Major Transformation Coming to 1324 14th St, NW

1324 14th St, NW

I’m noticing signs for Cas Riegler all over town. Check out what they have in store for 1324 14th, NW:

Their Website says:

The urban quality of life at 1324 14th, NW, soon to be Lionel Lofts, will be unmatched for this scale of product. Lionel Lofts is located only 2.5 blocks from the metro, steps from the Central Business District (CBD), and in the midst of the most vibrant retail, shopping, nightlife and neighborhood amenity corridor in the City – which includes over 266,000 sf of retail (Whole Foods, Vida Fitness and a variety of restaurants and nightlife). Buyers will literally live in the most ‘walkable’ neighborhood in DC (see Walk Score of 94 out of 100).

There are only five units in what will be an immaculate restoration of the old Lionel Trains store. Each unit will feature a private outdoor space, high end finishes, gourmet kitchens, and double height space with lofted bedrooms.

Nice, though it will be tough to say goodbye to the Lionel Trains sign:

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  • 2.5 blocks from which Metro? McPherson Square is more like 4.5

    • It’s 2.5 blocks if you measure it with the realtor converter. They’re always suspiciously shorter than actual blocks.

  • CAS Riegler looks like a legit developer, from what I’ve seen recently. They are putting together some quality-looking, even somewhat visionary projects. Between them and Capital City Real Estate, they’re doing what Abdo used to do (pre-recession). I wonder how they’re getting their equity for these ambitious projects… can’t be cheap.

  • Lionel Lofts??? How creative.

  • hispanicandproud

    Let the DC questions begin:
    How soon will the new residents complain at ANC meetings about loud music, restaurant noise and smells from liquor establishments?
    What kind of coffee will be sold at Bistro 14?
    How will the riff raff be kept away?
    Will dogs be allowed?
    How will this affect my taxes?
    Will the kitchens have granite countertops?
    Will there be security?
    Will kids be allowed?
    Will there be any vegan options in the retail shops?
    Where do I park?
    What will happen to the people who got pushed out of the building?
    How will local business be priced out?
    When will a Potbelly(‘s) be opened?

  • Oh, no that means the locksmith is going away and I have fond memories of that business. On my very first day of work in DC – back in July 1989 – my roomate used that locksmith when he inadvertantly locked himself out of our apartment at 1322 RI Ave, NW. The neighborhood, as you can imagine, was a bit less upscale in those days, although the building we were in was fantastic.

  • Pretty nice building. Great location. CAS seems like a good developer who take their time with their designs. I looked at their project on N Street and all of the units were different and unique. Their website states that Snead Construction is owned by CAS. I’ll be curious to see final floor plans and pricing.

  • lordscarlet

    For those that know Lionel trains, the logo for the new lofts is fantastic.

  • I wonder if they’ll have a train set running around the lobby.

  • pcat

    How many overly expensive new condos can one location take? I’ve lived at Logan Circle since the bad old days. The redevelopment is nice, but I miss things like the locksmith, the lighting store, and even a grocery cheaper than Whole Paycheck.

    • I like the old businesses too but most of them are just trying to operate in them as long as they can and not put a dime into their actual buildings maintenance. I’d much rather have a developer come in and stabilize and restore these beautiful old buildings rather than have them be razed due to neglect. Plus, the developers are putting residents in the upper levels which was not the case with the previous ownership. We need more residents in our neighborhood, not empty dwellings. And don’t let the NIMBYs in the U street area scare you with all the jibberish about new residents coming in and taking up all the parking and destroying the neighborhood, etc. Our neighborhoods are developing just fine from growth and there is nothing to be scared of.

  • meh.
    it would have a 99 walk score if it was closer to a metro.

  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation blog is following the renovation, if anyone’s interested.

  • It’s actually at 1324 14th St, right? 1345 is the Lustine Realty Company building

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