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  • I wonder why they took away the story…

  • man, i dig both murals, the old and the new. i wish meridian pint would invite the folks from bloom bars over to paint up the giant ugly grey wall they’ve got looming over 11th and park. i would welcome bucolic imaginings of favelas or outer space/inter religious scenes.

  • All along I thought that place was a bar.

  • The new mural is great (as was the old). I swear, every week there is something different on Bloombars’ facade, exterior space, front area, side walls, etc. I guess the artistic instinct calls for constant reinvention!

  • the top mural is waaaaaay better. the artist has definitely learned a lot about paint since the first rendition.

  • Gorgeous, so dynamic, can’t wait to see it completed… for now.

  • The first (favela) mural is much better in my opinion, but that’s probably because of my saudades for Rio de Janeiro.

  • I think it is fitting that the boy looks like Trayvon Martin……

  • is there a deeper meaning? with the recent murder of Trayvon Martin in the news i cannot help but think of it
    it seems the odd thing on the left is about to beat/stab the boy (as a distraught person looks on), and the other spirit is trying to bring him up somewhere?

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