Koffee’s Lounge Applies for Liquor License at 2632 Georgia Avenue, NW

Koffee’s Lounge is located above the Salt and Pepper Grill Indian and Pakistani Cuisine (formerly GII) located at 2632 Georgia Avenue, NW.

The application says:

“New Tavern. Neighborhood lounge offering finger foods, live entertainment, dancing, cover charge. Occasional acoustic jazz bands, karaoke, open mic and DJ. Dance floor is 15ft x 20ft. A total of 86 seats and an occupancy load of 100.”

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  • gotryit

    Seems small, and weird. But I will try the grill someday.

  • I really hope this place is run by friendly people who get it and not inexperienced first timers like the people over at CB1212, this city needs more small but not micro (velvet lounge) sized spots.

  • The neighbors on Fairmont Street are already going to fight the application. Live dj music in a residential neighborhood? Hell no.

    • I love the knee jerk reaction! What has a live DJ ever done to you?

      • It’s called peaceful enjoyment of our property. Are you an owner or just making a comment about a neighborhood you don’t live in?

        • Georgia ave is not a quiet residential street, nor is this a quiet or safe area to start with. And yes I’m a property owner in the vicinity.

  • I’m the ANC Commissioner for this area. I will of course be reaching out to neighbors in the area (and have encouraged the owners to do the same), but if any one wants to talk to me – let me know concerns, voice support, etc, please email me at anc1b09 (at) gmail.com

    They will be presenting at the next ABC Committee meeting, which happens on the third Monday of each month. Contact me for more info on that too.

    • Sorry to sound doubtful. The last ANC of that area screwed us. ANCs cannot be trusted for fighting liquor licenses. The neighborhood will fight this just like before.

      If you want to run a night club, open it in Adams Morgan or maybe even closer to U Street. This has always been a residential street and will always remain a residential street. So loud music will not be tolerated on this block.

      • If you would like to protest this license, please contact me at the email address above. I hope to change your views of ANC Commissioners.

  • What worries me is the turn-over on this space. It was GII for awhile, which was ok. Then that closed and it re-opened later as … GII, but it was never open in the evening. I hope something good comes to that space; look forward to trying the Indian/Pakistani food below it.

  • boochow

    As a homeowner on Fairmont for over a decade, I would appreciate a good local spot… even if someone is playing music off of their macbook.

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