ill – that’s why he closed.

    • It makes me sad to hear he is ill. I loved popping into his shop when I lived in California St. He is a very kind man. Hopefully he gets well soon.

  • Thanks for the update, and sorry to hear that. His name is Wayne – a very nice man.

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